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Poker Movie ‘Molly's Game' hits Theaters this Holiday Season

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Posted on 28 December 2017 by "T".

This holiday season, vacationing poker players and poker enthusiasts have a good reason to visit the movie theaters. On December 25, the movie ‘Molly's Game' opened in most huge cities in the United States, and the movie shall be released nationwide in January 5, 2018.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin directed it and his highly-anticipated directorial debut was actually initially scheduled for release to theaters on Thanksgiving, but after a warmly received showing at the Toronto International Film Festival this autumn, the release date was moved to the end of this year.

The movie is two hours and 20 minutes long, and so far has enjoyed positive reviews. It received a nice 7.3/10 rating on IMDB from 1,700 reviews and an 84% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie's IMDB rating is actually the same as that of the 1998 cult classic Rounders with 129,000 reviews, but only time can tell if Molly's Game has that same staying power as the story portrays scenes showing the heyday of the 2000s poker boom.

The film features stars like Jessica Chastain who plays Molly Bloom and her lawyer in the movie Idris Elba, and Sorkin described their chemistry as ‘electric'. Chastain, as Molly Bloom, is a former high-stakes poker organizer dubbed as the "Poker Princess". Bloom is also a former Olympic-class skier and was earning $50,000 per night for setting up exclusive underground games that gathered wealthy businessmen and real-life movie stars.

She was then indicted by the federal authorities for being involved in a far-reaching gambling ring that was somehow linked to the Russian mob, and that is where her co-star Idris Elba comes in. Elba plays as Bloom's lawyer in the movie, while Kevin Costner plays as Bloom's father, and Michael Cera. Movie stars who played in the real-life games run by Bloom in New York or L.A. included Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire and Matt Damon, though none of them made cameo appearances in Molly's Game.

As the poker community knows, Matt Damon, a poker enthusiast, was the star of the Rounders movie.

Based on the real Molly Bloom's 2014 memoir, Sorkin wrote the script which came out after she was sentenced to probation. She had faced up to 5 years behind bars.

Even though the movie is centered on the game of poker, Sorkin earlier in the year said that Molly's Game isn't entirely about cards. However, the poker community and the rest of the public will be the judge of that.

Sorkin said, "If you're a poker player, you'll enjoy the poker scenes - but it's not a poker movie. No, we never care who wins or loses a game. The movie is about her and what happened to her. And particularly two relationships in her life: the relationship she has with her criminal lawyer, played by Idris Elba, and her relationship with her father, Kevin Costner."

The movie has earned quite a buzz for its participants. Chastain has already earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, and there is considerable attention being given to Chastain and Elba (Best Actor) and Sorkin (Adapted Screenplay) for this year's Oscars. Whether it will meet the high standards of the critics remains to be seen.

Molly's Game opened in theaters with a limited release on Christmas Day, with a nationwide release set for January 5. The cinema theater is a bit crowded this weekend, with other new movies released such as Matt Damon's Downsizing, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Jumanji:  Welcome to the Jungle, and Hugh Jackman's musical The Greatest Showman.

The movie had a budget of $30 million, a bit more than double the budget for Rounders.




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13 comments on "Poker Movie ‘Molly''s Game'' hits Theaters this Holiday Season"

 doubletop77728/12/2017 08:58:27 GMT
I read about this movie the other day and it looks like it could be a very good watch. With it being a true story, i really hope that it is far more realistic than some poker movies i've seen
 Calmplay28/12/2017 09:18:26 GMT
I would like to watch a poker movie right now as I'm free for it at this moment but I would like one with some professional poker superstars featuring in it so if someone could recommend me a recent good movie to watch I would appreciate it, thanks.
 DaCapo7128/12/2017 10:36:44 GMT
Sounds like a interesting poker movie. I don´t know all actors, only Kevin Costner, but the discribe of the movie and the recents are good. It was time for a good poker movie, we are waiting for it for a long time. The most poker movie are only hollywood trash in the past.
 CALICUL28/12/2017 13:42:03 GMT
I'm looking forward to watching this movie made after a real story. I like good biographical movies.
I hope this movie is pretty good. The note is very good in IMDb but it will definitely drop in 2-3 months.
This is usually the case, but that does not mean that the movie will not be a good one. Cool
 pajalnick28/12/2017 14:17:50 GMT
I hope that this film will be interesting and there will be good and interesting events .... in itself this film arouses my interest and I would like the director not to spoil the film and deliver the audience pleasure with this work .... Kevin Kosner I hope will show an interesting acting game
 Gerimantas28/12/2017 20:43:53 GMT
I think it is nice movie to see, if it is played in my local cinema then I think o will try to see, i watch many films when kevin kostner is in movie because I like rhis actor and vilm is about poker person and I am a small but poker player so this is interesting scenario to me to see.
 Mober28/12/2017 22:08:38 GMT
It has been quite some time, since there was news about its release here.
There was a preview of the movie then also.
Although i dont like poker themed movies, this one is interesting, since it is a true story.
She had the business for ten years before the raid Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA29/12/2017 13:45:20 GMT
Molly Bloom, the so-called "Poker Princess" is an absolutely gorgeous woman, and Jessica Chastain, who elegantly portrays Molly in the movie, is equally attractive. Just looking at her luscious lips makes my heart fly high.
 Ingrind3329/12/2017 16:37:12 GMT
Hey there guys, I always thought that molly was a nickname for pills (you know, the ones who gives you a lot of energy), maybe i am wrong but that is what I saw in some American serie or movie, can't remember, anyway guys, don't do too much molly or you will end up getting some problems when you get older. about the topic, I am not going to watch it.
 Tony_MON7ANA30/12/2017 15:45:11 GMT
Posted by Calmplay:
I would like to watch a poker movie right now as I'm free for it at this moment but I would like one with some professional poker superstars featuring in it so if someone could recommend me a recent good movie to watch I would appreciate it, thanks.

This movie does not feature prominent figures, but you might like it.
 T3ddyKGB30/12/2017 16:20:28 GMT
Posted by Calmplay:
I would like to watch a poker movie right now as I'm free for it at this moment but I would like one with some professional poker superstars featuring in it so if someone could recommend me a recent good movie to watch I would appreciate it, thanks.

prof superstars feat in it? there is no such kind of movie. maybe here in there some 15sec cameo occurs. generelly there is no good poker movie - except "rounders" (for me anways), which is almost 20years old.
the only one i could suggest is "lucky you" with eric bana. its a poker movie... not that exciting but also not that bad. you have to be a pokermaniac to be fascinated of this movie.. Smile so if your bored its worth a watch.
 Tony_MON7ANA08/01/2018 15:07:24 GMT
I guess I am going to have to wait until May 2018 to see the movie in a theater in Japan. It will be fun to watch this movie on a big screen in a theater. I am also considering buying a book written by Molly Bloom.
 dule-vu08/01/2018 15:24:36 GMT
It would be interesting to see this movie even on tv,not only on big screen,but ofcourse with translation,because my english is not so great,that I can watch movie and listen on englis and to understand everything!

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