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Malta Poker Festival on November 1-6 features €500K Guaranteed for Players

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Posted on 26 October 2018 by "T".

Scheduled on November 1 to 6, the Malta Poker Festival will be held at the Portomaso Casino, Saint Julian's, the heart of Malta's vibrant nightlife.

Set over 6 days in the first week of November, this massive poker festival brings together a lot of different nationalities enjoying several poker tournaments. The amazing and vibrant local poker community awaits to show all players a great time!

The Malta Poker Festival has been established by the former organizers of the Battle of Malta, who went on separate ways and created a whole new exciting poker fest that is geared towards the players. At the Battle of Malta's Main Event last year, the number of participants reached 2,074. This time at the first Malta Poker Festival, Event Director Ivonne Montealegre strongly believes that many of the loyal players will attend this inaugural event.

The main reason Montealegre, who is actually a licensed psychologist with a masters degree in psychology, chose to separate from her previous venture in Malta and decided to make something new was to formulate a festival that is "independent and ethical."

She also emphasized that the Malta Poker Festival she created is all about the players, and that players can speak with her any time about anything related to the festival, "I wanted to re-calibrate. For example, the Malta Poker Festival is absolutely independent. There isn't an affiliate owning it which was a big conflict of interest in the past. They would start charging CPAs to the operators, which is ethically compromising in many ways for the sponsoring operators."

"So for the Malta Poker Festival, I think I corrected these things and it is a pure brick and mortar operation that caters to online operators. I want to make the Malta Poker Festival the tournament where every operator wants to be in and not one particular network like others are doing, thus catering to the network's demands. It has zero ethical compromises and is a highly ethical situation to catering to everyone in the poker world, most importantly the players. It is a beautiful thing that we are not tied up to a sponsor and this really guarantees a good ethical system."

The First Ever Malta Poker Festival Grand Event
The main highlight of the Malta Poker Festival is the €550 buy-in Malta Poker Festival Grand Event which will run November 1 to 6, consisting of three opening flights and a colossal €500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The Malta Poker Festival Grand Event only allows one re-entry per flight. To be able to reach the guarantee, the event must pull in 1,000 entries. Montealegre said that it's an easy feat to accomplish, "I expect a thousand players easily of course. We have been working very hard on satelliting a bunch of players. Keep in mind, I have been doing this for seven years in the same casino and handling the same business; I know my numbers pretty well. So by September, I already knew I was covered. Easy game."

While it is the norm in other poker festivals to have satellites held on just one poker site or network, Montealegre isn't limited to one sponsor but instead has made a clever move to team up with multiple online partners such as RedBet and Videoslots. She added, "The Hendon Mob is also a fantastic partner. We are also working with the Let's Go Poker Facebook group and in general it is very grassroots marketing. But in 2019, I expect many more online operators."

Of course, while the Main Event is considered the main highlight of the Malta Poker Festival, it is just one of the many events on the schedule. Montealegre said each event has its own value, "Every event we are making its own flavour. There are no second chance tournaments. Every event is important on its own."

Some of the events will be:

  • November 3 - €100 Ladies Event
  • November 3 and 4 - €1,320 NLH Grandmaster High Roller
  • November 4 and 5 - €250 Hendon Mob Championship NLHE
  • November 5 - €275 Israeli Poker Championship Tour
  • November 5 and 6 - €120 APAT Maltese Amateur Poker Championship


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12 comments on "Malta Poker Festival on November 1-6 features €500K Guaranteed for Players"

 CALICUL27/10/2018 08:27:19 GMT
On 3 November is a very exciting tournament for female poker players with 100 euro buy-in.
It's great to have this kind of games in live locations.
As long as they do not organize games for minors, this is very good, but a game for womens is very appreciated by fans or others, in my opinion. It's time to prepare for Malta guys and girls. Big Smile
I refer to those who are interested, of course. Smile
 dule-vu27/10/2018 11:50:41 GMT
this is something good for lot of players who to play live tournaments and which dont have so big buy in!few days of this series will bring lot of players and on malta this will big festival!would be nice to come there just to see this casino and to play some slots,if I cant play poker!
 pajalnick27/10/2018 11:50:43 GMT
Perhaps it will be interesting ... Especially if the entrance fee is only 100 euros .... then there will be a lot of players with different strengths of the game .... and a completely unknown poker player will win there .... but I will not go to Malta for the sake of it .... or someone is near ... Probably for that it will be interesting to play there
 Mober27/10/2018 11:52:36 GMT
It is another series in the agenda for the poker players.
This one you can say it hasnt big enough prizes, but still.
Lets see what will happen with the brm winner of the promotion.
A couple of days left till the start of it.
 Gerimantas28/10/2018 10:20:59 GMT
Very interesting tour of course it is so great to play in fantastic country like malta, and i too lioe to see so small biy in for live poker tournament main event, 550 dollars is something small players can do one time per year, amd play for prizepool of more than half million and have good vacation too
 dule-vu28/10/2018 14:12:45 GMT
when I look at pictures on net,from this casino at malta,it looks great and would be great experience to come there and to play whatever game you like!place arround casino and hotel is just great and you can do other things and not just to gamble!
 doubletop77729/10/2018 09:10:09 GMT
This does look like a fantastic festival and i am very jealous of anyone lucky enough to be playing in it. i have never been to Malta but it does look like a very picturesque place and i would love to visit one day
 CALICUL29/10/2018 09:10:22 GMT
It's great to play live poker in some locations around the world, when you are a professional player. You do not have to get there just for the money.
Many gamblers who were bored by Las Vegas, should try some locations from Europe.
I think they would not regret this. Smile
 Nightkid29/10/2018 10:48:08 GMT
good I see that there many beautiful tournaments but the truth is not for the tickets hahaha that ugly the life of poor xDD but I would like to participate in some nice tournament and be able to be live and not just play through the pc, I hope some day have the opportunity to live it Cool Cool Cool
 dule-vu29/10/2018 16:47:22 GMT
when they choose where to make new tournament or festival,they choose great location,great resorts,casinos and everything that goes with this!ofcourse to have great weather is nice also,so sun,poker and other things are just plus for everybody!
 Nightkid31/10/2018 15:40:49 GMT
The truth is that if this is good for players who like to play live, it hurts for me too far to take this advantage but I hope that those who can do it and enjoy it ... someone can make a little trip and visit those places Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 Fakiry31/10/2018 18:38:14 GMT
With such a great representation of BRM at Malta, will we have any fellow monster in these games? Or are you superstitious enough not to talk about it until it happens. If so, don't worry, things will be just fine, you have all the support from people around here, even from supposed competitors that may be around. But it would be great to have good news from you!!

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