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11-Hour heads-up battle to determine a winner in PokerStars Championship Macau Main Event

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Posted on 10 April 2017 by "T".

The first ever PokerStars Championship Main Event in Macau concluded on Sunday evening after one of the longest heads-up matches in history!

Now, the final day started with 6 players and it only took two hours before the field had been narrowed down to the final two contenders: Elliot Smith (Canada) and Tianyuan Tang (China).

Despite the fact that they agreed to a deal that "only" left HKD$300,000 to play for, the heads-up battle lasted for almost 11 hours, which made it the longest heads-up in PokerStars tournament history! In the final hand of the marathon one-on-one battle, Tang went all in with pocket sixes and Smith called with ADiamondKSpade. Tang hit a set on the flop but still lost the hand to a runner-runner flush. 

"The last hand was pretty ridiculous," Smith said. That goes for the many thousands before it too. It was just a gruelling, gruelling battle. Hats off to my opponent, who played fantastic."

PokerStars Championship Macau Main Event
Dates: April 3-9, 2017
Buy in: HKD $40,000 + $2,400
Players: 536
Prize pool: HKD $20,796,800

Final table results

1 Elliot Smith Canada HK$2,877,500*
2 Tianyuan Tang China HK$2,577,500*
3 Daniel Laidlaw Australia HK$1,724,000
4 Avraham Oziel Canada HK$1,280,000
5 Aymon Hata UK HK$950,000
6 Yen ‘Pete' Chen Taiwan HK$705,000

*reflects a heads-up deal


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15 comments on "11-Hour heads-up battle to determine a winner in PokerStars Championship Macau Main Event"

 doubletop77710/04/2017 08:03:24 GMT
Many congratulations to Elliot Smith on winning this event. I am very surprised that the heads up battle lasted so long, after they had made a deal, and their concentration levels must be off the scale.
 pajalnick10/04/2017 15:40:32 GMT
11 hours of playing together ?? ... I probably do not understand something in the game of poker ... and in the end they made a deal ????? ... I do not really understand anything about playing poker .... maybe they do not even have a private life
 Tony_MON7ANA10/04/2017 17:26:35 GMT
Wow. Seriously? Elliot Smith and Tianyuan Tang played for almost half a day for extra HKD$300,000 (approximately equivalent to US$38,000)? What a stamina! They must have been physically and mentally exhausted after the match.
 Gerimantas10/04/2017 20:44:53 GMT
I too not understand how two players can play heads up poker in a big tournament with more than 500 players in total with big blinds for 11 hours @[email protected] i just cannot think what they eere doing, just raise-fold and then raise-fold from the other side, until one all in hand after 11 hours Tongue
 TheMachineQC10/04/2017 21:06:08 GMT
Hahahaha, 11 hours heads up does sounds pretty long but it does show how much discipline these professionnal poker players have. I wonder how many big blinds they had and how the structure was. Because usually when the heads up starts you're not that deep. But every tournament is different, sometimes the big stacks win every hand they play and there's just nothing small stacks can do Blink

congrats to the winner!
 Mober10/04/2017 22:25:44 GMT
11 hours playing heads up. Thats n accomplishment alone without taking in mind the prizes.
Not it says the longest heads up in poker stars history.
there is another one even bigger than this?
How can you play that long in heads up? Smile
 damosk10/04/2017 23:58:05 GMT
11 hours of heads up play? That is some amazing poker playing going on there. It would be good to see some of the highlights of this just to get a feel for how these guys played for eleven hours. Can you imagine playing heads up frthis long? I bet most of us couldn't imagine playing a whole tournament for that long!
 bowie198411/04/2017 00:12:26 GMT
Posted by damosk:
11 hours of heads up play? That is some amazing poker playing going on there.

Honestly? No. The only amazing thing in this battle is that both players got out alive. Playing heads up for eleven hourse would mean I would kill myself out of boredom.
 DaCapo7111/04/2017 07:21:51 GMT
That's verry amazing, a 11 hours hu-battle, i think i go tilt after some hours but these guys are really pro's Thumbs Up And for this nice cash winning they have a good reason to play a long time for the first place. But i'm wonderinf why they don't make a deal at the beginning of the hu.
 ihavepc11/04/2017 11:00:54 GMT
I think this is a little bit strange situation, not sure if i ever played for longer than 1 hour in a heads-up sit and go (do not have many experience in heads-up poker in bigger tournaments) and it was a really fun but hard experience, lots of funny and strange hands, lots of luck both ways, bad beats good beats and so on Big Smile so cannot imagine this action of 11 hours... Shock
 Calmplay12/04/2017 11:57:36 GMT
11 hours but how long they had breaks? maybe 2 hours right? anyone has the answer? no seriously I would not play a heads up for that long, would do a deal and go home happy without spending so much energy... Smile
 pinotte12/04/2017 14:53:50 GMT
They had made a deal leaving HKD300,000 to the winner. I went see how much this worth in U.S. and see that this worth around $38,000 US.

So they played 11 hours for 38k but i don't thing that the money was involved to much in this HU game it was more for the sake of winning whatever is coming to the winner beside the money. Worship Worship
 pajalnick12/04/2017 16:14:27 GMT
I played on the final table in the decisive battle several times but it always happened pretty quickly ... of course sometimes it was delayed, but as far as I can remember the maximum time was about 15-20 minutes ... and then it was very long for me ... It's easier for me to agree to defeat than to play 11 hours
 pochui12/04/2017 16:49:28 GMT
epic shoving of blinds back and forth for 11 hours i must admit, probably they thought of this when they struck a deal and then chit chatted in the toilet and decided to go for this no shorter than 11 hours heads up battle which was suppose to put them on par with Napoleon and Justin Bieber.
 bowie198413/04/2017 12:35:58 GMT
I mean it's ridiculous that this gotten so long and honestly the prizes were not that incredible either. Why would you drag 10 more hours of your life for something like this if you could spend it on prime asian hookers provided by the casino itself? Such a waste Big Smile

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