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Poker pro Beth Shak billed $150,000 by Blind Date

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Posted on 27 February 2018 by "T".

If ever you're feeling down in the dumps and think like you have it rough with your life, take a look at this former poker player who seems like all of the bad things are happening to her one by one, and for sure you will be thankful that you're not in her shoes.

Beth Shak's divorce was completed on April 2017, a hard chapter on any woman's life. After that she had fallen victim to a series of cybercrimes that compromised her email accounts, social media accounts, and even bank accounts. After being followed by an unknown stalker she was then forced to move out of town from New York to Philadelphia, and not long after her stay there her home was then broken in! Talk about a series of unfortunate events!

According to a lawsuit filed Friday, poker star Beth Shak claims she lost a total of $10,000 upfront to her blind date, a New York City attorney named Mark Krum, when he successfully convinced her to pay him a legal fee to help her draft a suit against her ex-husband, Rick Leventhal, a Fox News correspondent. Shak and Leventhal married in June 2016 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both of them had been previously divorced and met during a poker benefit.

Rick Leventhal and Beth Shak (credits: pokertube)

Krum managed to have the female poker pro to write a non-refundable check to him at a Cheesecake Factory in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in order to help her file a lawsuit.

He then billed her $135,000 for his services after Shak attempted to back out of the suit, and she refused to pay for it.

Initially, Shak thought the $10,000 check would completely cover all of the lawyer fees and even wrote the word ‘nonrefundable' on it.

Krum also allegedly convinced her to get another Los Angeles-based attorney that he knew from school for another $5,000 retainer's fee.

The total amount that Shak was billed reached to $150,000!

Shak had wrongly assumed that the two fees would cover all her lawyer costs unless she won the lawsuit against her ex-husband.

The lawsuit against her ex was drafted in December last year but Shak said she decided not to proceed on filing after her divorce to Leventhal continued on amicably.

However, the lawyer became ‘belligerent and attempted to coerce her' into pushing with the filing against Leventhal. She was then invoiced a $135,000 fee from Krum on January 9, 2018 for 150 hours of work on her case, which she says she will not be paying.

Shak now wants a judge to intervene and declare she owes this particular lawyer nil, but Krum is claiming he hasn't done anything wrong.



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7 comments on "Poker pro Beth Shak billed $150,000 by Blind Date"

 Mober27/02/2018 13:02:35 GMT
And then some people ask, why there are so many that hate lawyers Smile
For too many reasons. And of course this is one of them.
I really hope, that the judge will rule in her favor.
 CALICUL27/02/2018 14:29:58 GMT
Interestingly, it's also that someone controlled online personal bank accounts and anothers accounts on different sites of this woman. I think it's her former husband. We all know that these lawyers are desperate for money. Their prices are absurd. I would like those who have broken the accounts online to be caught by the police. To pay her woman's lawyer... and the woman to be pleased.
 godoy28/02/2018 00:48:57 GMT
how can a smart woman like this fall mum blow desires so rude and totally expected it and tale of the little car more that shows the gain of the human being in the expensive woman who takes everything practically kkkkk
 pajalnick28/02/2018 09:56:24 GMT
google translator certainly translates not very correctly but I roughly understood what is written in this article ..... Of course the prices for the services of lawyers are very large .... and it seems to me that there is unreasonably much ..... but if the contract is signed it is necessary to pay ... and in the beginning think
 LIKEIT2728/02/2018 23:04:04 GMT
yea this can go both side's,.
They going normaly a contract is a contract ,..and iff u signed it,..
u mostly done and u would loose the case iff u go in court,.
Ore it has to be a fauly contract,..then the other person still makes a change
 pajalnick01/03/2018 11:00:08 GMT
of course this story is very similar to the series for women ..... just do not have enough happy ending of this story .... when all the bad people are punished and the heroine of the series gets money and a good husband ...... in this story the husband is bad. ... but I think there are a lot of such stories
 godoy01/03/2018 15:29:02 GMT
hahahaha like my grandfather spoke beautiful woman and gustoza and hurricane when it goes away takes everything home car money and there are some who still want amis and better made for it to have lost some doalres vai zoiaooo

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