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Erik Seidel, John Juanda and Zachary Clark Sue Ali Fazeli in $1.3 Million Super Bowl & World Cup Ticket Scam

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Posted on 27 April 2018 by "T".

Ali FazeliLast month, Aria High Roller regular Seyed Reza Ali Fazeli got indicted over a $6.2 million Super Bowl and World Cup ticket scam, which involved obtaining huge sums of money from investors meant to buy World Cup and Super Bowl tickets, but instead he used the cash to fund his lavish gambling and personal lifestyle.

Sure there were a few notable victims mentioned before, including Republican donor Mel Sembler and his family who shelled out $5 million to Fazeli but in the end received nothing from their investment, but another set of victims have sprung up, and this time, renowned people straight from the poker world itself.

Juanda and Seidel

Poker Hall of Fame members Erik Seidel and John Juanda as well as poker player Zachary Clark, lost a total sum of $1,300,000 in Fazeli's Super Bowl ticket scam through his ticketing company, Summit Entertainment Group. Like others, they were duped into believing that the funds they gave were going to be used to purchase tickets to the 2017 NFL Super Bowl. Juanda invested $300,000, whereas Seidel and Zach shelled out $500,000 each.

This is not really the first time that Fazeli had been accused of running a scam involving tickets on sporting events. In 2016, a judge ruled against him in a long-standing case on tickets for the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany.

Another lawsuit is slammed on Fazeli, and this time it's coming from the casinos. Aria is suing Fazeli for unpaid casino markers after the casino extended him credit 34 times. Fazeli owed Aria casino $2.1 million but he only paid $1 million. Additionally, the Bellagio claims Fazeli owed them $500,000 for markers issued to him in January 2017.

Fazeli was indicted on two felony counts of wire fraud on March 15, 2018. However, Fazeli pleaded not guilty at the federal court in California, and will be tried in May.

If found guilty, the two felony counts of wire fraud alone comes with a 20-year jail sentence each, so this means he can potentially be behind bars for 40 years.




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12 comments on "Erik Seidel, John Juanda and Zachary Clark Sue Ali Fazeli in $1.3 Million Super Bowl & World Cup Ticket Scam"

 CALICUL27/04/2018 16:25:37 GMT
Let's see what happens in this process and if investors will recover the money. This amount of money is very high and justice should give a chance to this filmmaker, to work and to be able to pay investors money if found guilty. After that deserve to go in prison for many years. Is shameful for Seyed Reza Ali Fazeli because he pleaded not guilty.
 Gerimantas27/04/2018 18:47:25 GMT
I don't know why such people like eric seidel and john juanda who arenvery good poker players and I think very experienced people invest in such company. You can imvest in stock s or real estate and it is safe thing
 godoy27/04/2018 20:59:22 GMT
his is a very unusual thing, where a lot of money is involved, and the bad people are revealed and they fall like a duck, because it's no use hiding an hour, the truth appears and the winner falls and goes forever dirty.
 doubletop77728/04/2018 08:08:31 GMT
When you read about people being conned out of money, it really leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I hope that everybody can get their money back, or most of it at the very least
 MicroMachina28/04/2018 09:08:05 GMT
"Investment" in this case means buying up high profile tickets to re-sell after marking up the price. Scalping is illegal in my country and if that's what the plan was then they all deserve to face justice. Play with pigs you should expect to get covered in crap.
 Mober28/04/2018 15:58:08 GMT
Well at the end, they got paid somehow with the same "coin"
Cause from what i understood from the previous article about this story is,
they wanted to buy tickets to resell them in higher price later...
Greedy people...
 Tony_MON7ANA28/04/2018 17:30:26 GMT
Erik Seidel and John Juanda believed and trusted Zachary Clark probably because they were friends or knew one other well? Hopefully those who have been cheated out of money will receive some sort of compensation in the near future.
 pajalnick28/04/2018 18:17:07 GMT
the most important thing in this unpleasant story is that the scammers have not escaped anywhere and they are waiting for a well-deserved punishment ...... at this resonance of this story it seems to me that they have no chance to leave the gate ..... and this is very good
 pochui28/04/2018 20:53:15 GMT
this all situation looks kinda childish scheme to me, why on earth would someone want to "invest" in a company that basically just buys a bunch of tickets from so called "investors" money and the hopes to re-sell them at a profit... too risky
 godoy29/04/2018 00:50:01 GMT
People are always trying to deceive each other because with this they think that they take advantage of the opposite, because they always end up losing and ending their lives or businesses or businesses for a mine they love that always lead them to failure
 Mober01/05/2018 14:11:26 GMT
Who knows how much profit they are making by reselling the tickets, when they are out of the market.
Some people getting desperate, paying whatever to get one in their hands.
It must be a booming business for them to "invest" there Smile
 CALICUL01/05/2018 16:29:14 GMT
People make nice money with the reselling of tickets. This professional poker player he would have had to find a smart method for to get rid of debt. He had to stop playing in casinos and would have sold the tickets for months, to earn some money. For someone like him was impossible not to find a way out because he is a smart man . He chose the wrong way, and for this he can go into prison.

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