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WPN Declares War On Poker Bots - Themadbotter Is Back

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Posted on 03 August 2016 by "T".

Following the controversial "Confessions of a Botter (ACR/WPN)" thread on the 2+2 forums, the Winning Poker Network (WPN) has officially declared war on all poker bots.  Phil Nagy, CEO of WPN, has had enough and said that the war is on and "there would be casualties."

WPN has been heavily criticized for not implementing sufficient measures to effectively fight off the usage of pokerbots on its network, thanks to the self-confessed pokerbot creator "themadbotter" who blatantly showed off his botting prowess on the 2+2 forums, bragging to everyone there that his bot had successfully won $30,000 within the course of six months. Furthermore, after announcing that he had finally withdrawn all the funds, he expressed his desire to retire from botting not because it was the wrong thing to do, but because he wanted to pursue "something more meaningful".

Themadbotter elaborated further on how he was able to trick the network and most of its players by programming the bot to do things that would mimic real human behavior: he would program the bot to randomly sit out and take breaks every couple of hours, would never play for over six hours straight, would mistakenly click occasionally, would type very short comments occasionally in the chatbox, joined waiting lists, and frequently switched tables. Indeed, he was proud to have created a cheat pokerbot under the guise of a real human being.

Probably the Best Pokerbot Deterrent for now

To make matters worse, themadbotter blamed unregulated networks such as WPN for tolerating bots, saying, "They are the best type of customers for many sites. They play a lot of volume, fill up the tables, and pay rake; they wait patiently for deposits/withdrawals; they never complain or pepper support with e-mails."

Themadbotter's statement ticked off Nagy who said that, "within 30 days WPN would become the most bot-unfriendly network around. I will make mistakes, I will ban real-money people, and I will ban real people because they seem like bots, and I will be merciless about it. To do this right, you gotta draw a line in the sand, if you end up being a casualty of war ... collateral damage, I apologize, but this is what the people want."

Themadbotter is Back

While themadbotter looked like he disappeared forever into the virtual shroud after getting spooked by the threat of being reported to ACR by 2+2 forum member NovaCaine, he suddenly showed up again.

He posted, "ACR CEO was on Twitch earlier and promised that at the end of the month, the site will become very bot-unfriendly; that botters will no longer be able to operate with complete impunity."
The last word he wrote was simply:

Watch out ACR/WPN, it looks like themadbotter is coming out of his short-lived retirement.

WPN promises pokerbot crackdown


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7 comments on "WPN Declares War On Poker Bots - Themadbotter Is Back"

 doubletop77703/08/2016 08:12:29 GMT
I know nothing about these 'Bots' but it will be fascinating to see how many people get banned off these sites. There will be ordinary players getting banned for doing nothing wrong. I await further updates
 pochui03/08/2016 12:24:00 GMT
lmfao i wonder what a great pr it would be to ban a regular poker player just because he looks like a bit, oh fcuk as if they have millions of poker players already... as if poker industry is facing a huge player base overload... oh and yeah why ban bots if they are really ideal customers... pay lots of rake, don't complain, don't require any extra paid human hours in support... as long as the overall client numbers aren't shrinking i don't see a problem here, even if bots form like 90% of the overall players base
 T3ddyKGB03/08/2016 12:53:13 GMT
typical american style. reminds me a bit on g.w. bush and the axis of evil. they didnt know where the threat came from, so they just attacked several countrys and killed randomly with collateral damage, just to give a vent ones anger.

once a pokersoftware is installed its working like a trojan virus yet they can not detect bots...or are not willing. disapointing.

someone who has a real good bot will come back. not that hard to fake ID´s now a days. i think you get it for $10 from india via internet.

 bowie198403/08/2016 13:01:09 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
typical american style. reminds me a bit on g.w. bush and the axis of evil. they didnt know where the threat came from, so they just attacked several countrys and killed randomly with collateral damage, just to give a vent ones anger.

Typical american style?
They knew exactly where the threat came from - there are a truckload of intelligence documents currently leaked from the early 00's where they name Saudi-Arabia as the brain behind the attacks plain and simple - but they fabricated a fitting narrative to help them attack all the other countries they reall aimed for...
It was all smoke and mirrors, nothing random happened there trust me.
 T3ddyKGB03/08/2016 13:09:41 GMT
yea..ive seen michael moore´s dokumentary Big Smile still you cant attack your buttbuddy saudia arabia.
 DaCapo7103/08/2016 14:59:59 GMT
Some mutli table players are looking like a bot with white faces and a ring around the eyes Big Smile But i think bots are killing online poker and so it was verry nice to read, that some Networks do something against these bots Thumbs Up
 shokaku03/08/2016 15:18:03 GMT
Those statements are all so over the top, both from the self declared botter, and the response from the CEO of the company, that it starts to look like a guerrilla marketing campain to me. We will see what will follow in this case.

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