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Brandon Adams Defeats Doug Polk To Win 2017 Poker Masters Event #4 For $819,000

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Posted on 19 September 2017 by "T".

credit: pokernews.comThe Event #4 final table of the 2017 Poker Masters at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is witness to accomplished poker players that are used to playing at the highest levels, such as Jake Schindler, Justin Bonomo, David Peters, and Doug Polk, who in the end got beaten up by Brandon Adams at a heads up showdown.

The $50,000 buy-in Event #4 started with Schindler and Polk (who both made back-to-back final table appearances) dominating the leads, alongside German player Steffen Sontheimer, who was determined to put his flag at the final table for the third time in this series.

Brandon Adams is a former Harvard professor of game theory, behavioral science and international macroeconomics, a fantasy sports expert, a published author, and a high-stakes poker player. With this most recent win, Adams can now add "Poker Masters champion" to his impressive and lengthy resume, after emerging victorious in Event #4 for his career's best score of $819,000!

Event #4 50,000 NLHE
September 17-18, 2017
Winner: Brandon Adams
Prize: $819,000
Runner-up: Doug Polk

1st Brandon Adams, USA, $819,000
2nd Doug Polk ,USA, $468,000
3rd David Peters, USA, $273,000
4th Justin Bonomo, USA, $175,500
5th Steffen Sontheimer, Germany, $117,000
6th Jake Schindler, USA, $97,500

Adams said after he won, "I'm really proud of this one. I've been working hard at my game. I feel like that is the mistake people make as they get older, they kind of ossify in their style and they don't do the work. I've been working a lot harder and seeking out the guys that I think are thinking about the game the best and trying to learn from them."

While all of the players are of course motivated to continue battling for the sizable prize pool that is growing on the $100,000 Championship, Adams believes that the idea of being able to bag the Poker Masters Purple JacketTM could be a powerful motivating force over the next days to come, "If we're honest about poker, you have poker for money. That is where you are seeking out the best possible games and grinding out your edge in those games. That is sort of day-to-day in poker, like A-B-C. Then you also have more of the ego aspect of poker, where the best guys get together and clash heads. This tournament, the field is tough. It's like "ego poker" in a way...with the same players coming in and playing every event."

Egos will be clashing once again and this time it will be fiercer as the 3-day $100,000 Championship kicked off Monday September 18 at 8:30pm ET and ends September 20 at 3:30pm ET. The same players who have been fighting with all their best throughout the first 4 events will still continue to compete.



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8 comments on "Brandon Adams Defeats Doug Polk To Win 2017 Poker Masters Event #4 For $819,000"

 Gerimantas19/09/2017 16:55:16 GMT
I know from top 6 on the list doug polk, justin bonomo, jake schindler the rest three... Of course only from information, not personally Tongue so on this table a lot of known names. But oeople pay so much money for buyins 50,000 dollars, wow they have a lot of money.
 shokaku19/09/2017 17:09:36 GMT
Brandon Adams had already been on a few of the televised poker shows in the past (High Stakes, After Dark). So for me the most notable player in the line up. But he is a very quiet player at the table, so don't catches the eye easily.
 pochui19/09/2017 18:19:32 GMT
yeah this adams dudes has the correct mentality I believe- you should always try to work on your game, no matter how old or young you are, no matter whether you are getting great results- you should still look how to improve.
 CALICUL20/09/2017 07:42:40 GMT
Fabulous sums to enter into these events. This Holdem Poker has reached a high level and appear more often tournaments with big buy in. I would like to see qualifying tournaments for 1 million dollars game entry to see emotions on the players' faces and some of them with pampers. Big Smile
 DaCapo7120/09/2017 09:20:37 GMT
What a amzing winnig in this $50k buy-in tourney in Vegas. To play in this highroller events was a dream, but perhaps it was possible in the future Blink For the moment gl all mobsters by their bankroll building.
 doubletop77720/09/2017 09:24:42 GMT
Many congratulations to Brandon Adams on winning this event and the first prize of $819,000. This must be the most star studded final table i have ever seen, so the win is even sweeter
 Tony_MON7ANA20/09/2017 14:54:34 GMT
Massive congratulations go out to Brandon Adams on winning the $50,000 buy-in Poker Masters event. And well done to Doug Polk, who finished runner up. I am looking forward to watching the final table replay.
 bowie198420/09/2017 23:22:13 GMT
Posted by pochui:
you should always try to work on your game, no matter how old or young you are, no matter whether you are getting great results- you should still look how to improve.

Only game I interested in nowadays is the kind that you play with the ladies.

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