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Molly's Game Trailer Released!

Tags: Jessica Chastain, Mollys Game, poker movies.
Posted on 17 August 2017 by "T".

Molly's Game, based on the true story of Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier who ran the world's most exclusive high-stakes poker game for a decade before being arrested in the middle of the night by 17 FBI agents, is hitting the big screen in November this year. The official trailer was released only 2 days ago but already has over 1.8 million views! 

Perhaps you read the book (also titled Molly's Game)? What do you think of Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom? We want to here what you think about this upcoming poker movie! 

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16 comments on "Molly''s Game Trailer Released! "

 doubletop77718/08/2017 07:43:02 GMT
This looks like a film that i would really enjoy. I love a good true story and to have one about gambling is ideal. Let's hope that this doesn't disappoint and i look forward to watching it
 pochui18/08/2017 08:01:32 GMT
well it does look like a really interesting life story to make it into a movie, no I haven't read the book and no I will not do this for sure, but movie... maybe, just maybe. quite fascinating twist to the career, interesting lady for sure.
 pajalnick18/08/2017 09:35:38 GMT
I watched the movie trailer .... read the story that was the basis of the film ... maybe it will be an interesting film about the games that people play and people who play games ..... but I personally did not like the movie trailer .. .... maybe the film itself will be better
 Tony_MON7ANA18/08/2017 10:04:12 GMT
Molly Bloom... I can't remember the first time I heard her story.
Molly is a gorgeous woman. Sexy as hell. Jessica Chastain, who portrays Molly in the movie, is hot also. I would definitely check out this movie!
 CALICUL18/08/2017 15:38:42 GMT
I think this is a biographical film and will not insist too much on the poker game. After seeing this trailer i can say that this movie is worth watching. I'm a fan of good biography movies. If you want to watch another poker movie you have not heard - Runner Runner 2013 with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. Very interesting both movies
 Mober18/08/2017 17:25:35 GMT
Never heard of her, or the story before. Ten years to get arrested? Smile
By watching the trailer it looks like an interesting one, one that i will watch at some point,
or i will start to.
Cause it wont be the first time that i have started watching a movie and after a while im off.
If i dont like a film, i cant watch it to the end Smile
 perattin18/08/2017 18:08:14 GMT
I had never heard of this movie, or the previous story.
Looking at the trailer of the same seems very interesting, I hope to have time to see it at some point.
Because it will not be the first time I've started watching a movie and then I stop seeing it or abandoning it.
If I do not like a movie, I can not see it until the end, it's not going to be the first time it happens to me, haha ​​..
 av196618/08/2017 19:07:19 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Never heard of her or of her story but the trailer caught my attention Cool Cool Will give it a go and maybe will stick until the end Confused Confused
The story looks catchy and the matter is appiling so no harm will come from it Big Smile Big Smile

Stay cool and enjoy life to its fullest
 Gerimantas19/08/2017 08:44:59 GMT
I goo don't hear anything about this story like some people here in this forum say, but it is really interesting situation to read about and because there is a book i can read and now a movie i can watch I think i will be interested to know more about this situation, not every day stories like this can be seen
 pajalnick19/08/2017 11:18:03 GMT
Maybe it's one of the many people who do things like that .... but this story got into the book and then to the movies .... maybe there are a lot of stories like that but just other stories are not as well known as this ... but also about This I learned only from the announcement
 pochui19/08/2017 12:26:24 GMT
well reading a comment from tony mon7ana about how hot this molly bloom is i couldn't resist the temptation to do some lurking and have to admit she is one hot milf. no wonder she masterminded this epic high stakes poker business of hers.
 bowie198403/09/2017 00:02:52 GMT
Posted by pochui:
no wonder she masterminded this epic high stakes poker business of hers.

Isn't she is that broad who complained about Tobey Maguire when she ran some poker parties for him too? The only reason they made a movie out her book is that Aaron Sorkin used to bang her.
 DaCapo7106/09/2017 09:50:10 GMT
Sounds like a interesting story and i view the trailer. I never heard about Molly Bloom before, but it seems she had a amazing live and the expirience to try new things Blink It´s a funny story for a movie and perhaps they created a nice blockbuster.
 damosk11/09/2017 18:38:21 GMT
I've never heard of molly, nor her game.... and I have never read the book either, so in any event, to see the film/movie will be a real treat as if it I should a real life story it will be cool to see how it is adapted and look forward to seeing the plot and learning something about Molly. Trust stories are always good movies.
 Mober12/09/2017 22:58:40 GMT
This one as a movie can be more interesting than the story with the grandpa,
winnings in the wsop Smile
There are many more things here that can keep you watching it.
On the other one you already know probably like 90% of the story Smile
 bowie198413/09/2017 01:16:10 GMT
Posted by Mober:
There are many more things here that can keep you watching it.
On the other one you already know probably like 90% of the story Smile

More like 100%. Plus some bull$hit which did not really happen but they wrote in to the movie anyway for the sole purpose of creating some drama.

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