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Wife Gives Husband an Unforgettable Christmas Gift - a Trip to the 2019 WSOP

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Posted on 27 December 2018 by "T".

Christmas has come once more this year, and while it is the norm that family members would give various gifts to each other, this one very thoughtful wife has given her husband a Christmas gift that he would definitely cherish for all time

Jeremy Hilsercop, an industrious family man who works at Wood Group in Nashville as a General Superintendent, received an awesome gift from his thoughtful wife Randi that involved a trip to his first-ever WSOP on Christmas morning: plane tickets to Las Vegas, hotel accommodations at the Rio, and a ticket to play in an event of the World Series of Poker.

For any serious or even for a recreational poker player, this present definitely beats other usual holiday gifts like clothes, shoes, toys or video games that most people usually receive.

Watch his reaction here

If you thought that was the end of that, you'd say to Jeremy, "Good for him, he's got a wonderful Christmas gift." However, when Randi posted the video on social media, the poker community responded with even more enthusiasm and generosity to help give Jeremy the ultimate, first-time WSOP experience.

First off, WSOP sent a personal message to Jeremy, welcoming him to their upcoming golden summer event.

Many other companies immediately proposed offers for poker training products and poker coaching. There were some players who even asked to buy some of Jeremy's action, which could potentially help extend his summer trip with a few more tournaments.

That's not all, Joey Ingram made Jeremy's Christmas gift even better, calling out to PokerStars to give the first-timer a Platinum Pass, to which the giant poker company responded, "let's make this a Christmas to remember for Jeremy."

Thanks to the Platinum Pass, Hilsercop shall go to the Bahamas in January with $2,000 in travel expenses plus 6 nights' stay at Atlantis Resort, Nassau, in The Bahamas and $25,000 worth of entry tickets into the $8 million guaranteed inaugural PokerStars Players Championship at the yearly PCA.

Randi said her husband has been playing poker "since he was 12 but has never really had the chance to play in any big games or tournaments. He's been able to play in smaller cash games, mostly 1/2 and 2/5 making some pretty decent gains but his family always comes first. Every time we have some spare time and a babysitter, I will say ‘let's go,' and we are off to the nearest casino."



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11 comments on "Wife Gives Husband an Unforgettable Christmas Gift - a Trip to the 2019 WSOP"

 godoy27/12/2018 12:16:49 GMT
What to say about a woman of this caliber, this is not a woman and an angel, this is a present, and a breath-taking gift should be an example for the wives, as well as making the hemem happy, it can still make us win big gains that can be won for this couple and that comes many spiked
 CALICUL27/12/2018 16:19:03 GMT
This woman made a special gift for her husband.
His wife noticed that her husband likes poker and she acted in this way.
This is proof of love and this woman did not want to give the husband a banal thing.
On this occasion, both will visit Las Vegas and that's a nice thing. Smile
 crankmuppet27/12/2018 16:24:55 GMT
This was truly beautiful!

Whoever thought something so wonderful could leave you crying buckets - I wasn't the recipient and I am surrounded by a salty ocean.
 Mober27/12/2018 18:02:54 GMT
That was a good gift for er husband.
He is going to have a great experience by playing in WSOP.
And not only that, but he also got that platinum pass, and he will play in bahamas next year two.
From nowhere close playing live, this month in las vegas, next in bahamas Smile
 dule-vu27/12/2018 18:20:02 GMT
this is something special and now you can see what one gesture can do to people and especially when is something like this which is not cheap!she know what he love and this he will remember till end of life!now its up to him what he will do for her next year!great job wife!
 pajalnick28/12/2018 03:08:17 GMT
This is of course great news .... It is very nice when the wife shares the interests of her husband ... and does not hinder him ... but on the contrary helps in his hobbies.... If I received a gift so I would be extremely happy .... because there is an understanding person next to me .... a wonderful Christmas story .... I hope he can win some money in this tournament. .... good luck to him in the game
 godoy28/12/2018 15:46:16 GMT
I already spoke more and is not quite a woman of this and a present of devils and therefore I have the wives as they support the husbands to play poker and still one that gives of a present of this trip and the dream of every player of poker thats yes and christmas present

 Mober29/12/2018 08:46:15 GMT
From one point of view you are saying that it was a good move from poker stars,
giving them that pass.
But what they could do was, to give that pass to some other person,also trying to play live,
and havent managed to buy or win a icket for such an event.
Imagine giving this pass to a micro buyin player ;0
 dule-vu29/12/2018 11:55:25 GMT
now what a story this would be if he come to prize pool or something even more to win!to come with wifes present on such a big tournament and with few lucky cards to come in chance to win nice amount would be hell of story!wish him lot of luck in few months!
 Gerimantas30/12/2018 16:44:49 GMT
Yes of course i too think that for all recreational ppker players gift to get chance to play some world series of poker event. This is one of best poker series of live poker and as gift is very nice thing to receive. Original gift
 Mardibg05/01/2019 15:38:34 GMT

What a woman ... My wife would kick me out of the house if she knew I used to go live to play

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