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Phil Ivey Continues to Fight Back against Borgata Casino

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Posted on 13 January 2020 by "T".

What still remains to be a never-ending saga of Phil Ivey versus the Borgata Casino continues even this year 2020.

If you need a detailed refresher on how Phil Ivey's edge-sorting case started, check out these articles:

Last year in February, a New Jersey federal judge has given the green light to the Borgata Hotel and Casino to chase down Phil Ivey's assets located in Nevada, in an attempt to collect the approx. $10 million they claim Ivey and his accomplice Cheng Yin "Kelly" Sun associate owe them. Bad luck for Borgata as Ivey did not have enough assets worth seizing in New Jersey. After the court ruled in its favor, the casino was only able to find a Wells Fargo bank account under Ivey's name in the Garden State. It turns out the account was empty and Borgata's legal team declared that the two, Ivey and Sun, had moved their winnings to a Mexican bank account.

Many believe that Borgata may have ended up empty-handed, as Ivey is known to have moved his worth into different holdings outside the United States. The fact that journalist and 2018 Poker Hall of Fame candidate Haley Hintze just recently revealed that a Borgata attorney attempted to seize the $124,000 Ivey won last summer in the WSOP in Event #58: $50,000 Poker Players Championship is a strong indication that Borgata is getting more desperate.

"It is not known whether the Borgata successfully claimed that $124,000, but in an interesting follow-up, Ivey played only one other event, the $10,000 WSOP Main Event, and busted after just 51 minutes of play. Among several possibilities is that Ivey is playing recklessly, perhaps not minding if he busted, to prevent the Borgata from seizing additional poker winnings.

The end result is that it may be quite some time before Ivey plays another major poker event in Nevada. He is a 10-time WSOP bracelet winner in addition to numerous other titles earned in the state," wrote Haley Hintze.

After over a month has passed since Ivey won $124,000 at the 2019 WSOP, two poker players, Daniel "Jungleman" Cates and Illya Trincher, claimed that they backed Ivey for 100% of his WSOP plays that summer, and naturally they want their share of his winnings. As part of the backing deal, the 42-year-old poker legend agreed that half of his tourney wins shall go to Cates and Trincher. Along with that they were guaranteed to get back the initial $50,000 buy-in. The irate pair now have filed a legal objection in Nevada against Borgata for withholding Ivey's winnings.

Ivey's attorney Jeremy Klausner lashed back at Borgata, stating that they did not follow the proper procedure and did not comply with the statements included in the Writ of Execution.

Ivey's legal team continued to fight back in New Jersey, claiming that Borgata were involved with the $10 million that Ivey and Sun won. Klausner put emphasis that the dealers that time willingly flipped the decks over when Ivey and Sun asked them and therefore the pair were not breaking any laws.

It is unclear whether this case will be closed anytime this year, but one thing for sure here is that Phil Ivey is not backing down without a fight. Expect to find new developments about this issue anytime this 2020.



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14 comments on "Phil Ivey Continues to Fight Back against Borgata Casino"

 dule-vu13/01/2020 11:14:42 GMT
will knewt that this will come in this year also and who know till when this "fight" will be,but borgata ofcourse will not drop out from this money!they know that he play outside europe and they cant do anything about that!now its question how they they think they will get to his money!
 CALICUL13/01/2020 12:42:39 GMT
The only chance of Phil Ivey is to fight against them, because the amount of money is very large and he doesn't want to pay. I don't really know if he cheated or not, but an amount of 10,000,000 dollars is very beneficial and probably he will not give it back, unless the law obliges him.
 bowie198413/01/2020 22:28:38 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
they know that he play outside europe and they cant do anything about that!now its question how they they think they will get to his money!

From the casino's point of view it's all about sending a message: Phil Ivey might get away with this but nobody else will. So, they are no longer after the money IRL just saving face about their reputation.
 dule-vu14/01/2020 12:12:00 GMT
hm,that another question!maybe they will pay more attention,but still when somebody take money from them,they again cant do anything if he go from USA and give every property on wife on somebody else,like its in ive's case!so I think that they will look more on people who play in that moment in casino and do they cheat,before they take more from them!
 bowie198414/01/2020 22:32:31 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
so I think that they will look more on people who play in that moment in casino and do they cheat,before they take more from them!

In reality they had no clue how Ivey outsmarted them in the first place back at the baccarat tables, they only found out what he did after they clearly examined the videos made that night. So it's not like you couldn't get away with something like this if you manage to keep it low and not clearing out the whole vault.
 dule-vu16/01/2020 13:20:25 GMT
probably they will never know how he took money from them and on what way,but they have paper from court and thats why everything is on their side!this big casinos and companies pay big taxes and ofcourse every court will be on their side!but its good that somebody take big amounts from them!
 CALICUL16/01/2020 14:36:26 GMT
It is curious that American law does not prohibit them from entering and playing in other casinos. I'm sure if this thing would happen, Phil Ivey pay the debt to Borgata or give up permanently to play games. I'm curious how this story will end.
 RLipman9018/01/2020 03:23:55 GMT
he propably still would fight those choices and battle on till the end and have exhausted every appeal and option he has. altough i don't really know very well about the deeper contect of the story but sounds like a good read so gonna check all artikels about it
 Skpmorita18/01/2020 09:40:26 GMT
i am really on the side of ohil ivey on this one
how can you blame a player for taking advantage for your mistakes
he didnt bring the cards with him from home for gods sake
he just observed and played
same thing with counting cards , it is not cheating
they want everything based on luck so they can win in the long run since always the house has the edge
 CALICUL19/01/2020 00:26:07 GMT
Many people are on Phil Ivey's side because casinos can easily afford a loss of 10 millions dollars but for him to pay is much harder. It's weird but that's the reality. They can negotiate something and can reach to an agreement. I don't know what it will be but we'll see.
 dule-vu19/01/2020 10:46:58 GMT
borgata have paper where court say that he is guilty and he need to back money,thats end of story!gambling lobby is big in USA,like in guns and other things and court will be on their side always!they pay lot of taxes and state will not be on players side!
other thing is that we love that casino lose money!
 Mober19/01/2020 12:09:00 GMT
Hard to get away with this one
Casino had the ruling in their favour. So they will keep going after him.
Not to mention that now, everywhere he goes they will be looking for him
with half an eye, as we say here Smile
The sure thing is he has the moeny for the payback...
 CALICUL20/01/2020 09:10:27 GMT
This Borgata casino can track Phil Ivey as much as they want because will not be able to seize the earnings of this professional player. Only a judge can make such a decision. I think the situation will change in better for this company because the law must be respected.
 dule-vu20/01/2020 13:06:04 GMT
but they cant do anything to him!he play in europe,they cant ask for that money,he play on private tournaments or live on big EPT and we still get his money!till he decide to play in america,especially on WSOP,then they can take money when he win something,in other cases they cant do anything!

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