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Ronan Keating reveals Leonardo DiCaprio owes him a few hundred from a poker game

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Posted on 17 October 2018 by "T".

The Boyzone lead singer said they were in a poker game together when the Titanic star ran short in 2013.

Ronan Keating told an Australian radio in the morning of October 12 that Leonardo DiCaprio owes him "a couple of hundred dollars" at a poker game in 2013 when the A-lister ran short.

The Irish pop star said, "We played some cards in Sydney a couple of years ago when he was doing [The Great] Gatsby. I think I loaned him a couple of hundred dollars to get in the game and then I think he won and never paid me back!"

He also told that even if he covered him with cash, Leo blabbed about a few in-depth truths about both of their skills. Seemed like it was a pretty interesting poker game, as Ronan recently divulged that Leo told him he couldn't act during their match.

The two of them auditioned in Moulin Rouge but lost the part to Ewan McGregor.

Ronan said, "Leo and I were in Sydney playing cards, and I said, ‘Man, what about... Moulin Rouge? F**k me, I couldn't act!' [Leo] said, "Hey, Ronan, you couldn't act, and I couldn't f**king sing for s**t!"‘

The 41-year-old Ronan is not only a singer but he can also act - he acted in the West End performance of Once, in the Australian TV show called Love Child, and the movie Goddess. Of course, there were several acting roles he said he didn't get the part for, "I've read for a few other bits and bobs. The Hobbit and the most recent Beauty And The Beast. I read for a movie in front of Jerry Bruckheimer and Antoine Fuqua, who is an amazing director. It was an Irish movie called King Arthur and I'll never forget it. I was much younger, this is like 15 years ago, maybe even more. That was pretty scary, that scared the sh*t out of me. I obviously didn't get the role."

Currently, Ronan is busy with his new Australian talent show, All Together Now, which is shown on Channel Seven. The program is about a group of 100 judges casting their vote on aspiring singers.

Judging from the good-natured aura of Ronan during the radio interview, it is obvious that the ‘poker debt' is nothing too serious, and it's possible Ronan isn't expecting Leo to pay him back (but maybe he'd want it back if they got together in a poker game again).

Most poker fans know that DiCaprio has been associated with poker for a long time, and the 43-year-old has been mentioned in Molly Bloom's story that he was one of the more friendly players in her infamous high-stakes games.

According to Bloom's book Molly's Game, DiCaprio had a relaxed demeanor at the poker tables, "He had a strange style at the table, though; it was almost as if he wasn't trying to win or lose. He folded most hands and listened to music on huge headphones."

At the gambling felt, Leo appears cool, calm and charismatic, even if he tends to forget to pay his poker debts on the table.



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12 comments on "Ronan Keating reveals Leonardo DiCaprio owes him a few hundred from a poker game"

 Fakiry17/10/2018 10:07:32 GMT
Reading about this episodes in actors' lives is great. They start getting bad with each other and suddenly there's a new movie around them, besides the sequels they perform for the big screens. Hilarious!
 hulkborges17/10/2018 10:22:39 GMT
Is Dicaprio a Good Actor Playing Poker? it would be really cool to have the opportunity to play against him someday.
if he plays as well as he usually plays he must be a great player
 Mober17/10/2018 16:11:25 GMT
With that amount of money, someone could say it didnt even worth to mention it,
in public.
Whats the point.
A debt is a debt of course , but we are not talking about a fortune here Smile
Probably he wanted the publicity out of it Smile
 bowie198417/10/2018 22:15:49 GMT
Oh well, you hear all kind of things about rich people but one thing is common - none of them stays rich by spending their own money, they are doing it by spending other's... Who would not lend a couple hundos to DiCaprio, right? Who would think he hasn't got a couple hundos on him all the time?
 doubletop77718/10/2018 07:09:28 GMT
Pay up Leo!!!! It must have been a fantastic sight to see if you happened to just walk into the room and Leonardo DiCaprio and Ronan Keating were just playing cards at the table. Sounds like they all had a good night anyway
 CALICUL18/10/2018 08:15:16 GMT
Ronan Keating he needs money probably and advertising may also take some role at Hollywood. This singer who sang in the Boyzone band was successful 20 years ago, but now he would have had to pull out more pieces, instead of begging a role in a movie, through a memory with Leonardo DiCaprio in which the actor has to pay a hundred-dollar debt. Shame for Ronan Keating.
 Gerimantas18/10/2018 15:40:49 GMT
I personally think Leonardo di caprio has money to pay two hundred dollars bqck to ronan keating so it is situation where leonardo forget this small loan, but of course situation caj be not this and maybe they nit like one another for some reason
 damosk19/10/2018 12:30:02 GMT
It’s so nice to see generosity playing it’s part in the lives of so called A listers, even if they aren’t really A listers anymore. However, generosity that is not repaid and leaves the giver the opportunity to resort to just mentioning it for the whole world to see is a great way of keeping oneself in the spotlight.
 CALICUL20/10/2018 08:17:20 GMT
Ronan Keating does not want to keep in the spotlight. He wants to get a role in a movie or series because he needs money. He searched in his memories and he thought how to do something, maybe he's seen by someone to give him a role. His band was successful in the 90s, so many years have passed and his bank account is probably almost empty after divorce. Has a new family and has to feed it.
 bowie198420/10/2018 15:58:47 GMT
Posted by hulkborges:
Is Dicaprio a Good Actor Playing Poker? it would be really cool to have the opportunity to play against him someday.
if he plays as well as he usually plays he must be a great player

He's in the same circles with Tobey Maguire who is known and famous for running these hollywood ring games where 20-30k was the starter buyin so yeah, I think he plays poker more than people think.
 CALICUL21/10/2018 08:20:30 GMT
Texas hold 'em poker it's just a hobby for Leonardo DiCaprio. Just does not believe someone as he plays to earn money. He has a lot of millions dollars and is attracted to this game to see his potential. Then it is the joy of winning some beautiful pots. Competition is interesting for him. These actors ( Jennifer Tilly, Tobey Maguire, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Shannon Elizabeth, James Woods, Jason Alexander, Ray Romano etc...) may find other hobbies but poker is attractive to them.
 Tony_MON7ANA23/10/2018 16:51:26 GMT
LOL. That is a hell of a lot of money.

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