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Poker pro wins tournament for 42,000 & bets everything on 1 roulette spin!

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Posted on 05 March 2018 by "T".

Most poker players who get to win an insane amount of money after a grueling couple of days work at a high-stakes poker tournament usually tend to call it a day, right? But this one thought he's not had enough yet, and guess what he did? He bet ALL his winnings in just one roulette spin!

Team PokerStars pro poker player Jake Cody bet £42,670 (around $59,992) on black moments after he won the top cash prize at the UK Poker Championships at the Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham on February 25, Sunday.

He was the victor of the £2,200 High Roller Event, but at that point he seemed not to be satisfied with winning the poker tournament. He then gets up and walks over to the roulette table, where he puts down his entire tournament prize on the fate of just one spin of the wheel.

He bet everything on black. The wheel was spun and the tension from the spectators grew as it spins for a long time before it slowly came to a stop.

There are those rare instances that extremely good fortune really does favor the brave, because the ball only went and landed on Black 22, which meant Jake doubled his winnings in that instant, landing him a whopping £85,340 ($119,982) jackpot!

He took to Twitter to announce his incredible back-to-back win, writing "Feeling damn good today!"

The owner of the Dusk Till Dawn himself, Rob Yong, was the one who spun the ball, while fellow poker player Ant Samuel took a video and posted it on Youtube:

In his career so far, the 29-year-old British poker player has won massive amounts at the European poker tournament in Deauville, Normandy, where he won nearly £750,000, and he won again in London where he went home with £273,000.

Since dropping out of university in 2010, he has so far scooped over £2.8 million in poker winnings.

Not the first time in roulette history
This isn't actually the very first time that someone has done a bet-it-all on a simple bet of red or black. In fact, Cody's bet is just a meager one compared to a fellow Brit who once wagered absolutely everything he had.
Back in 2010, a British gambler named Ashley Revell sold all his worldly possessions, including his home and clothing, and gambled £76,840 (US$135,300) - everything - on red at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Great for Revell that he won! Therefore, he ended up doubling his money to £153,680 ($270,600) before he wisely decided to walk away. He then used the money on a short-lived poker business and the rest he used on a cross-Europe road-trip on a motorcycle, where he ended up meeting his future wife.




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20 comments on "Poker pro wins tournament for 42,000 & bets everything on 1 roulette spin!"

 Birmin05/03/2018 11:23:39 GMT
Thank You for this news! It's very interesting! Now, today, I will go and bet all I have on the Black in casino. Thank You!
 Serpang05/03/2018 13:57:57 GMT
Real gambler!!!
 RoninHarper05/03/2018 14:05:37 GMT
What an idiot.
That is one of the stupidest things I ever heard of.
I would never take the chance of losing everything like that.

 godoy05/03/2018 14:10:18 GMT
It's just like that and a mad gameplay for excitement and a lot of luck, even if it's another game in the iron, because it is fearful that you have a lot of luck and skill to crave a tournament of this one and the best luck to bend over a bet more people rich and completely crazy AFFFFFFFFFFFF
 CALICUL05/03/2018 14:49:32 GMT
This means to be a real player and to risk all the money which he won with 1st place in a poker tournament. Jake Cody wanted to live a hard feeling and for him that money did not mean too much so he tried it double or nothing. Cool Congratulations on this inspired choice, it was an interesting one for Jake.
 Sandmanilo05/03/2018 15:05:35 GMT
Congratulations to Jake Cody on winning this high roller event and winning his tremendous roulette stake. Seems like that he doesn't care about this money and can afford himself such kind of bets.
 shokaku05/03/2018 16:35:20 GMT
Shows again that most poker pros are just degens. Betting that amount of money on a -ev game isn`t the smartest thing to do. But he got away with it, and i guess that this amount wasn`t that much money for him
 ligador3705/03/2018 19:06:37 GMT
Wow So crazy! Never in my life could do something like that. Only if i have all the money of the world XD
bravery or stupidity, the line is very thin. But maybe for him wasn´t a great sum of money.
Anyway, the video it´s too funny to see. A lot of adrenalin
 pochui05/03/2018 20:12:19 GMT
well obviously 1st prize money was too small for him and the only way to change this and make it into a satisfying amount of money was to double up. another all-in, this time on the roulette table has done the trick, however this sounds like a pr a bit
 dule-vu05/03/2018 20:17:34 GMT
for sure he can afford this and this ammount is not something special for him!for most of us,you wouldnt bet 10 % of this ammount,but for him its nothing!and maybe he have some guarantees when bet such amount!but very nice winning for him and congratulation!
 doubletop77706/03/2018 08:13:07 GMT
This really was a crazy thing to do and it proves that these guys do not really care about the money and just love the thrill of the gamble. I could never have done this but it was his money and good luck to him
 Calmplay07/03/2018 16:23:31 GMT
lol this reminds me when I finished runner up in a freeroll and won $35 and then decided to put it all at live roulette but the red one, and me too I managed to win but it was a very big sweat lol...
 semirkarla08/03/2018 05:52:33 GMT
thats a wery good move
 CALICUL09/03/2018 15:04:01 GMT
this man did the right thing. If Jake Cody was not too happy for his prize said to try a hit with great chances of winning. He managed to win and deserved to congratulate. Eventually it was his money and he could do anything with them. Not many have this courage.
 av196609/03/2018 15:12:39 GMT
Man that was a bold move a little bit crazy but a very bold move the outcome was massive but that was just ,for me ,the need for an adrenaline rush, and for sure he got it
The story is made by the bold and brave even when they so some crazy stupid things
 demodawggy10/03/2018 02:37:20 GMT
... Big Smile< ...I call this sort of behaviour,..... 'fiduciopathy'.... Big Smile Thumbs Up

.... Big Smile< ...That's where folks seem to have no sense of respect for money... Big Smile

... Big Smile< ...But then again maybe buddy has buckets full of cash in his bank account... Dollar

... Big Smile< $ociopathy with a dollar sign...
 pajalnick10/03/2018 12:26:25 GMT
the act of this player reminds me of me .... for example, I play a tournament for a long time ... I win a little money ..... and then literally in a few minutes I lose everything in the sitgong tournament ..... only here everything ended well for this player ... he really is a player .... cool
 godoy12/03/2018 16:28:12 GMT
It's just like that and enjoy a game or a gambler kkkkk and if I'm in the vicinity, it would be that I would connect or try to give it a laugh even if I was not afraid I would cry if I missed
 LIKEIT2715/03/2018 10:53:33 GMT
Balls of steel Big Smile
And iff u hit it thats sweet but iff u miss u screwed Aww crap!
There was also a peron,..that did a 100 k he saved all his live saving,..
And put it on black,.....he hadit first on red,....and just before the start he changed it to black,..
And he hit doubling his life savings Big Smile Cool
 CALICUL17/03/2018 15:31:08 GMT
he risked doing so on his own responsibility. If she lost she was a little affected, but she was passing after a few moments. Many players do not understand this but he is a professional player, has money and this amount for him is not impressive. Jake Cody is big gambler.

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