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Home Poker Game Turned Violent

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Posted on 22 February 2013 by "T".

On Monday, Walb News reported about a poker game between friends that ended pretty bad. It happened early Saturday morning on Boby Drive in Columbus.

"They had a dispute within the poker game and the gentleman got mad. All I remember is my wife waking up at 3 a.m. and hearing two different kinds of gunshots.  I ran over to the door to see and I watched the party scatter," said neighbour Christopher Rodriguez.

Two men were firing a dozen rounds at each other and damaged some of the homes in the neighbourhood. Police report that one of the men continued shooting after being shot four times in the legs and lower abdomen.

"He was just laying there.  I know he wasn't dead because the gentleman was saying that he shot the other guy.  He said, ‘I shot him in the butt! I shot him in the butt! From what I heard, the two gentlemen were friends, and I guess a little bit of drinking and poker went the wrong way," said Rodriguez.

So, how did it all end? Police arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting started. The man who was shot multiple times was taken to the hospital. The other man, identified as Nikia Mcleod, was arrested a short distanced from the scene, and he was the only one that was charged criminally and faces one count of aggravated assault.

soruce: Walb News, Albany News, Weather, Sports

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20 comments on "Home Poker Game Turned Violent"

 leking122/02/2013 11:46:53 GMT
wonder what the disagrement was about ? they must have had too playe for too high stakes for is too bee so importent that they was a shooting between them, alwas keep it low stakes when playing with friends Smile
 bullettooth122/02/2013 11:56:17 GMT
lol "i shot him in the butt" haha
pair of idiots. It's not going to end well if you take a gun and some drink to a poker game lol. I wonder what the guys hand was that set the other one off??
 SirPoncho22/02/2013 12:13:10 GMT
just like in the good old wild wild west Blink
each and every day new nice publicity for poker
 marqis22/02/2013 12:17:10 GMT
Posted by bullettooth1:
I wonder what the guys hand was that set the other one off??

5 of a kind?
 bullettooth122/02/2013 12:18:58 GMT
Posted by marqis:
Posted by bullettooth1:
I wonder what the guys hand was that set the other one off??

5 of a kind?

Lmao. yeah, the old ace up the sleeve trick Big Smile
 kinogomes22/02/2013 13:06:56 GMT
look like the rake discontrolled the game lol!
 damosk22/02/2013 13:19:15 GMT
Playing poker is always a tense affair, especially after a few beers, regardless of whether friends or otherwise are involved. What made this game particularly fraught was that it appears that at the important moment in time, everyone was under the gun.
 milehigh22/02/2013 15:25:40 GMT
lmao bet one or both of them are stars dealers,bet we' ve all thought it b4
 razorcro23/02/2013 00:59:46 GMT
Did he have A8? lol
 Fakiry23/02/2013 01:56:15 GMT
That’s why me and my friends always play tourney mode. Each one puts the money on a jar before the game begins and, in the end, the winners will get their share. If you realize, it’s always cash mode that gives bad results on the movies and, after reading this news, we can see movie makers surely based on true facts when doing those movies.
 schwabo23/02/2013 17:49:25 GMT
Probable 2 friends had full house Aces and Kings,maybe one of them had Joker,instead of A in sleeve,that one was really drunk !
 demodawggy23/02/2013 18:19:37 GMT
Guns,...Booze,...and Poker....? NOT a good combination in my best estimation,....but you know them Yanks.... There is NO problem a few bullets can't solve.... lol...
 Macubaas23/02/2013 21:15:22 GMT
I think the magic word in all this article and event is not poker is drinking!

There is a really good reason for which you are not allowed to drink at the poker table.

The only good part is that those two didn't die after they shoot each other.
 grahamy2724/02/2013 13:11:11 GMT
he had pocket bullets or bullets in his pocket,lol

must remember not to go to a poker game with them boys,,ahahaha
 ayaraled24/02/2013 15:12:59 GMT
it was good if you had bullets on your cards always .....but having bullets on the pockets and playing mean disaster when tilt is starting to get in the game....with additional only means trouble....
 Cliffem24/02/2013 20:50:56 GMT
Defo need to be invite these pair to Poker After Dark.
 Theapple27/01/2014 11:55:12 GMT
We need a new tv show, imo. Bad Beat Stories. you guys heard it here first, ill go copyright that name asap, before someone steals it.

Also, selling tv show name, ™Bad Beat stories© by ®Theapple.
 bowie198427/01/2014 12:30:56 GMT
This is so absurd, I couldnt even begin...
Its not like in that movie 'Killing Them Softly' when they put Ray Liotta in trouble robbing his card game (what years before was already robbed by himself) but probably somebody didnt like when he got slow rolled like some idiot in vegas and made sure he gave enough fold equity by putting his gun on the table.

Shot in the butt. Better name for a tv series IMO.
We could share the copyright ®Theapple, Im not that greedy... Blink
 damosk29/01/2014 16:06:31 GMT
Personally I don't see the problem! If you can't have a fight with your mates over poker then ou are not taking it serious enough, there are some things in life that are more important than life itself and of course friendship..... They are football (soccer to those who refuse to call it football and call rugby football) and poker!
 ddblt197029/01/2014 21:21:59 GMT
Poker, where friendships are destroyed...

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