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Co-Founder of Absolute Poker pleads Guilty to Illegal Online Gambling Operation

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Posted on 14 June 2017 by "T".

Last February, the co-founder of Absolute Poker has suddenly returned to the United States, who said he wishes to face the years-old charges made against him. Late last month, after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge, he will then be sentenced this autumn in New York.

According to court documents, Scott Tom, who over the years had been living overseas, will be sentenced on September 28. Tom admitted to "the interstate transmission of gambling information."

Also, he had been accused of money laundering.

In 2002, Scott Tom co-founded Absolute Poker with the aid of ex-fraternity brothers at the University of Montana. The site served US customers from mid-2007 through 2009. A few weeks after Black Friday, Tom sneaked out of Absolute Poker's main headquarters in Costa Rica. Government police raided the offices of Absolute Poker near San Juan in connection with a no-pay complaint for the company's rank-and-file employees. Tom had lived for almost six years in the Caribbean island of Antigua, known formally as Antigua and Barbuda, which has no extradition agreement with the United States.

The court filing does not show any possibility of a jail sentence for Tom, who still remains a villainous figure in the online poker community for playing a central role in the Absolute Poker cheating scheme. Based on a thorough investigation, Tom himself was the mastermind behind the notorious "Potripper" tournament cheating scheme in 2006. One of the images in that investigation exposed dual log-ins from ‘playing' and ‘monitoring/god-mode' accounts from a computer whose logged IP locations matched Tom's island-hopping escapades across the Caribbean islands.

As a company, Absolute Poker officially admitted to just around $600,000 of insider cheating which transpired in those few weeks in 2006; however, investigators believe that the real total is quite higher than that. Ex-company insiders claim that for years, the company's head utilized accounts with the ‘god mode' ability - to be able to see opponents' hole cards - in an effort to illegally win back tournament overlays from players who participated.

According to the government, Absolute Poker earned around $500 million from American players during its operation. When the site shut down, an estimated $60 million worth of players' money was lost.

The government said in a court document, "Tom helped Absolute Poker, an unlawful internet gambling business, continue to operate in the United States and accept payments from United States customers without detection by United States law enforcement."

Any ill-gotten gains that Tom had will have to be forfeited.

A total of eleven individuals were criminally charged on the Black Friday incident. Everyone has faced their respective charges, except for PokerStars co-founder Isai Scheinberg.

Back in December 2011, a few months after Black Friday hit, the other founder of Absolute Poker Brent Beckley, had pleaded guilty in 2012 and eventually spent almost a year in jail.
In April this year, the government made an announcement, saying that the victims of Absolute Poker can start the process of receiving their long-lost funds from six years ago.




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11 comments on "Co-Founder of Absolute Poker pleads Guilty to Illegal Online Gambling Operation"

 pochui14/06/2017 19:55:16 GMT
kinda shady story with not a lot of people having all the info about this scheme. i remember having an account at absolute poker/ ultimate bet poker too, lucky for me i had no money to be taken away from me, never made a deposit there.
 pajalnick14/06/2017 21:39:50 GMT
Of course the limitation period for a crime is probably right ... a man probably punished himself a little .... of course if he is not a bad person then he had to think a lot about overstepping and his conscience was supposed to torture him .... probably
 Mober15/06/2017 19:14:06 GMT
Isnt this an old story.
I have read the whole article again, and i dont think i have found some info that
i wasnt already aware of.
It starts to become a norm, the reposting of the same news.
 pajalnick15/06/2017 21:23:24 GMT
Received for my message a minus .... thought a lot ...... eventually all the same, he still needs to sit in prison and answer for his crimes ..... fortunately I did not have money in this poker room and I Not hurt, but many people lost their means .... so it probably will be correct
 DaCapo7116/06/2017 06:41:29 GMT
The first time in the last years i read something about Absolute Poker. This american poker site was verry nice and was delete suddenly after the big fake with open "whole cards". So it was verry important to have a serious license Blink
 damosk16/06/2017 07:00:35 GMT
Isn't he just a wonderful man. He has decided to surrender to the law once and for all. Well done him. No doubt he has had a whale of a time living it up ove the last few years evading the law and enjoying his life wherever he has been. Nice line that I'll gotten gains will be forfeited..... maybe so, if there is anything left.
 pochui16/06/2017 07:54:47 GMT
yes indeed all gotten gains that haven't yet been hidden in offshore accounts will be gracefully given back to the unsuspected public, sack full of money will literally fall from the sky and peace and tranquility will come to earth. happy days... thank you wonderful absolute poker co-founder
 Tony_MON7ANA16/06/2017 07:56:15 GMT
Scott Tom, so-called "The Shady Business Mogul," is probably one of the most notorious figures in online poker community for his primary role in the Absolute Poker cheating scandal. I hope he will live to repent of his past sins.
 dule-vu16/06/2017 13:45:30 GMT
why the hell you want to back after 6 years and to say I am guilty?instead of enjoying at Caribbean countries,you want to back and then to go in jail!maybe he spend money,but I dont think that would be so stupid!
 Nightkid19/06/2017 13:05:23 GMT
Well everywhere people who are dedicated to stealing or using people's money to benefit, the truth is not whether he will charge you with guilt or what was there last to think that way and admit that what he was doing was wrong ... but this is 1 of the many cases that there in the whole world and not all have the courage to admit it or surrender ... Angry Angry
 dirkemans19/06/2017 17:37:28 GMT
Lol pochui, that refreshing sarcasm gave me a good chuckle..well said though...

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