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BRM Exclusive: $4,000 in Rake Races at Everest Poker (April and May)

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Posted on 31 March 2017 by "T".

We will run 4 x $1,000 Rake Races in April and May at Everest Poker!

Follow the instructions on the dedicated leaderboard page to participate!

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23 comments on "BRM Exclusive: $4,000 in Rake Races at Everest Poker (April and May)"

 doubletop77731/03/2017 08:11:21 GMT
These leaderboard promotions are a very good idea and they always sem to be well contested. I do not have the time to play enough tournaments but i always like to check to see who is top of the leaderboards
 pochui31/03/2017 13:23:11 GMT
well this is nice, 4x $1k leaderboard races is not a thing that one can easily go past by, this is the sort of promo that gets the juices flowing to all the tournaments grinders out there. not too excited about the platform everest poker, maybe i will have a check and change my mind.
 damosk31/03/2017 16:15:45 GMT
What a very lovely and enticing promotion from the wonderful people here at BankRollMob. It's just such a shame that I don't have an account at Everest double glazing poker. Maybe I should get on down there and open an account simply to play in this promotion. What do you think. Is Everest any good?
 StheP31/03/2017 17:23:14 GMT
those rake races are awesome... also they are win/win/win for all... players have additional money for playing there (thats a win) also their poker client have a nice profit, because you are forced to play more there, also its good promotion for the site, and brm get couple of $ from that poker client.... like I said... its win/win/win situation Big Smile
 Mober31/03/2017 19:29:06 GMT
Its been a while since i last heard about this site.
It was quite popular at a point, then i think it changed networks or something
and kinda vanished.
It look lik a nice promotion for all new sign ups of BRM.
Good luck to all.
 pajalnick01/04/2017 00:14:13 GMT
I did not know about this poker room until I saw this message ... tried to install the client on my computer but something went wrong and I did not succeed ... maybe I'll try again because I like freerolls from the BRM Worship
 Gerimantas01/04/2017 07:54:04 GMT
I remember that I played in everest poker room veey long time ago, they had 1 table tournaments which were free but had a prize of $0.10 and were called shasta tournaments if I remember it right, then after those tournaments were gone i stipped playing there, maybe now u will go back and see how everest poker looks liue, maybe some good promotions?
 dule-vu01/04/2017 15:57:56 GMT
I dont think that I have account at everest poker,so will see will I open or not and will I playing!but its interesting that they give this kind of promotion!good luck to all who would play and it would be nice to read more about this promo!
 pochui01/04/2017 17:00:01 GMT
ah yes, i remember those shasta sng's too- i was searching the web for juicy freerolls back in the days and there were a few sites which offered freeroll sng's instead of the usual mtt's, everest poker was one of them, cannot remember another site where i basically started my online poker career... so kinda fond memories of everest poker...
 Mober01/04/2017 19:37:03 GMT
Yea those freerolls were popular back at the day.
Now i cant even see what is going on with the specific sites.
Thanks to our politicians it is another site that belongs to the no no list. Smile
 pajalnick02/04/2017 00:09:53 GMT
I made another attempt to install on my computer a clip of Everest poker ..... I did everything right but why then I again have a white rectangle when trying to register and this ends up .... the question to the inhabitants of Russia is all so? Aww crap!
 bowie198402/04/2017 00:25:30 GMT
Posted by pochui:
not too excited about the platform everest poker, maybe i will have a check and change my mind.

Yeah, that is my main gripe as well with the whole thing - I am really not playing on Everest and I don't know I should register there just for this...
 Tony_MON7ANA02/04/2017 03:45:26 GMT
I opened an account with Everest Poker 5 or 6 years ago without using BankrollMob's code/link. So, I guess I won't be eligible for this enticing offer, regrettably. Prospective prizes are looking good. Good luck to all players!
 damosk02/04/2017 08:20:57 GMT
Hmmm. Sounds like it's an interesting place! For a variety of reasons. I think I need t take a closer look at the site and the promotion to determine whether or not I should try and open an account here and then take part in this promotion. Good luck to any of you who do take part, it's sounding like there won't be many people in It so it maybe worthwhile!
 Gerimantas02/04/2017 08:21:22 GMT
So I understand that you must have an accounypt that is created from bankrollmob link, like Tony_MON7ANA is saying, if this is correct then i will not be able to play too, I have this account from very old time when I was playing shasta tournaments, so no good?
 Mober02/04/2017 20:02:28 GMT
We have a nice message when trying to access the page, saying we are restricted,
and that if we still have money in the site, not to worry.
The money is safe.
All we have to do is....... go to another country and request a cash out Smile
 semirkarla03/04/2017 14:45:51 GMT
For admin i have account on Everest, my Wife want to open acc trough with code But she not have acc on bankrollmob, its possible and how to see and where rake poinzs
 sirthomas04/04/2017 06:45:33 GMT
Posted by semirkarla:
For admin i have account on Everest, my Wife want to open acc trough with code But she not have acc on bankrollmob, its possible and how to see and where rake poinzs

Just tell her to sign up at Everest Poker via the link provided and then enter the code during the sign up procedure. She does not need a bankrollmob account to participate... we will update the leaderboard page later this week.
 dule-vu04/04/2017 09:50:32 GMT
just got message at my mob mail about this rake race at everest poker and as I see we have to deposit 25 $ to be able to play this race and only new players can play this!dont know do I have acocunt there or not (probably not),so everybody who want to play this race,but have account,they wouldnt have chance!
 mirexxx11/04/2017 09:59:31 GMT
when will bee update for lederboard?
 mirexxx20/04/2017 09:13:25 GMT
Any updateee admins??? Aww crap!
 sirthomas20/04/2017 09:19:31 GMT
Posted by mirexxx:
Any updateee admins??? Aww crap!

Asked for an update yesterday... hope to receive an answer soon from Everest Poker. Seems like very little competition so far...
 mirexxx20/04/2017 09:40:26 GMT
ok thx thomas for the info,,,

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