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Justin Bonomo wins First Event at the US Poker Open

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Posted on 06 February 2018 by "T".

The 2018 US Poker Open - Event #1 $10,000 NLHE has been taken down by American poker pro Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo, earning him a massive $190,400 payday.

It is actually a good start of the month of February for the 32-year-old Bonomo, as he has just recently cashed for $556,873 at the WPT 2018 Lucky Hearts Poker Open $25,000 No Limit Hold'em held just this January.

The first $10,000 NLHE event of the US Poker Open had a total of 68 entrants. In the heads-up play, Bonomo triumphed over recreational Lebanese player Pierre Naim Boutros Nadim.

With this current achievement, Justin Bonomo now has more than $20 million in overall live tournament earnings. He began playing poker in the online realm, where he was busted in 2006 for entering major online poker tourneys using multiple accounts. That bad deed resulted to costing the young rising poker star tens of thousands of dollars at that time.

Bonomo said after his victory at Event #1 at the US Poker Open, "I've just had an incredible run of cards in the last two months, and I hope it continues."

As Justin Bonomo is crowned the first winner at the US Poker Open, and there are seven more tournaments underway that are waiting to be claimed by the next poker champions.



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12 comments on "Justin Bonomo wins First Event at the US Poker Open"

 Mober06/02/2018 10:26:57 GMT
Always nice winning a first place in a tournament.
Even better when you get a prize that good.
Now about the picture.
What is this all about with that hair?
The first thing that cam into my mind when i saw the picture was
"The Muppet Show" Smile
 CALICUL06/02/2018 13:31:07 GMT
the hair of this poker player did not make him to lose the focus, but on the contrary made him win a nice prize. For him this haircut is fashionable for me is horrible but of course many people are progressing to stupidity. I do not know what she saw interesting to that version of haircut.
 Sandmanilo06/02/2018 14:45:41 GMT
If the main purpose of his haircut was to attract attention from other people, I can admit that he succeeded Smile It's just horrible, unlike his play in this tournament. Congratulations to him, and I hope he will spend his money wisely, for a stylist for example.
 bowie198406/02/2018 17:01:39 GMT
I am lookin' at why an event with 10k buy-in would pay out only 190 thousand dollars for first place then saw they did not even have more than 68 participants. I guess this series is yet to gain some popularity among pros in the US.
 Calmplay06/02/2018 17:21:54 GMT
@bowie nowadays a 10k buy in event is no more like it was 12 years ago, you won't get big fields except if the tournament is a popular one as it made its history many many years ago. Today pros are more likely to play in 25k or more buy in tournaments to get good profitable amount of cash...
 pochui06/02/2018 21:06:10 GMT
cool hair dude... if he indeed was shaved and dyed like so then for the sakes of fab looks he is a worthy winner, he like totally outclassed the remaining players at the final table- in terms of cards and crazy looks, lol cool style
 godoy07/02/2018 02:11:14 GMT
My God, how is this guy regular and is it a good phase because he's nailing everything
WITH MANY MASTER I would like to play as if it were possible to learn from his techniques as I find study articles for such a
 pajalnick07/02/2018 07:01:42 GMT
I congratulate this of course a good player with a good start ..... 10000 of course that kind of money that not everyone can take risks and so only good players played ... and in this company of players he was the first ... it is worthy of respect ... Good luck to him this year in tournaments
 doubletop77707/02/2018 09:55:40 GMT
Many congratulations to Justin Bonomo on winning this event. This guy has really been a phenomenon for years and it is no surprise to see him winning this tournament
 bowie198408/02/2018 00:36:51 GMT
Posted by Calmplay:
Today pros are more likely to play in 25k or more buy in tournaments to get good profitable amount of cash...

Yeah its a bit of weird from me 2 try holding them some 'imaginary' financial standard established decades ago in live poker, I guess inflation hit these prizepools just as hard as it did with any other economic asset.
 Tony_MON7ANA08/02/2018 01:34:50 GMT
Massive well done to Justin Bonomo on being crowned champion of the first-ever US$10,000 buy-in US Poker Open (USPO) event and on taking home US190,400 first-place prize. He has been running very well. I am sure he will win his second WSOP bracelet soon.
 godoy11/02/2018 16:07:04 GMT
es te and the man to be beaten the beast comes from a very starry phase and is killing the field very good player and cold and calculating plays a lot and is quoted to win several events that pink hair ai and mandinga luck? kkkkkkkkk

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