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Dad 'Concerned' about Son going through 30 Days in Total Darkness for $100k Prop Bet

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Posted on 11 December 2018 by "T".

Remember the latest crazy prop bet involving a poker player having to endure 30 days in a dark room without having any human interaction for $100,000? Well, now names have been revealed, and the latest news is that his dad is very concerned about the possible negative mental effects this prop bet would do to a person if left in the dark for a whole month.

The poker player who agreed to do this insane prop bet is named Rich Alati (left in below picture), and he made a bet against another poker player, Rory Young (right in below picture). The bet is simple yet very hard to accomplish for most people: Alati must spend 30 days in a dark confined room without any outside stimulation, be it human or technology.

Rory Young said that the bet was hatched in a casual discussion at a poker table, when he asked, "How long do you think you could last in a dark room, with no human interaction?" to which Alati answered 30 days. In just an hour, they made a bet.

As of writing, Rich Alati is still inside the dark room, trying to complete the 30-day challenge. The location hasn't been made public but it is in Las Vegas. He has been given a bed, a bathtub to keep himself clean, and food in the fridge (no light). Other than that, he's alone with his thoughts and no exposure to the outside world.

Last Friday (December 7), Alati was confirmed to be in the room. The bet reportedly (not confirmed) began November 21, which means that as of that Friday, he had endured 16 days already.

The Action Network was able to get some comments from Alati's dad, Richard, who has been given authority to decide in calling the bet off if he finally feels his son isn't faring well at some point within the 30-day period. He said, "I would consult with other family members before doing that."

Richard only knew about his son's bet after it has been settled. He said, "I gave him a chance to talk me through it and hear him out. He's in a profession where they do things that other people wouldn't do."

Richard, and a small group of others approved to watch, will be able to see a closed-access system of live 24/7 video footage showing his son in the dark room. The dad expressed his concerned reaction on this bet, "There is very particular equipment placed in the room. I can see in a grainy way what's happening. I'm definitely concerned, but I chose to focus on the positive, wishing for a successful completion of the wager. My kids don't always follow my direction, but I will back them and support them to the end of the world. I have a confidence in my son. Given his life experiences, I believe he can do anything he sets his mind to as a goal. I brought him up to be hard working, resilient and we don't quit."

As part of the bet, Richard also is allowed to come to the room during food deliveries. These deliveries are spaced a couple days or so, but not at specific times so that his son (who doesn't know what time it is as he doesn't have a clock) has no idea how many days he has been staying in the room so far. Richard said, "I can buy food that has been pre-approved and be there for the delivery."

Richard confirmed he had just recently delivered food to him along with a team led by Young. When the food delivery is being made, his son was moved to another isolated part of the room. When the food has been delivered, his son went back to the original area.

Richard said, "I followed them in. I did nothing and said nothing."

According to online scores, Rich Alati's career tournament wins are at $333,661, so if he is able to make it through this bet, the $100,000 could be a very significant win for him. However, his dad doesn't believe that the money here is his son's main motivation. He said, "I think that he's doing this for more than the money. I think number 1, it's about the challenge of doing it."

In many parts of the world, there are prison cells that bear witness to the damaging and potential permanent effects of solitary confinement in humans. Those who have been subjected to this punishment have said that it is a form of serious torture that equates to being ‘buried alive'.

Will Rich Alati make it (still mentally intact)? What about you, for $100,000, can you endure solitary confinement in a dark bathroom for 30 days?



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13 comments on "Dad ''Concerned'' about Son going through 30 Days in Total Darkness for $100k Prop Bet"

 doubletop77711/12/2018 08:34:02 GMT
I really do think that this is a winnable bet and i am looking forward to seeing how it plays out. I am not saying it would be easy but i think that i could do this and would be surprised if he doesn't win his bet
 Gerimantas11/12/2018 11:29:37 GMT
I personally think it is not super hard bet in win because you have food and can wash yourself and it is just very many hours ofsleeping and thinking about your life goals and how to spend 100.000 you win in bet. you can say it is meditation holiday, people who not see they spend all life In dark so not very gig problem.
 Robbo199012/12/2018 04:58:08 GMT
it stopped at 20days. they made an arrangement, and so altai gets $60k even though he didnt complete it.
 magatt96612/12/2018 07:30:22 GMT
Disagre with you guys thinking it's an easy bet. Just take inot consideration isolation is one of the worst punishement given in jail and there are laws proposal who want to abolish it because it is considered at the same way as torture.

As to me, well, I find hard spending more than a day at home without going out for a bit ...and consider ilive with other people and have all the conforts I like at home.

I wouldn'taccept a similar bet....maybe for a Million Dollar I would consider it Blink
 erru910712/12/2018 11:09:58 GMT
Me working within the prison system and have been deployed at the highest security prison here in Sweden know what solitary confinement can do to a person. But I also know that laws against using this type of "punishment" would only make things worse. Some people we have in our prison must be kept away from other people for both their own and others well being.

In any case, I think it would be possible to complete as we have had people in solitary confinement for like 5 months (longest I've witnessed myself) and he was more or less like he was when he got there. But we make sure lights are on during the day and off at might, and they have a small window that can't be opened. They're also allowed up to 1 hour outdoors to smoke or whatever every day. And food is brought 3 times a day by staff that they can talk to.

Now, with solitary confinement looking like that and it still breaks down about 90% of the people in there, imagine what this bet could do to a person. I think it would need a really specific set of skills and mental strenght to make it through this intact.
 Mober12/12/2018 13:42:37 GMT
I had no idea that the bet had already started and that it was going on for that long.
He is half way through the bet, lasted long, but that doesnt mean he can make it to the end.
Not an easy task to accomplish.
And according to erru most prisoners are breaking with even the light being turned on.
Imagine with no light at all.
 CALICUL12/12/2018 15:58:33 GMT
If he managed to stay there 16 days, then today it's been almost three weeks without 1-2 days.
If he wins this bet after a month, i hope the tax does not charge him.
50% percents taxes is too much for this ,,prison'', without light.
The player who lose this bet, it will be sad for a while.
We will see this in 9 days or more.
 crankmuppet12/12/2018 19:34:19 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:

We will see this in 9 days or more.

No need to wait that long ....

 bowie198412/12/2018 20:50:19 GMT
Posted by Robbo1990:
it stopped at 20days. they made an arrangement, and so altai gets $60k even though he didnt complete it.

It was a really stupid prop bet/experiment in my opinion. Risk so many things (your health, your sound mind etc.) for next to nothing is really mind boggling.
 Robbo199013/12/2018 06:28:08 GMT
meh, i practically live like this
 bowie198418/12/2018 00:07:24 GMT
Posted by Robbo1990:
meh, i practically live like this

Do you happen to live in your parents basement without them knowing about it, only coming out during the night or when they are not at home? You couldn't switch on the lights or make noise, ate too much from the fridge etc. because they would know you are there...
If the answer is not then you are not living like that IMO Big Smile
 Robbo199021/12/2018 00:19:19 GMT
'Practically' ... ofcourse not 100% like this guy because I am using a computer. other than that, I am a hermit.
 godoy10/01/2019 19:21:33 GMT
a bet of this and crazy or to go crazy I do not know no more I think it prudent the father of this bettor to intervene because 30 days in the dark and to freak I think it is not healthy and it would not be sensible but it has crazy for everything

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