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Top 5 Hottest Female Poker Players with Impressive Achievements

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Posted on 03 May 2018 by "T".

In the old days, conventional belief considers it "unladylike" for any woman to be seen at a poker table, since poker has been a man's game for so long that most people have assumed that naturally it is only for men. That stereotyping perspective has been shattered long ago and has since paved the way to an ever-increasing generation of female card players, and not only can some of them be very good at playing poker, the guys can't seem to take their eyes off of them as well because of their feminine beauty, of course.

There are many female poker players out there in the world right now. Here is a list showing five of the hottest female poker players who not only play the game, but also have poker wins to their name, and are still actively playing poker up to this time.

Top 5 hottest female poker players with impressive achievements:

Shannon Elizabeth

Born: September 7, 1973

Birth Place: Houston, Texas

Movies: American Pie series, Scary Movie, Thirteen Ghosts

Shannon Elizabeth is a former fashion model and Hollywood actress who not only has good looks but is good at playing poker as well. She frequently plays in the Las Vegas tournament circuit and has been described as one of the leading celebrity poker players.

Achievements in Poker:
She has cashed 4 times in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). She placed 2nd in the Ante Up for Africa Charity Poker Tournament and placed 3rd in The NBC National Heads-up Poker Championship.

Last Seen:
On February 2018, she appeared as a houseguest in Celebrity Big Brother (U.S.) show and got 9th place.

What she's up to at this time:
She's very active in charity work. In 2001, she co-founded Animal Avengers, a non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming homeless pets, decreasing pet overpopulation, preventing animal cruelty, and promoting responsible pet guardianship.

(On October 2005, Team Bodog raised $50,000+ for Animal Avengers in a celebrity poker night event hosted by tournament director Matt Savage. In 2016, she also participated in several other Bodog-sponsored charity events.)

She currently uses her social media and Instagram channels to raise awareness about rhino poaching at the Poached Rhino fundraiser.

Maria Ho

Born: March 6, 1983

Birth Place: Taipei, Taiwan

Born in Taiwan, Mario Ho is one of the most recognizable female faces in today's poker world. A Taiwanese-American poker player, she has accumulated over $2.5 million already from all her participations at poker tables around the globe. She is a familiar face at lots of final tables and cashed in well at numerous WSOP events.

Her family moved from Taiwan to the United States when she was just 4 years old, and eventually settled just outside Los Angeles in Arcadia, California, where she currently resides at this time.

It was in college when she started playing poker. She was attracted to the psychology and competitive spirit behind the game, and soon progressed from playing games with college buddies to playing limit cash games at Indian casinos close by. When she graduated with a major in Communications and a minor in Law in 2005, Maria had gone from playing low limits to high-stakes cash games and had significantly grown her poker bankroll to the point that she believe it is time to start on a career as a professional poker player.

Her first ever major tournament success was at the 2007 WSOP in which she was actually the last woman left in the Championship Event, where she got 38th place out of 6,358 players and earned a payout of $237,865.

If you don't see her decimating fish at the poker tables, she can then be spotted on TV where she's had a variety of gigs ranging from hosting, commentating, and even competing on shows like The Amazing Race 15th season (along with best friend and fellow poker player Tiffany Michelle) and American Idol.

So far, she has 45 WSOP cashes, 4 WSOP final tables, 1 WSOP Circuit final table, 6 WPT cashes, 1 WPT final table, and many other final tables on the pro poker circuit.

Achievements in Poker:

On January and June 2011, she finished runner-up both in the Aussie Millions Poker Championship Melbourne A$10,500 8 Game for $69,232 and in the WSOP Las Vegas $5,000 NLHE for $540,020.

Just last year on November 2017, she got 6th place at the WSOP Europe in Rozvadov €10,300 NLHE Main Event #11 for $202,875.

Her total live tournament earnings to date is worth $2,769,417.

Last Seen:
On April 11, 2018, she placed 122nd at the partypoker MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona €10,300 NLHE Main Event #7 for $30,841.

On April 25, 2018, she placed 107th at the EPT Monte Carlo €1,100 NLHE - EPT National #3 for $3,054.

