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Poker Showdown: Phil Ivey versus Justin Bonomo

Tags: High Stakes, Justin Bonomo, Phil Ivey.
Posted on 12 October 2018 by "T".

Two of the best poker pros in the game have battled heads-up just recently, and it's really interesting to watch and learn from them as they play a high-stakes match.

Justin Bonomo
Thanks to his consecutive and incredibly huge wins recently made just at the first half of 2018, Justin ‘ZeeJustin' Bonomo currently sits at the 1st spot at the United States All Time Money List according to The Hendonmob website. His total live earnings are more than $43 million, and his Best Live Cash is a whopping $10 million (he won 1st place at the 2018 WSOP $1M NLHE - The Big One for One Drop on July 15).

His most recent cash was in September 12 at the 2018 Poker Masters Event #6: $52,000 NLHE in 6th place ($141,000).

In 2005, Justin Bonomo was the first teenager to appear on TV at a poker event (EPT French Open).

Phil Ivey
While Phil Ivey has been making headlines earlier due to his skirmish with a casino regarding edge sorting in which he apparently lost, his skill and talent at the poker tables is still unparalleled. He's in 5th place at the United States All Time Money List with total live earnings of more than $26 million, and his Best Live Cash is $3.5 million.

His most recent recorded cashes were from the 2018 WSOP: Event #7 Colossus $565 NLHE (533rd place for $2,048), Event #21 Millionaire Maker $1,500 NLHE (1024th for $2,345), Event #33 $50,000 Poker Players Championship (9th place for $111,447), and Event #65 $10,000 NLHE Main Event Championship (547th place for $23,940).

In 2017, he was elected to the Poker Hall of Fame.

It was in December 1998 when Phil Ivey made his first cash ever in a live tournament.

Results of the Poker Showdown
Let's get back to their cards now, shall we?

There were 11 players left during preflop, the action being five-handed with blinds of 100k-200k and a big-blind ante of 200k.

Phil Ivey raised to 500k from the cutoff.

Justin Bonomo called from the button.

Ivey bet 500k on the flop, and Bonomo called.

Ivey bet 1.4 million on the turn, and Bonomo called again.

Ivey checked on the river, Bonomo went all-in.

Ivey called all-in as well for 5,170,000.

This is only one of the many times that Phil Ivey and Justin Bonomo crossed paths in a poker showdown.

Here's a cool video of them last year at the National Heads-up Poker Championship held at the Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas. Watch and find out who won in the end.



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14 comments for "Poker Showdown: Phil Ivey versus Justin Bonomo"

 doubletop77712/10/2018 08:21:40 GMT
This really was a meeting of two of the best poker players in the world. Justin Bonomo has had an incredible year to date but Phil Ivey is widely regarded has the best poker player ever
 shokaku12/10/2018 08:37:56 GMT
A bit rash to go all in on the river, when the board made a flush possible. But interesting play by Ivey. Quite low bet on the flop, as to not lose his customer, and then inducing a move by his opponent with the check on the river. But of cause he was lucky that his opponent hit the turn.
 dule-vu12/10/2018 11:22:01 GMT
well this kind of show can be something for marketing,you dont have to be for real money!I dont say that this wasnt real money,just that you can make this kind of heads up just to make popular show and to bring more players to poker tables!
 Mober12/10/2018 11:41:06 GMT
Two do the bets poker players indeed.
And what i didnt know is that justin bonomo is in te first place with all time
earnings. And a quite big number form live winnings also.
Never expected it to be that high.
An impressive career so far, and he is still young.
 pajalnick12/10/2018 21:48:32 GMT
Yes, this is a wonderful meeting .... almost 2 best players played with each other .... an epic match .... something like a meeting of Habib and Conor .... but maybe this was done to popularize poker games .. .. I can not believe that such a meeting happened by chance .... Although everything is possible in this world
 bowie198412/10/2018 22:26:36 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
This really was a meeting of two of the best poker players in the world. Justin Bonomo has had an incredible year to date but Phil Ivey is widely regarded has the best poker player ever

Yet Ivey does not have any notable place/real topten finish from the last couple years or so. Seems that the tourney flow has left him behind ever since he started to concentrate on his cash games only.
 CALICUL12/10/2018 23:22:17 GMT
If i make a peppered joke, about the two professional poker players which are among the best from the world, i can say there are two cheaters at the table. One cheated in casinos and the other in online poker room or rooms. Even if they have cheated in the past, are players who have impressed a lot. Phil ivey was lucky with 88 vs 66 and AQ vs AJ and won. Good for him.
 Calmplay13/10/2018 04:10:16 GMT
Both very good players but Justin better than Ivey in tournament those last days but heads up I believe Ivey still has an edge over Justin.
 Gerimantas13/10/2018 12:22:12 GMT
Yes two very good poker players and of course very hard to say who win wh n plau heads up, but justin bonomo thia year super good results and not same to phil ivey so i think bonomo is feel better this moment and maybe he is small favorite to me
 CALICUL15/10/2018 08:12:49 GMT
Phil Ivey is a older poker player with a very beautiful career and 10 bracelets, but Justin Bonomo has won in a few years more than Ivey won in his entire career. Two outstanding players who have made history. It is remarkable that they have not played this game tight but they left the game more relaxing.
 bowie198415/10/2018 16:44:39 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Two outstanding players who have made history. It is remarkable that they have not played this game tight but they left the game more relaxing.

I think Ivey play up to his opponents when heads up. Seems that he always want to beat them with in their own style rather than doing what he is known for... This was a great show but a bad matchup.
 Gerimantas15/10/2018 20:55:48 GMT
To me of course this matcu look more to press and promotion because playeers caj organize match one versu one in some private place and play, not they want to play for all world to see and it.is not only poker but also publicity
 hulkborges17/10/2018 10:06:26 GMT
duel of giants
Bonomo comes in an incredible phase, showing itself one of the great names of the present time
and phil ivey dispenses comments, one of the greatest of all time
 CALICUL22/10/2018 08:22:50 GMT
Phil Ivey is a big player and when he wants to beat opponents in their style and succeeds this thing, satisfaction is great. This also happens in other games or sport games ( I understand that poker is also considered a sport but i do not have that opinion ).
Phil Ivey is a special character when he tries this. Smile

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