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Poker Player Rich Alati called off Prop Bet on 30 Days in Dark Room

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Posted on 12 December 2018 by "T".

Most people would think that Rich Alati (left in picture) could no longer take the pressure of not knowing how many days had passed since he started this dark room prop bet...but it looks like Alati is determined to finish the 30 days. However, things take a different turn when he received a message from Rory Young (right), and even if Alati can still go on, he has now decided to call it quits.

If you'd like to know how it all started, see the below stories:

Of course, Rich Alati (pictured below) didn't go home empty-handed. Since he lasted 20 days, he's going to get $62,400.

Alati had officially pulled out on Monday evening after he made an agreement with Rory Young during a scheduled food delivery.

But it looks like it was not primarily Alati's decision to call off the bet.

Young struck a deal to end the bet so that Alati can see the light again. Aside from earning $62,000, Alati will also have all expenditures paid by Young. When all the cash is counted and the debts paid off, Young would most likely be out about $42,000.

It appears that Alati has survived the prop bet without any significant mental damage (of course, we can never really tell unless Alati speaks up about it), so his dad could finally breathe that sigh of relief now that this whole crazy prop bet is over.



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8 comments on "Poker Player Rich Alati called off Prop Bet on 30 Days in Dark Room"

 Mober12/12/2018 13:53:23 GMT
Who know what really has happened here and the bet was off.
Maybe it had to do, with concerns and health issues that may arise,
so he called off the bet.
He did last twenty days. Wasnt far from reaching his goal.
The outcome wasnt that bad though, since he got paid a portion of the total bet.
 bowie198412/12/2018 20:43:31 GMT
Honestly, this is some next-level problem gambling in my opinion. Prop bets or not, risking your health to earn next to nothing while everybody on the internet looks at you like you are out of your mind is something that you should consider altogether before you say yes to things like this.
 pajalnick13/12/2018 03:57:38 GMT
this bet, of course, was completely insane ... 30 days in a dark room without communicating with people .... alone with my thoughts .... and absolutely have no idea about the past tense .... this is of course creepy ... I would I guess I didn’t agree to that .... it really drives me crazy .... it’s not known what the consequences of this person will be after such a test .... it’s really a terrible test
 Gerimantas13/12/2018 07:27:59 GMT
Yes like i think it happen player who make bet to be in dark make it real and win bet, the player who want to make it 30 days in start noe decide to make period shorter because he lose not so much money, but i think 30 days alati too win this bet
 doubletop77713/12/2018 08:52:34 GMT
i really thought that this was a very winnable bet and he has done well. If somebody offered me the chance of winning one hundred thousand dollars, i would jump at the chance regardless
 Mober13/12/2018 14:11:39 GMT
At the point the bet was stopped, the chances were favoring the winning of it.
But still these 10 days would have been the worst.
Lets see if we will get more info in the near future, why the bet was called off.
I dont think, that the reason was, for not losing more money, he probably wanted to get him
out of the dark sooner, according to the post.
 CALICUL13/12/2018 15:59:16 GMT
This bet was very weird.
If he left the house but he did not lose this bet?
What did they do there?
Something strange or something else, a bizarre deal?
I'm in the haze here.
I do not understand anymore.
This player who was in the house, should come in front and to say the real truth.
 Gerimantas16/12/2018 21:20:31 GMT
yes I too think this is some strange bet, but I not surprised because people who like gambling and maybe are using some drinking think about some stupid things. so they decide about this bet, and now they both again decide to change bet, so this is normal situation.

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