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2017 PokerStars Championship Prague Main Event won by Kalidou Sow

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Posted on 19 December 2017 by "T".

The 37-year-old French poker pro has won what's called the last ever PokerStars Championship held in Prague. Kalidou Sow from France has won the 2017 PokerStars Championship Prague €5,300 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event, winning €675,000 ($795,305) against a player field of 885 entrants.

The prize was actually an adjusted payout after he and Jason Wheeler made a heads-up deal that saw both of them lock up €570,000, so Wheeler has secured himself a massive payday even though he had to settle for second place in the end.

Sow will be the final champion on the short-lived PSC tour. The major tours hosted by PokerStars were combined under the PokerStars Championship name at the beginning of 2017; however, after just a year, the decision has been made to bring back the European Poker Tour, along with the Latin American Poker Tour and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, and so the result would be that the PokerStars Championship name will be set aside.

Despite the undergoing changes of the branding of this PokerStars' event, this doesn't change the fact that this was a very huge tournament. The 885 player field built up a prize pool equal to almost $4.9 million dollars!

Sow started the final day of this tourney as the chip lead, with six players remaining, though he held less than one big blind more than American poker pro Jason Wheeler. Wheeler gave Sow only two options: play for it all, or leave €105,000 on the table and chop the rest evenly. When everyone expected a long match, it turned out to be quite short, reaching only about 20 hands. Sow almost won every hand and Wheeler just could not get any chance. On the final hand, Sow dominated with tens against ace-nine. Defeated in the end, Wheeler congratulated Sow with a handshake, went towards his girlfriend from the audience and proceeded to collect his augmented payout.

Kalidou Sow is a small to mid-stakes recreational poker player in France. He has won some events throughout the years in his bread-and-butter €1K and €2K events, but was usually unable to make it to the final tables of the bigger events he had joined in.

Now crowned the champ, Sow said he only plans to have a simple celebration: a couple of drinks with his friends and then a flight home to Paris. He expects his poker career to continue as if nothing big happened. He said he'll most likely get back to playing €150 dailies as always. But of course, his win at the PokerStars Championship will always mean something to him. He said, "I'm dreaming, this is incredible."

Final Table Results




Prize (Euro)

Prize (USD)


Kalidou Sow





Jason Wheeler





Michal Mrakes

Czech Republic




Gabriele Lepore





Harry Lodge





Colin Robinson





Matas Cimbolas





Valentyn Shabelnyk





Alexander Mordvinov






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12 comments on "2017 PokerStars Championship Prague Main Event won by Kalidou Sow"

 doubletop77720/12/2017 09:22:13 GMT
Many congratulations to Kalidou Sow on winning this event and the very nice first prize of $795,305. It must have been a fantastic experience to play poker in Prague and i would love to do it one day
 CALICUL20/12/2017 10:37:10 GMT
doubletop777 you should try if you have time or opportunity to get to the Czech Republic at Prague. If your family agrees with this you will have to try because the city is beautiful and you will have the chance to play a live tournament for your dream. Good Luck with that and congratulations for this french player.
 DaCapo7120/12/2017 11:01:46 GMT
Gratz to Mr.Sow for this winning at the PokerStars Championchip in Prague! To win against 884 other player are verry good in this € 5.300 buyin main event. I never heard anything about this player, but i think we hear more about him in the next time.
 pochui20/12/2017 11:13:30 GMT
yeah really nice payday for mr. sow- three quarters of a million dollaros is some money, nice to see the reaction from is so humble. dude didn't lose his head and will most likely have no problems with the decision how to handle this money properly.
 pajalnick20/12/2017 11:18:53 GMT
I watched the final table in online mode on YouTube .... it was interesting .... Jason Wheeler in the middle of the Wins at the final table behaved incorrectly and almost began to offend Kalidou Sov when he won him a lot of chips .... so I was ill for Kalidou Sov .... and in the end he easily beat in the hands up
 Gerimantas20/12/2017 20:34:38 GMT
Yes interesting to read that pokerstars is making return of old name i remember european poker tour series it was good events an I tried to play some satellite to qualify for london and monaco events but not many luck to me. Maybe now when this tour returns I make some better results
 Mober20/12/2017 21:13:25 GMT
After that big win, he will return back to the 150$ dailies he is claiming.
Buy ins that some will never reach in their whole life Smile
And the most important thing is, that they characterize him as a recreational player.
 Tony_MON7ANA22/12/2017 00:47:23 GMT
What a great achievement! Gigantic congratulations go out to French poker player Kalidou Sow on winning the 2017 PokerStars Championship tournament. I will be sure to watch the replay of the final table on YouTube.
 Sandmanilo22/12/2017 02:40:05 GMT
I've watched this tournament live at Pokerstars TV. A great experience. Kalidou Sow was very lucky at the last 2 tables. Remember him busting a guy with a straight flush against Aces when about 10 people were left. I think it was one of a key hands for him. Congratulations !
 pajalnick22/12/2017 11:18:03 GMT
Posted by Sandmanilo:
I've watched this tournament live at Pokerstars TV. A great experience. Kalidou Sow was very lucky at the last 2 tables. Remember him busting a guy with a straight flush against Aces when about 10 people were left. I think it was one of a key hands for him. Congratulations !

it seems to me that if there is no luck, then there is no victory ... of course, the skill of the game is a very big factor of victory, but if there is no luck, no matter how good you are, there will not be a winning player .... Of course in long tournaments the factor of luck is not very important
 Mober22/12/2017 22:09:02 GMT
No matter how good you are i dont think it is easy to win such a tournament, without being lucky.
With so many good players in each time it is hard to finish first.
And that hand you are mentioning with straight flush was a lucky one Smile
You dont see many hands like that in live tournaments.
 godoy16/02/2018 23:31:15 GMT
a win will always be a win is even bigger as it is this brings to the depoker player a very satisfying and long-time satisfaction that did a good job and will be rewarded for it

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