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Shurane Vijayaram wins the 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event

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Posted on 30 January 2017 by "T".

Shurane Vijayaram came into the final table with a substantial chip lead and battled Ben Heath who had the second biggest chip stack at the start of the day for the championship of the 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event. Eventually, the advantage in stack had become one of Vijayaram's keys to winning the grand prize.

A week ago, Vijayaram decided to try out the $130 AUD rebuy event at the Crown Casino, and he ended up winning a seat in the prestigious 2017 Aussie Millions $10,000 AUD no-limit hold'em main event. This resident from Melbourne has truly made the most of his seat, battling and defeating a player count of 725 participants to nab the title and enjoy the grand prize of $1,600,000 AUD (or $1,209,760 USD).

This was Vijayaram's first ever recorded live tournament cash, as the neophyte poker enthusiast normally plays low-stakes cash games or in pub-poker tournaments. His lifetime live tournament earnings drastically went from $0 to more than $1.2 million overnight!

His road to success was no fairy tale, and it was far from easy though he went into the seven-handed final table as the runaway chip leader. His opponents in the final table are already seasoned players including Ben Heath, Fedor Holz, and Jeff Rossiter.Fedor Holz had just freshly won over $16 million last year on the live tournament circuit.

Holz was short stacked but endured to fifth place before being defeated by Rossiter. Holz, who had placed third in the $100K super high roller just a day ago for $266,293 USD, has added another $253,294 USD to his earnings with this most recent deep run.

Vijayaram beat Rossiter in fourth place ($332,684 USD), and took a huge lead with three people remaining. After that, he knocked out Tobias Hausen in third place ($468,782 USD) and took about ¾ of the chips in play into a final heads-up battle with Ben Heath.

Vijayaram relished a ROI (return on investment) which would make any poker player envious. Per the Hendon Mob database, this was his first ever live tournament cash. He entered the Aussie Millions Main Event via winning a modest $130 super-satellite to the Main Event, earning over 12,307% ROI. In case he never plays another poker event, Vijayaram can say that he once won one of the most premiere events on the global tournament calendar.

Below shows the final results of the event:

1 Shurane Vijayaram $1,600,000
2 Ben Heath $1,000,000
3 Tobias Hausen $620,000
4 Jeff Rossiter $440,000
5 Fedor Holz $335,000
6 David Olson $270,000
7 Luke Roberts $210,000




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16 comments on "Shurane Vijayaram wins the 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event"

 pochui31/01/2017 09:06:21 GMT
well it's stories like these that attract new players from all over the world to big live tournaments and to poker as a whole- i doubt that say a complete tennis amateur who qualified to aussie open via some qualifier because most of his opponents were injured or got a bird flu would manage to win it no matter what miracles he performs.... but in poker it's doable... as we see here.
 doubletop77731/01/2017 09:23:39 GMT
Many congratulations to Shurane Vijayaram on winning this prestigious event and the massive first prize. His win was even more remarkable because he won his seat on a satellite.
 Gerimantas31/01/2017 11:02:07 GMT
12307% ROI if he stops playing now, I think he will come into history and Guinness world records books as the poker player who has won over 1 million dollars and has the biggest ROi. He can also be a good example to other liw stakes players that it is indeed possible to win big tournaments just don't give up.
 Calmplay31/01/2017 11:05:33 GMT
good fairy tale for the local man with just a small investment of 100 dollars he got 1.6 millions and that is why we fking love the game because of stories like these... but what I was impressed is that Fedor Holz manage to reach the final table as well as the 100k buy in tournament too Thumbs Up
 StheP31/01/2017 12:26:53 GMT
I watched it live late in evening and fall asleep right before fodor holz got eliminated... wake up and they were 4 handed (fedor finish 5th) LOL preaty impressive to sat for 130$ and without any live cash to win me of aussie million Big Smile
 dule-vu31/01/2017 15:30:15 GMT
wow this is great story,how to win satellite and then with this big buy in to win tournament!I am always glad to see that somebody like him win tournament,not player who have lot of money and easy buy 10000 $ for seat!
 pajalnick31/01/2017 20:49:22 GMT
This story is very optimistic ... not only the players with big money can win millions ... there is hope that with a small fee a player can reach great heights if he plays well ... I'm very happy for him and I congratulate him on his victory
 Mober31/01/2017 21:29:39 GMT
Now this is a great investment.
From 130 that he put in to play the qualifiers, he managed to win the main event.
Imagine the feelings he has.
No point saying that the luck was on his side Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA01/02/2017 05:02:17 GMT
My sincere congratulations go out to Shurane Vijayaram on winning the 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event. What a great achievement! I wonder how much tax he will have to pay for his income of AUD$1.6 million.
 Marble4201/02/2017 07:00:21 GMT
Fascinating ROI, and an amazing performance. Loving the Tax comment as well, heh. Probably something like 30-40%, but still, he's gonna have nearly a million left. Good enough in my book ^_^
 bowie198408/02/2017 14:02:14 GMT
Good for him, he even got his seat through a satellite. This is was poker is about - from zero to hero within a couple of days. I hope he won't spend his money on stupid things Big Smile
 pochui08/02/2017 14:51:58 GMT
yeas indeed, i do hope that shurane vijayaram (damn that was hard to spell...) actually listens to the very wise words coming right from the mouth of our very own hungarian stallion and doesn't spend his not so hard earned money on stupid things. do the wise thing vijay (maybe stars a VJ career or sth)
 Gerimantas08/02/2017 17:10:15 GMT
I think he will spend a lot of this money on cars travelling to new places, expensive clothes, watches and then he will play a lot more poker at big stakes and some casino games, go to nightclubs, enjoy his life and after this not a lot is left,this is how it happens most times
 pochui09/02/2017 18:16:50 GMT
yes indeed Gerimantas, i think you are right, we certainly know how it happens most of the times- most of us here at brm have experienced similar wins to shurane vijayaram and then blown it all at the high stakes poker or hookers, pot and vodka... and now gunning for no deposit bonuses is what unites us.
 Ingrind3310/02/2017 14:24:13 GMT
bahahha, you gingers* are crazy! (*anagram)
 IndianAce111/02/2017 04:02:33 GMT
Vijayaram played outstanding the whole tournament. Probably good at poker and not great, but I don't think anyone was going to beat him except Jeff Rossiter who had a massive chip advantage. Rossiter played like a extremely tight puzzy at the final table and got punished by a finish 4th place.As an Indian,im proud of this guy..

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