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Senior Went On Rampage Over A Poker Game He Wanted Shut Down

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Posted on 22 September 2016 by "T".

Two people were killed in Wyoming, including himself, over a poker game. The shooter, an elderly man named Larry Rosenberg, is a resident of Heritage Court Apartments, an apartment complex for seniors in Cheyenne.

According to one resident, the 77-year-old man went on rampage because he had been upset because the poker game, held in a common area within the apartment complex, ran three times a week.

Authorities say that the elderly resident shot three people during the incident. One of the victims died, while the suspect fled. He later killed himself while being pursued by police. The state of the other two victims is still unknown.

One resident said that Rosenberg along with other residents were unhappy because the poker game involved nonresidents of the complex and that some guests even slept there. They have even brought up the poker and nonresident issue at a resident meeting, but sadly no actions were done to resolve their complaint.

"If they had kept that damned poker game out of the building, [the shooting] wouldn't have happened," 80-year-old resident Mary Eastman said. "That is my honest opinion."



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12 comments on "Senior Went On Rampage Over A Poker Game He Wanted Shut Down"

 pochui22/09/2016 18:23:50 GMT
well that's what you get when you upset a 77 year old with a gun. non residents be aware, this sort of thing should be expected, since it doesn't really matter whether you're pissing off a 77 year old or a 78 year old- if they gave a gun in their pocket, they will have no fear to use it, especially over such important issues as poker. probably they were dealt a dead man's hand, all 3 of them...
 Mober22/09/2016 18:37:07 GMT
By reading the title of this one, it didnt cross my mind about deaths.
Well, they are doing crazy stuff when they are young, so something like that happening at this age,
is not a surprise.
How many are really killed in this country over stupid incidents each year, i wonder.
 3pokeronly23/09/2016 01:28:37 GMT

Would be the correct summation, justified and capitalised correctly headline, the "A" above should never be capitalised the way it is.

Have A Ball Shaving Day All.

3p out
 damosk23/09/2016 07:31:23 GMT
LOL at p3......!

As for the story...... What on earth in this glorious age is a 77 year old living in an apartment block for seniors, doing with a gun ? Take the guns away from everyone and people will stop being killed by guns. It's only going to get worse until y'all do something about it. Killing people over poker will stop!
 doubletop77723/09/2016 09:21:16 GMT
A terrible tragic story and my condolences go out to the families of these victims. You dont expect people of this age to act like this but, unfortunately, it does happen every now and then
 pajalnick23/09/2016 19:19:24 GMT
77 years in humans should not have access to firearms !!! certainly he had some kind of senile disease me thinking ... and in such cases, a person with a gun is very dangerous for the people around him ... it's time to introduce a law limiting ownership by age level of weapon ... it's a little to improve the situation as a whole
 pochui24/09/2016 06:43:48 GMT
why on earth does a 77 year old should be stripped of a chance to have a firearm in his locker? why does a 77 year old has to be content with toilet plunger instead of a bazooka? why such disrespect for the seniors in the country? if they want to express themselves this way- let em do it, just get the fcuk out of their sights, especially while they a having a bad day at the tables.
 Tony_MON7ANA24/09/2016 10:56:35 GMT
Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." I am finally starting to understand what he was trying to convey to his audience. Does that make me what? Well...
 bowie198419/10/2016 00:55:41 GMT
Posted by pochui:
... if they gave a gun in their pocket, they will have no fear to use it, especially over such important issues as poker. probably they were dealt a dead man's hand, all 3 of them...

To be quite honest I want to do same things forty years from now. Busting up poker games with guns and not giving a damn about the consequences.
 pochui19/10/2016 08:15:23 GMT
high five to the dude with free soul, the Hungarian stallion, the dude who has the courage to end his life in a way that will come down in history as one of the most prolific, exciting and superb ways to achieve the ultimate end. busting poker games with guns is the way to go! fcuk the consequences and enjoy what's left of your life.
 TheMachineQC19/10/2016 16:30:06 GMT
Cowboy style! I'm sure there's still a lot of country fans in Wyoming for this to happen... Jesse James shit right there! Maybe it was his plan all along... IF I lose I kill the winner :o

It must be fun to see a senior citizen go on full rampage mode... then break his own arm trying to destroy stuff because of osteoporosis Blink But in the US everyone has a gun so yeah everyone can be dangerous. They should probably do something about all the guns.

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