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Phil Ivey's Delay Tactics to $10.1M Payment Pisses Off Borgata, Files Cross-Appeal

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Posted on 03 October 2018 by "T".

Borgata definitely did not take it too kindly when Phil Ivey tried to delay and hold on to the money he won from them via the edge sorting technique. As he tried to appeal to overturn the decision that he must pay back the $10.1 million (but apparently fell on deaf ears), the casino has amped up their legal game to perhaps give Ivey a very harsh lesson.

Borgata is currently searching for a way to punish Ivey anew and take more than the $10.1 million it has already been awarded to them in 2016 by District Court Judge Noel Hillman.

Borgata tried to squeeze money out of the manufacturer of the cards used in the controversial edge sorting scheme, Gemaco, but the playing cards company got off the hook and just paid a mere $26.88, the value of the cards used in the game.

After that, Ivey and his attorneys pushed to delay the execution of the judgment that says Ivey must pay the $10.1 million to Borgata, claiming that paying such a huge sum in one go would severely hurt Ivey's bankroll and disable him from earning a living via his gambling activities.

This 2018, Ivey however had returned to the live tournament circuit and even joined high-stakes poker games like the $1 Million Big One for One Drop. So far Ivey had cashed in $2.4 million since his live tourney comeback.

USPoker reported that the Borgata lawyers want to attempt once again in proving that Phil Ivey and his companion Cheung Yin "Kelly" Sun were guilty of committing fraud and a bunch of RICO violations when they performed the edge sorting sham on the casino and got away with almost $10 million in 2012.

Should they win, Borgata could most likely triple the $10.1 million they would originally get paid by Ivey.

Last week, Borgata's lawyers filed a cross-appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, asking the higher court to review all New Jersey District Court decisions that did not favor Borgata in the original case.

Naturally, this includes Judge Hillman's decision that even if Ivey and Sun were guilty of breach of contract in the case, they did not commit fraudulent acts or violate state and federal RICO laws. In the casino's initial fraud and RICO violation file, it claims the casino is entitled to Treble Damages, which will allow the court to triple the $9.6 million in damages that Borgata sought.



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24 comments on "Phil Ivey''s Delay Tactics to $10.1M Payment Pisses Off Borgata, Files Cross-Appeal"

 Gerimantas03/10/2018 15:55:54 GMT
Yes again this situation about Phill Ivey versus borgata casino, i think it is not suoer clear what to do here and who can win in Court because i personally think ivey not do anything not legal, it is casino problem they have bad cards, they can day it is card manufacturer problem, but they use bad cards
 shokaku03/10/2018 17:37:12 GMT
Nothing to unusual. Both sides try to appeal those rulings, that don't favour them. Ivey to avoid paying back the money, and the casino to squeeze out more money, than had been awarded to them. Interesting is only the penalty for the maker of the cards.
 CALICUL03/10/2018 23:12:24 GMT
Borgata casino plays dirty in this case. Wants to take advantage of this process and receive damages of 30 millions dolllars. Is not correct. Phil Ivey did not cause financial damages for this casino and a correct decision is most appropriate to make a good justice.
 doubletop77704/10/2018 07:51:59 GMT
I can see this case lasting many years and i still do not know what the likely outcome will be. I thought at the time, that Phil Ivey had done nothing wrong and should be paid his winnings and i still stand by that
 shokaku04/10/2018 08:03:46 GMT
The house always wins, even in court. Evil
By now there had been some rulings in those cases, even in different jurisdictions, and all ended in the favour of the casinos. So i would be surprised if any appeal would change this trend.
 dule-vu04/10/2018 09:14:38 GMT
I thik that best thing for him this moment is to make some deal with this casino,to try to pay them in few years,every year same amount or month and maybe he can pay less!but if he continue with this,he will lose more and more!he cant beat them!
 Mober04/10/2018 10:00:37 GMT
The way it goes i see ivey paying even more, from what i have read from this article.
It is interesting the financial details provided here about his buy ins and recent winnings.
What exactly is he trying to achieve. Winning 10 millions so that he can repay them back?
I really doubt about it...
 Calmplay04/10/2018 16:58:37 GMT
As mentioned above the house will probably win even in the court but I think that both parties will find an agreement to pay less than the 10 miilion. But what is shocking is that I thought Ivey was worth more than 20 million Shock
 bowie198404/10/2018 19:42:33 GMT
After all these considered I think Phil here is trolling them hard and probably spending that nifty ten million bucks onto his legal defense which in retruspect not a bad idea since it could buy him more time meanwhile make Borgata spend another enormous amount on their legal team. Funny.
 CALICUL09/10/2018 23:18:35 GMT
Unfortunately, Phil Ivey and that friend are in a complicated situation. Borgata Casino wants 30 millions dollars and is a very large amount which will destroy Ivey. Then they will ask for money also from this friend i think. With lawyers will cost him a fortune and it will be very difficult for him.
 Mober10/10/2018 11:20:22 GMT
Perhaps his lawyers have told him, that he can win the case, or whatsoever,
if it trains the whole thing over and over.
In the mean time, they are getting paid for almost absolutely nothing, just
The winners again from this case are the lawyers.
 CALICUL10/10/2018 23:19:08 GMT
Lawyers always win except when doing pro bono. When you hire a lawyer, you are aware that you have to pay his fee. The same when you go with the car to repaired... You must to pay for the services rendered even if you win or lose. If Phil Ivey and his friend lose then they will pay a lot of money.
 Nightkid03/11/2018 22:53:36 GMT
the weird thing would be to see that they do not harm a person ... as they always say the house wins hahaha I hope this is not the case and it ends badly for this man Phil Ivey ... but well that will be decided in court and I hope not There's nothing weird because there is one that releases some twine to put the balansa... Angry Angry Angry
 Mober04/11/2018 12:03:17 GMT
Well if it was the other way around, i mean always the player wins...
then there wouldnt be any casinos, anywhere, since all of them would have been out
of business, right? Smile
Especially when they were paying out players like phil ivey, which he was
practically cheating.
 CALICUL06/11/2018 12:25:47 GMT
Not all players earn in the casino, but there are plenty going out of the casino with profits. Phil Ivey tried to get a mountain of money from two casinos and now has big problems. Borgata wants 30 million dolars instead of 10 and if he wins, Phil Ivey will be bankrupt. Bad mistake for Ivey. He had to try other casinos not only two. Now he will pay.
 Mober06/11/2018 13:03:02 GMT
That is true. But the lucky few can leave with huge winnings, either in cash,
or other prizes like am expensive car for example.
Everyone that goes into a casino for example to play slots, will try their luck
in the progressive slots, where the big money is Smile
Less chances to win something there, but you never know Smile
 CALICUL07/11/2018 12:29:27 GMT
Depends on what kind of games you play. A minute's walk from where i live there is a sports betting with slot machines as well. A neighbour has won 50,000 lei ( 12.500 dollars ). I think the younger boys there were envious of him. Smile There are chances but for a substantial gain is very difficult.
 Mober07/11/2018 13:19:00 GMT
It always depends on the games you play. While in casinos, the most success i ever had,
was in slots of course. I cant say that i have played other games like blackjack, roulette,
etc. Just a couple small bets for the fun of it.

