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High Stakes: Aussie Pro Sues For Over $3M In Loans Given In Heads-up Game

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Posted on 29 June 2017 by "T".

Matt KirkHigh-stakes poker pro Matthew Kirk last week has filed a lawsuit over unpaid loans made in a heads-up poker game in May at the Aria Resort and Casino located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Australian Matthew Kirk said in the lawsuit that on May 27, he loaned substantial sums of money to Leon Tsoukernik four times in the wee hours of that day. The loaned money was in increments of $500,000, $500,000, $1 million and another $1 million, which totals to $3 million.

Czech businessman Leon Tsoukernik, who owns King's Casino in his country, said in a court document, "expressly represented that he would repay the loans in full at the conclusion of the poker game."

The day before May 27, Kirk was said to have lost $1.5 million to Tsoukernik.

Even if he was $1.5 million ahead, Tsoukernik asked Kirk if he could borrow money, in which Kirk agreed. The lawsuit stated that Tsoukernik never really planned on repaying him if he lost in the game.
Tsoukernik actually paid Kirk $1 million just this June 3. Therefore, Kirk is seeking to get the remaining $2 million, plus interest, lawyer fees and exemplary damages.

Based on SMS text messages that Kirk saved and presented for proof, the first loan of $500,000 was made at 4:30am and 30 minutes after that, Tsoukernik asked for another $500,000. At 5:10am, he appeared to have lost the second $500,000 and asked for $1 million. Finally, at 5:45am, he requested another $1 million. He lost and they stopped playing. Thus, in just a span of less than an hour, Tsoukernik lost $3 million in the game.

A few days after their heads-up game, Tsoukernik finished fourth in the 2017 $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl for $1.8 million.

On the 2+2 poker forums, a statement was released on behalf of Tsoukernik. It said, "We are releasing a statement on behalf of Leon Tsoukernik in order to address the issue raised in this forum.

While Leon will not comment on the specific issues raised in this thread because there is an ongoing litigation where he is represented by counsel, he would like to ensure everyone that he will provide a detailed explanation of this dispute upon its final determination.

 Leon is not currently in the United States due to business obligations but is looking forward to returning to Las Vegas on July 1st in order to play in the Poker Players Championship, followed by the Main Event. He has a lot of respect for the American legal system and a lot of confidence that justice will prevail.

He would like to thank those who are familiar with the facts and circumstances for their strong support."

Kirk filed the lawsuit on June 5, a little over a week after he lent the money, and two days after getting the $1 million returned by Tsoukernik. Kirk is represented by prominent Las Vegas attorneys Richard Schonfeld and David Chesnoff.



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12 comments on "High Stakes: Aussie Pro Sues For Over $3M In Loans Given In Heads-up Game"

 doubletop77730/06/2017 07:39:19 GMT
I think it is out of order that this guy hasn't paid this money back. Matthew Kirk lent him the money in good faith and, in my opinion, you should always honour your debts and pay up
 DaCapo7130/06/2017 08:11:29 GMT
This guy don´t have a good character, when he don´t pay his losing money. And this player called himself a poker pro, not really in my opinion. But i think that in the future nobody gives him a penny, but perhaps he have a rolex Big Smile
 Robbo199030/06/2017 10:51:19 GMT
if people know who this guy is then you would know hes creating a poker mecca at kings casino. he also has lots of money and so for this guy to put a law suit in only seems to be because he wants to get back more than he loaned.
 pochui30/06/2017 17:53:30 GMT
well kinda fishy story really, and to be honest a main evidence of sms conversation is a bit lame, you can write many things in an sms conversation and yet do nothing in reality. so unless there is more evidence dude can get away with not paying back the money he supposedly lost.
 pajalnick30/06/2017 20:14:51 GMT
Of course it's very sad to give money to a person who inspires confidence and eventually turns out to be a fraudster .. although it seems to me that if the swindler won then he would return the money but as luck was not with him then he decided to deceive
 Mober30/06/2017 20:29:28 GMT
They loan money like they are giving away a pack of cigarettes.
First 500k then another one and so on.
ok you have money to spare, but why you are giving it away like this?
Now sue and wait for it to get it back Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA01/07/2017 07:16:58 GMT
Chesnoff & Schonfeld PC is one of the most prominent law firms in Las Vegas. The firm has represented so many celebrities (Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Phil Ivey, Lindsay Lohan, Bruno Mars, Vince Neil, Britney Spears, Mike Tyson, Scott Weiland, and the list goes on).
 Gerimantas01/07/2017 09:36:15 GMT
I think this is what happens when people have too much money, they start to spend it very quick and then cannot stop and like in this situation even take loans and taking loan for gambling us super bad, maybe he was using some alcohol so it didn't help to think right
 Mober01/07/2017 20:45:30 GMT
I wonder how solid his case will be with only proof of it his word, and some text messages.
Actually thats not a proof at all.
In some cases if there is not a receipt, or a signed contract, you are burnt.
At least this is how it goes here.
 Gerimantas02/07/2017 17:14:47 GMT
Yes I too think that if we think about proving this loan there is need of much more better data then aa few sms messages, they can be about anything and no one can even prove who was writing those sms messages so i think it will be hard to prove this situation in court
 pajalnick02/07/2017 20:20:19 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
Yes I too think that if we think about proving this loan there is need of much more better data then aa few sms messages, they can be about anything and no one can even prove who was writing those sms messages so i think it will be hard to prove this situation in court

When in the case there are such big money a few sms messages of course a very unreliable argument in court .... I also think that a good lawyer will be able to justify the borrower .... if he did take money .... although on the other hand there will also be good lawyers
 Mober02/07/2017 20:58:46 GMT
It all comes to the judge at the end, or wherever there is to the jury.

No matter what the outcome will be from this trial, probably he learned his lesson
and will never give money to anyone else like that.

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