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Gus Hansen wins $300k pot at partypoker!

Tags: Gus Hansen, high stakes, Leon Tsoukernik, partypoker.
Posted on 05 April 2018 by "T".

Many were happily surprised when poker legend Gus Hansen made a comeback to online high-stakes cash games on Wednesday this week. "The Great Dane" joined Sam Trickett, King's Casino owner Leon "KingsOfLeon" Tsoukernik and some other poker players with deep enough pockets to play $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha at partypoker.

The action was streamed on partypoker's twitch-site on Wednesday evening and there were some big pots, including the biggest one of the session ($336,866) which was won by Hansen against Tsoukernik.

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19 comments on "Gus Hansen wins $300k pot at partypoker! "

 doubletop77705/04/2018 09:36:20 GMT
It's nice to see Gus Hansen back where he belongs, at the very top tables of poker. This table sends shivers down my spine with the amount of talent on it and it must be frightening to play these guys
 Gerimantas05/04/2018 11:47:07 GMT
Yes i too think it is very good to see gus hansen is back and playing high stakes online ppker again, he is very interesting player and his style is something you can learn nust when watch, he has no fear to othrt players and use a lot of psychology. Good luck to gus I like to see him play more
 StheP05/04/2018 11:50:40 GMT
actualy he didnt win 300k... stream finished when he had around 300k... but they continue playing off stream and he finished session with like 150k or so... he was in for 60k so its like 90k profit... it was awesome game... leon had stack of 370k and spew it all away in 1 and a half hour...
 pajalnick05/04/2018 12:30:33 GMT
Gus Hansen again appeared in the news and immediately with fantastic results ... of course in Omaha he plays very cool ... it seems to me in the world ranking of players in Omaha Gus Hansen is in the lead positions .... and it's nice that the old guard shows such results ... very cool
 CALICUL05/04/2018 16:04:08 GMT
Gus Hansen must not repeat the mistakes of the past. The online poker for him was very bad when he lost millions of dollars in full tilt poker. He has the chance to recover from the lost money because party poker has players at high stakes. This is very difficult but not impossible.
 callie2805/04/2018 16:30:36 GMT
Posted by StheP:
actualy he didnt win 300k... stream finished when he had around 300k... but they continue playing off stream and he finished session with like 150k or so... he was in for 60k so its like 90k profit... it was awesome game... leon had stack of 370k and spew it all away in 1 and a half hour...

did Leon win any back,last i seen he had got back to around 121k,was a good game though and good to see Gus back on the tables... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 StheP05/04/2018 18:01:29 GMT
nah he punted that after countless rebuys... swordfish was big winner he had near 400k when he left table
 Sandmanilo05/04/2018 22:14:21 GMT
Congratulations to Gus Hansen. Haven't watched this full video, it must be very interesting. Nice that Partypoker launched these highroller cash tables, and made it available via stream services. Will watch some of it when I'll have time.
 bowie198406/04/2018 00:42:29 GMT
Watching these online poker streams makes me question why would not rather just catch a random NFL players twitch stream about Fortnite instead. Somehow I really grew out of these 'high stakes' games. It's all just bland for me.
 callie2806/04/2018 01:22:42 GMT
Bowie I really think your comment is in disrespect,we are not in the bad old days of Fulltilt,there's a lot of mobsters that enjoy the new wave of online poker,twitch might not be for you but for some it's good, I for one love it,I learn and have a laugh,for the less not shut off to progress ,jump on and have fun Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 pochui08/04/2018 12:58:05 GMT
whatever. I too remember that I had one session where I won a few millions in a single poker hand when playing versus some oil tycoon from Saudi arabia when on my regular toilet cleaning mission to the east, but then I woke up...
 dule-vu08/04/2018 13:41:46 GMT
when you only see their bankrolls on table,its just sick!to play on such a high stakes,to bet 10,15 or 40 K,what to say!and its omaha,uf!very nice hand for him and big pot!he just waited for opponent to bet and that he come till end!
 godoy09/04/2018 13:36:22 GMT
moving and sad how can a poker player stay like that and lose so much money and not be crazy and the badness of poker seems to have no end on him when he decides to stop the game comes and give him a little more to him to get even more Flag Inappropriate Content
 Mober11/04/2018 06:47:36 GMT
It looks like gus is back again playing poker.
It was quite some time with no action from him after the news he busted big time.
Is the bankroll his, or someone else is sponsoring him?
Wonder if he keeps playing the same aggressive game as he did before.
 godoy13/04/2018 07:00:28 GMT
one of the most iconic and loser players that we have seen more with a history and a life trajectory in poker that leaves anyone with envy less of the perch more and a player of the most judged who has a style of game that takes your money the opposite lowbol of what is played
 Tony_MON7ANA14/04/2018 23:03:20 GMT
Congratulations, Gus Hansen!
Gus Hansen didn't do very well at Full Tilt Poker. He seems to enjoy the social aspect of the game. I guess he will probably do better at a live poker table. All the best in his future career.
 godoy16/04/2018 00:40:42 GMT
to win a prize of this and very good for any people and even for him who says that loser is lost in the past and that the future comes with good prizes and great achievements and that he is happy because he is a great player and I admire him a lot
 CALICUL20/04/2018 16:18:16 GMT
Of course, it is very good but these professional players are on a different level. In their world these amounts are more acceptable but in our world 300 k means a lot. If i would learn English very well as long as the strategy for a few months i would read the strategy for a few months and i could also talk about 3 k pot Smile but 300 k is very big for me and for my weak skills.
 Sorin88821/04/2018 13:30:48 GMT
Well is a 300k pot won with high rollers,or nose bleeds,this is something amazing. "The Great Dane" ,Gus Hansen was two years ago top leader in losers standings with millions of dollars.Is the same situation I am,all time record(betting) minus 45 k,and one day I win 100 $.House always win

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