What she's up to at this time:
In 2013, Maria was the first female in history to be hired to a poker TV broadcast (Heartland Poker Tour season 9 broadcast team) as the resident strategic commentator. After two years with Heartland, she then signed on as co-host and commentator of The Final Table, presented by the creators of Poker Night in America, Rush Street Productions. In 2017, she's sideline reporter for NBC Sports Super High Roller Bowl and also appeared as commentator at ESPN's WSOP Main Event break desk.

When she's not at the poker tables, Maria works as host and commentator, as a private coach, and she's also a writer for numerous poker publications, including authoring a chapter in the book entitled ‘Winning Women of Poker: Secret Strategies Revealed'. She's also served as a columnist for Bluff Magazine from 2011-2015. In January 2018, Maria co-hosted the PCA 2018 Poker Championship Event held in the Caribbean.

Lacey Jones

Born: April 9, 1979

Birth Place: San Antonio, Texas, United States

Lacey Jones is an international TV host, fashion model and poker hostess who is also known to many as the "Poker Barbie". She's considered to be a very good female poker player.

At age 16, she was offered an attractive modeling gig that involved flying to Japan and Hong Kong, but her dad convinced her to continue her studies instead. At age 22, she graduated with a BA in Political Science and French at the University of Arizona. She even lived in Paris for some time to perfect her French.

She never intended to become a pro at poker. Her initial plan was to return home to America, attend law school, and then eventually acquire a position as a U.S. ambassador to a French-speaking country. Her plan was scrapped because it needed a lot of money, and so she moved to Los Angeles and took a bartending job while trying to land roles as an actress and model. She was hired as a prop player by Absolute Poker for the WSOP in 2005, televised in the U.S. via ESPN. Amazingly, it turned out that Lacey played very well, thus they offered her a more significant sponsorship deal, and so Lacey became part of the Absolute Poker pro team.

Her Barbie-like face and sexy figure made her famous in the modeling world, with big companies making her the face of their brands, including Panasonic, Daimler-Chrysler, Nike Golf, Sony, Mac and Co, Playboy Leather Collection, Carolina Herrera, St. John, and many others.

She also tried acting and was able to successfully land on quality roles for Entourage, Las Vegas, and The O.C. shows.

When she was still a young girl, Lacey Jones began to play poker on the family card table, which paved the way to her playing and winning hands through college. While she was at university, her free time involved pitting her poker skills against her male classmates where she quickly realized she could actually play well. In 2005, she was invited to compete in an ESPN event as a model. Prior to the event's start, she insisted she could play.

Achievements in Poker:
She was a Borgata Poker Spokesmodel for January and September's Winter Poker Open in 2009 at Atlantic City. She also hosted interviews at Bluff Magazine, the 2009 WSOP for ESPN 360, and

For four years in a row, Lacey Jones has been the media muse and tournament hostess for Canada's biggest event, The British Colombia Poker Championship.

She placed 3rd in the 2009 WPS Costa Rica Showdown.

Her total live tournament earnings is just over the $50,000 mark.

Last Seen:
In June 2017, she placed 389th at the WSOP Las Vegas $1,500 NLHE Millionaire Maker Event #20 for $4,683.

What she's up to at this time:
She has founded C.S.M., a luxury skincare brand offering natural and organic products and has become a successful health and lifestyle blogger.

The only thing missing for Lacey right now is that first big notable win. Sure she had some respectable finishes, but she lacks that signature win to go along with her international fame so closely associated to the world of pro poker.

In 2007, after Black Friday, Absolute Poker dropped most of their sponsorship deals, including the one with Lacey, which considerably slowed her progression as a poker player, but she's optimistic that she will overcome it, land that signature win and get a new sponsorship deal in the future.

Liv Boeree

Born: July 18, 1984

Birth Place: Kent, England

Olivia ‘Liv' Boeree graduated with a first class honors degree in Physics with Astrophysics from Manchester University, and is known as one of the most admirable female poker players.

