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WSOP Senior Writer Nolan Dalla Accused Of Sexual Harrassment

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Posted on 02 June 2016 by "T".

Nollan DallaPoker Night in America, deemed as one of the super popular televised poker shows, and its ex-Creative Director Nolan Dalla are the focus of accusations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination.



Pro poker player Dr. Jaclynn Moskow fired accusations of racism and sexual harassment against Dalla as well as other staff members of Poker Night in America via her blog post this last weekend, entitled "Racism & Sexual Harassment: The Reality of my Experience on Poker Night in America". She claims she was harassed both racially and sexually at a gathering set up by the PNIA execs following the ‘Ladies Night' show (where she Jaclynn Moskowappeared on set) at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In her 20+ paragraph blog post, she accuses the following people:

Chris Hanson, host of ‘Poker Night in America' - of anti-Semitic and racist remarks (she's Jewish). When she commented to Hanson that she thought many people in the show looked like "genuinely nice people", Hanson replied, "The thing about Poker Night that makes it so great is that there are no Jews. Every other show on TV has Jews."

Shaun Deeb - of making a sexist remark; he supposedly stated to Moskow that he believes "women will always be inferior poker players because they are all too emotional".

Nolan Dalla - of sexual harassment; she said he sexually harassed her by motorboating her in public. She also revealed that the misogynistic asshole Dalla has attempted to pay her $15K in exchange for her silence on what happened.

888poker are the primary sponsors of the Poker Night in America TV show. Chris Capra, the US Marketing Manager of 888poker, has witnessed the incidents and apologized accordingly. He also admits that some of the ‘wildness' that evening had been instigated by him, but he says that the remarks and actions of Hanson and Dalla, should they be true, were simply inexcusable.

Dalla strongly deny the allegations made against him by Moskow via detailed writing on the twoplustwo forums, tagging them as ‘ludicrous and out of character'.

Currently, no court case has been filed by Moskow.

Some people think that this situation sounds more like a classic "He said, she said" where typically there are three angles to the story: his side, her side, and the TRUTH.

Some things that raises people's eyebrows in this issue:
They say it's the boyfriend's fault for not stepping in when she was being sexually harassed.

Why did Moskow wait a year before telling others about her bad experience?

Why did Moskow turn to the Internet instead of reporting it to the police first?

Dalla also didn't really help his case by calling her unattractive, high maintenance, and copy-pasting alleged emails as proof.

What do you think?



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4 comments on "WSOP Senior Writer Nolan Dalla Accused Of Sexual Harrassment"

 pochui02/06/2016 17:54:54 GMT
what do we think... well i would also sexually harass her, oh heck i would even put my salami on the table if she offered a prop where i had to put my sausage all-in and as a reward would get the chance on top of regular sexual harassment to get some sexual intercourse. all-in moskow?
 Calmplay04/06/2016 04:17:28 GMT
well it's up to the police to do the investigation to know more about this but you should know that if a person has wait long time before reporting it does not mean that it's not true. I know some cases which a person reported after 10 yrs and they got proof that she was the victim...
 Tony_MON7ANA06/06/2016 09:00:27 GMT
It seems that Jaclynn Moskow never said she didn't ask for compensation. But if it turns out that she did ask for compensation, and only came forward when she didn't receive it, then her argument becomes really unconvincing. She needs to present concrete evidence against the defendant Nolan Dalla to build a solid case.
 pajalnick07/06/2016 00:49:01 GMT
Shaun Deeb - of making a sexist remark; he supposedly stated to Moskow that he believes "women will always be inferior poker players because they are all too emotional".

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I watched the show on television where women played ... what is their game .. how shall I say ........................... . well, not what the men play nekotrye course very good but there is just so predictable jokes that I'm shocked, how can they occupy high places)))
Confused Confused Confused Confused

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