Nowadays the local shops with slots keeps increasing and you can find one almost
everywhere. No need to go to a casino anymore for small play and winnings.
And this because your earnings there are limited, hile in casino there is no limit.
 CALICUL08/11/2018 13:09:18 GMT
I know these slot machines are shared in many places and in my dirty city, the most polluted European capital Bucharest ( because of corrupt politicians ) there are many casinos, sport betting or loterry. There are houses that offer jackpots, and there have been plenty of players, who have earned good sums with slots. Few hundred or few k and of course there are losers or winners.
 bowie198409/11/2018 19:54:31 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Unfortunately, Phil Ivey and that friend are in a complicated situation. Borgata Casino wants 30 millions dollars and is a very large amount which will destroy Ivey. Then they will ask for money also from this friend i think. With lawyers will cost him a fortune and it will be very difficult for him.

Either way he is f*cked for sure. His lawyers will bleed him dry or Borgata will. He could have make a deal before the trial, would have been cheaper...
 Mober10/11/2018 11:14:21 GMT
He is fighting probably for nothing. How many cases are actually out there,
that havent been won by the casinos. It is not only the money they do have to back them up,
but also their connections.
It is like they are still braking legs in the desert and not only Smile
 bowie198410/11/2018 23:18:14 GMT
Posted by Mober:
He is fighting probably for nothing. How many cases are actually out there,
that havent been won by the casinos. It is not only the money they do have to back them up,
but also their connections.

I mean I can see somebody like Ivey who can afford the same level of legal advise as these casinos can afford, but the delaying tactics already making it seem that he know he lost this case and doing everything to avoid to face the final verdict. Or just simply trolling at this point.
 Nightkid11/11/2018 05:22:27 GMT
the truth that is seen everywhere nowadays in country as in all the others and for the silver movement that there must be there I think it must be much worse, since more than losing ... but it only remains to see how all this ends and hope for the best for Phil Ivey although he has it difficult but not impossible Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 CALICUL11/11/2018 13:34:24 GMT
Honestly to be, i did not understand what he did exactly, when he won impressive sums of money.
I do not know what he did with cards, but if he loses the process and is considered a cheater, Phil Ivey will have to reach an agreement with Borgata.
Maybe to advertise them for the 20 million that are additionally demanded by the casino and to get out of impasse. Blink

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