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Shopkeeper Jailed for Theft after £766,000 meant for Casino Wrongly went into His Account

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Posted on 30 October 2017 by "K".

A young shopkeeper apparently has been put behind bars after hundreds of thousands of pounds was accidentally paid to his bank account and he chose to say nothing about it.

Sandeep Singh, age 34, was mistakenly credited an amount of £766,098 within a duration of two years when his bank details were confused with those of the Rubicon Casino located in Wolverhampton.

The banking error, by ATM company DC Payments, which went unnoticed for two years, occurred after Singh placed a cash machine in his shop.

Prosecutor Lynsey Knott said the defendant was operating an off-licence in Northampton when he approached DC Payments Ltd, to have one of their ATM units installed in his shop. The agreement between them was that the shop owner was responsible for loading the machine with the cash, which shall then be reimbursed by the company, along with a rental payment, in exchange for having one of their machines on his premises. She said, “There were multiple opportunities to notify [the company] DC Payments of the error, including during site visits from the company.”

The money supposedly meant for the casino was regularly wrongly refunded, in varying amounts, to Singh’s account for a period of two years.

With this seemingly unexpected but still massive windfall, the shopkeeper wasted no time buying a new house and he even transferred about £80,000 (probably to his relatives) in India.

The account was frozen when the error came to light, and upon inspection, over £260,000 had already been withdrawn, with half a million pounds still left in the account.

DC Payments tried to contact Singh, but he had already sold his shop. When they tried to phone him, he dismisses their call. Later on, he said he had tried to call them once or twice about the incident, and said he had spent £75,000 on a house.

Martin Liddiard, mitigating for Singh, said, “There’s still nearly half a million pounds in his UK account which is under a restraining order. His home has also been restrained. In all, a good £600,000 will be recoverable. He’s always said he’s happy for the money to go back. He hasn’t moved the majority of it, taken it or transferred it. It doesn’t read well (in court documents) that he tried once or twice phoning to bring it to their attention and then left it. He’s a relatively young man and was doing pretty well running a shop and he introducing a cash machine for his customers and this happened by way of error. One can see it was tempting to only make half-hearted attempts to repay it. He didn’t engineer it and he did nothing to stop it. Some people might have seen that money and may have taken it straight away and spent it. He now finds himself in the dock and looking at a very serious offence.”

Liddiard added, “Three days ago his mother died (abroad) and his bail conditions meant he couldn’t travel. He lives with his partner and her young daughter. He’s the one who pays the bills and looks after his extended family. The offence came to him rather than he to it and, whilst serious, it would be a shame if he had to spend time in custody and break that work cycle. He no longer has a shop and is working in engineering and IT. The lions share, if not all of it is going to go back.”

Judge Nicholas Dean QC said, “It’s clear to me you’ve been a hardworking man and done the best by your family. But you’ve left yourself and them down. You must have realized quite quickly payments were being made that ought not to have been. The efforts you made to contact them were desultory; it would be very simple to inform a company of this type of error. Even if the money from India was returned there’s still a not inconsiderable shortfall.”

Liddiard responded, “We will made efforts to ensure it does come back.”

After he admitted to the theft that transpired between October 2014 and October 2016, he was sentenced to one year in jail.

A proceeds of crime hearing aimed on recovering the money is due this December.



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14 comments on "Shopkeeper Jailed for Theft after £766,000 meant for Casino Wrongly went into His Account"

 doubletop77730/10/2017 09:54:24 GMT
Wow, i wonder how many people would have owned up to this? This really is one moral dilemma and i would like to think that i would tell the bank but,unless you are in this position, you cannot really know for sure
 Ingrind3330/10/2017 13:15:20 GMT
Scamming is never a good thing, but this man however, he got free money on his account. Why would you ring some alarm bells. This guy thought he was lucky and it is kind of cruel that he gets a year. A year is a lot in a lifetime. If he never have hurted someone then a long jail time is a horrible punishment, especially when you are locked down with all those chavs and other foreign degens. I hope he bought some bitcoins with his money, cause he would be billionaire now. So guys, report the free money if you get some, but don't forget to say you bought bitcoin first and tell them you "lost" it.
 pochui30/10/2017 13:47:31 GMT
i don't know really... realistically yes he could've informed the company and tried to correct the mistake, but I think this is just a moral obligation and not a legal one, so when he gets a year of jail time for this, I think its stupid. company made a mistake, company should be responsible for it.
 shokaku30/10/2017 14:10:52 GMT
766k is still a sizeable amount of money, even today. If that guy really intended to steal it, he would have sold his shop, emptied his accounts and be long gone, before any charges could be filed. So he looks more like a scapegoat.
 CALICUL30/10/2017 17:13:01 GMT
This man received a one-year prison sentence the cause being an electronic or personal mistake. Now his life was seriously shaken as well for his family in India. If he still wanted to take advantage of this money he had to sell everything and when he reached his country to withdraw the money and was hiding. Cool
 Gerimantas30/10/2017 21:00:00 GMT
I too don't know what i do if so much money for no reason is in my account, of course it is hard to give it back to bank and I think it is not my problem that someone makes mistakes and his money is in my account, and of course very big fine to get 1 year in prison because of not giving money back
 Mober30/10/2017 21:16:43 GMT
He ended up getting a very low jail time.
A part on it might be the fact the most of the money was still in his account.
Was there ever a chance that the casino wouldnt find out what was going on?
The weird thing though is, that it took them more than two years.
 Tony_MON7ANA07/11/2017 14:20:25 GMT
£766,000 is approximately US$1 million. So, this guy was getting roughly half a million dollars a year! That is quite a lot of money even in an expensive country like the United Kingdom. Nothing is free in this world. Now he has to pay a price for his crime.
 damosk08/11/2017 11:37:39 GMT
Put yourself in the position of, you open up your account statement and see that some unknown Tom you person or organisation has deposited a huge amount of money into your account. Would you think, cool, I no wonder have a huge amount of money from some previously unknown benefactors, or would you think... hang on a minute, this is strange...maybe I should check it out?
 Mober08/11/2017 23:23:46 GMT
Apparently it was a mistake. So unless you find out that someone has gifted you that money,
you are not using it.
And you are not using it for the above reasons.
With today;s technology ans systems, you think you will get away with it/
 pajalnick09/11/2017 17:15:55 GMT
of course this is a very great temptation to take advantage of the money that you accidentally came at the expense of ..... a very great temptation ... but sooner or later mistakes are revealed .... and then there comes a reckoning ..... but the temptation is certainly very large .. highly
 DaCapo7110/11/2017 10:43:41 GMT
This free money in the account are really a dream! But i´m wondering, that the Casino needs two Years to found the mistake... So it seems, that they don´t need the money Cool It was a funny news, when this guy use the money to play in the same Casino and won the Jackpot with them Big Smile
 Mober13/11/2017 20:38:07 GMT
Indeed, that was a long time, to discover you are missing some money.
And it wasnt a small amount either.
Makes you wonder, how much money they are making after all, that they didnt notice it earlier
and how qualified are the people working there Smile
 CALICUL14/11/2017 12:54:07 GMT
Posted by Mober:
Indeed, that was a long time, to discover you are missing some money.
And it wasnt a small amount either.
Makes you wonder, how much money they are making after all, that they didnt notice it earlier
and how qualified are the people working there Smile

Sure is a very long time and the banks institutions did not find this mistake in time. They have no way to verify these errors but when accountants make the calculations discovers missing money and begin to investigate where they lost that money and of course the chances to find the guilty are extremely high.

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