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After Relocating for Safety, Poker Player Beth Shak Suffers Break-In

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Posted on 28 June 2017 by "T".

Last April, ex-Full Tilt Red Pro Beth Shak unfortunately became the victim of cyberhacking - her bank account, email and social media accounts were all tampered with. Even her iCloud storage had been hacked, with three topless photos of her being taken aside from her other personal details.

After finding herself a victim of an unknown stalker who had apparently been following her for many days, Shak decided to leave New York and start anew for safety reasons in Philadelphia; however, before she could really settle down for good, she is once again on high alert after her new home had been recently broken into.

Beth Shak, ex-wife of hedge fund manager Dan Shak and who is currently undergoing a divorce process with Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal, had reported to police her place was allegedly broken into on June 15, but was only able to find out about the break-in after two days when she was looking for a diary that contained a record of detailed hacking incidents. It also turns out that aside from the diary, there was also a book missing that contained passwords, and the codes on her home alarm system were changed too. It appears like the intruder was clever enough to first disable her security cameras in order to avoid being detected.

Beth is famous for her shoe collection worth $1,000,000; however, it looked like the intruder wasn't clearly interested on these tangible items as they remained untouched.

Beth anonymously received a message that made her skip town, "Make the most of every day you breathe the air above ground." Since then, she hired the help of a team of security pros and attorneys to investigate, and she defiantly said to press that "I will not be bullied."
No one knows yet if the perpetrator is a random hacker or somebody who personally knows about her.

Beth Shak is an ex-Full Tilt Poker pro. In her poker playing career, she has already joined three WSOP final tables this 2017.



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11 comments on "After Relocating for Safety, Poker Player Beth Shak Suffers Break-In"

 Robbo199028/06/2017 09:33:47 GMT
i wonder if the hack is poker related or more opportunistic. if you show that much cleavage though it leaves not much left to the imagination so the nude pictures shouldnt be a worry . but the rest of the story is quite similar to that of a tv series - but this is real life and knowing someone is watching you/been in your house but you dont know who is very disturbing
 pochui28/06/2017 19:00:12 GMT
well can someone form brm who posted this article please be kind enough to upload those three leaked pictures of beth shak topless, she looks like being a lady with decent holdings... wow a $1 million shoes collection, talk about lotsa shoes
 doubletop77729/06/2017 07:23:41 GMT
This is a really terrible story and mys sympathies go out to Beth Shak for this particularly nasty ordeal. I have been broken into once and it takes a very long time to get over it
 pajalnick29/06/2017 20:01:44 GMT
In our time you can not feel yourself protected in anything ... especially in the computer field ... of course if you are an ordinary person then the tokoy is not interested in hackers ... but if you are a famous and public person, then you must pay a lot of security
 Tony_MON7ANA30/06/2017 14:22:58 GMT
It is quite surprising that such things can happen in the Philly suburb, a seemingly nice and safe neighborhood. It must be so frightening to know that some faceless tossers have been marauding into the inner sanctum of her existence. So creepy!
 pajalnick30/06/2017 20:04:12 GMT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Big Smile If you understand what I'm talking about, then do not be surprised at the different events in this city .... while this insane family lives there, anything can happen .... Danny de Vito is capable of everything possible)))
 av196630/06/2017 21:24:55 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobster

Well that was a pretty damn luck the seach of safety ended in robbery Aww crap! Aww crap! but that]s life no place is 100% safe and danger is allways around us so be carefull ,be very carefull Big Smile Big Smile just kidding

Those things can happen anywhere and when they happen to you is pretty sick and tough to handle

 Odysseus10101/07/2017 02:01:13 GMT
You know, it's scary that someone can be invaded so frighteningly. Who deserves to have this happen?

But maybe there's a lesson here too. If you turn yourself into a celebrity by flaunting your body, you're going to attract the bad kind of attention as well.
 Tony_MON7ANA01/07/2017 18:18:07 GMT
I actually didn't remember who Beth Shak was when I wrote my comments yesterday. I know her better now after having watched this video: WSOP 2007 $3k No-Limit Hold'em 8/10
She is so hot! And Phil Hellmuth's reaction to her is so funny!
 pochui01/07/2017 19:02:12 GMT
well i am quite shocked that no one has posted at least a single photo of topless beth shak, i do wonder what the hell can be the reason to get your hands on those pics and not to post them on brm forum, apart from getting hands on the pics and then getting hands on the salami...
 pajalnick01/07/2017 20:09:33 GMT
Posted by Odysseus101:
You know, it's scary that someone can be invaded so frighteningly. Who deserves to have this happen?

But maybe there's a lesson here too. If you turn yourself into a celebrity by flaunting your body, you're going to attract the bad kind of attention as well.

If there is something to flaunt then it is not a problem ...... I think this story has brought more good than harm .... Well, people saw topless ... so what? ... but attracted attention to the person and possibly Advertisers will take advantage of this .. in the end more money and everyone is happy

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