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PokerStars' Kevin Hart vs Usain Bolt - You Lose, You Get Shocked Challenge

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Posted on 16 January 2018 by "T".

Have you already watched this funny movie featuring Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt trying to get each other to fail in figuring out which one of their three statements about themselves is a bluff?

With Daniel Negreanu acting as the referee, as usual, he said at the beginning of the video: What we're going to do here is to work on your bluffing skills as well as reading skills. You're going to read three statements to each other. One of them is going to be a bluff. You're going to read three to Kevin. If he gets it wrong, you go ahead and shock him.

Who do you think won in this "shocking" challenge? Watch the video to find out!

At the end of the video, Negreanu said that the test is to see who keeps his cool "when under pressure. The key part of this battle was reading through the clues and breaking it down, much like you would in a poker hand and just figuring it out."

This video is part of PokerStars #GameOn challenges, in an effort to promote PokerStars and their roster of live poker tour brands including the European Poker Tour, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Latin American Poker Tour and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour.


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5 comments on "PokerStars'' Kevin Hart vs Usain Bolt - You Lose, You Get Shocked Challenge"

 doubletop77716/01/2018 08:49:04 GMT
These guys seem to be having a great time of late and it is the most unlikely double act i have seen for a while. Both of them are naturally funny and i hope to see more of these videos
 CALICUL16/01/2018 19:55:13 GMT
would have liked Kevin Hart to get into the ice water a few months ago. Was fearful and did not come in but Usain Bolt he was more brave and went in ice water. A little idea would be for kevin hart to run
and usain bolt to make jokes. To be amusing of course and Daniel Negreanu to laugh.
 Mober17/01/2018 07:21:43 GMT
I watched the video. It was a funny one. Of course because kevin hart was in.
They took a while after the first video, with the cold water, unless i have missed one Smile
They are making such buzzers for home games also Smile
 pochui17/01/2018 12:34:48 GMT
well I guess its a nice effort form pokerstars to keep customers happy and engaged, also throw in a few celebrities and the picture get more and more interesting. probably stars are feeling the pressure from its peers and are upping up their marketing efforts.
 Tony_MON7ANA21/01/2018 00:15:22 GMT
It's a very interesting video and not a bad marketing idea.
Usain Bolt looks so big and tall in the video! Is he about 6'4" (195 cm)? And I didn't even know Daniel Negreanu was taller than Kevin Hart.

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