She goes by the nickname ‘Iron Maiden' and initially got introduced to poker when she was chosen as one of five contestants for a reality TV show called UltimatePoker Showdown in 2005, where she was coached by top poker pros Phil Hellmuth, Dave Ulliott, and Annie Duke.

Since then, the former model and TV presenter has more than $3 million in live tournament winnings. She's also very skilled in playing guitar.

Achievements in Poker:

She won in May 2008 the Ladbrokes European Ladies Championships for $30,000. On April 2010, she won the EPT main event in Sanremo (which was considered the biggest-ever poker tourney held on European territory at that time) for €1,250,000 and became the third female ever to win an EPT title.

She finished as runner-up in the 2014 UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event, and got 3rd place in the EPT Barcelona High Roller in August 2015 for €391,000.

At the European Poker Awards, Boeree won Female Player of the Year in 2014, 2015 and 2016, as determined by the Global Poker Index points she accrued during those years.

At the 2017 WSOP in Las Vegas, she won event #2 ($10,000 Tag Team NLHE Championship) for $136,982 along with Russian poker player Igor Kurganov (they split the prize money worth $273,964).

She's a WSOP and 2010 EPT champ, and currently the only female player in poker history to hold both titles.

She has almost $2 million in live tournament earnings.

Last Seen:
In January 12, 2018, she placed 14th on the $24,700 + 300 #22 NLHE High Roller event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) 2018, Paradise Island.

What she's up to at this time:
Since September 2010, Boeree has been a brand ambassador to Team PokerStars Pro. As of January 2018, her total live tournament winnings have surpassed the $3.6 million mark.

Jennifer Tilly

Born: September 16, 1958

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Movies: Bullets over Broadway, Let It Ride, Liar Liar, Bride of Chucky

Jennifer Ellen Chan, or who most people know by the name Jennifer Tilly, is a raven-haired actress with a distinct voice and buxom figure. She may be known for her movie roles as a dumb sexy girlfriend or wife, but in real-life she has proven she's a smart woman thanks to her excellent performance as a poker player.

It was thanks to her acting career that exposed her to the world of poker through a role in a 1989 gambling comedy film called Let It Ride. After the film production wrapped up, she became interested in playing and soon got involved in a regular home game with friends where she started to develop her skills in poker.

In 2003, encouraged by her professional poker player boyfriend Phil "The Unabomber" Laak who she met at the WPT Invitational tournament at the Commerce Casino, she started playing in competitive tournaments. After she won at the WSOP in 2005, she credited Laak with teaching her all she knows about poker.

"The Unabombshell" (as she was always known on the poker circuit) surprised everyone when she became the very first celebrity to ever win a World Series poker event, and according to her, she even surprised herself too.

Nowadays, most people know her as a celeb who appears frequently at the poker tables rather than for her roles in showbiz. She is rather familiar with most variations of poker.

According to her Wiki page, when playing televised poker games, Tilly often wears tops with a plunging neckline to expose most of her cleavage, further accentuated by a push-up bra to "look cute" but she's quick to say "if people are really playing poker, they don't care. Nothing looks better to them than a pair of aces. They're not looking at your pair. They're looking at their pair.

Achievements in Poker:
Amongst all celeb poker players, Jennifer Tilly is the only one who has won a WSOP bracelet for $158,335 in 2005. That same year, she also won another bracelet in the World Poker Tour Ladies Night III Invitational Tournament. Her current total winnings are over $992,000.

Last Seen:
On January 2017, she got a runner-up finish at PokerStars Championship Bahamas, Paradise Island on $5,200 NLHE - Turbo 6 Handed (Event #60) for $39,160.

On June 2017, she placed 58th at the WSOP Las Vegas $1,500 Eight Game Mix - 6 Handed (Event #21) for $2,287.

What she's up to at this time:
Over ten years later after she won a WSOP bracelet in 2005, Tilly has more or less focused on poker over her acting career, and has since then became a regular on poker tournaments and cash game circuits both in the national and international settings.

Tilly and Phil Laak continue to be one of the most famous poker couples and they're regularly seen at major European Poker Tour events, the WSOP events every summer, and also in some of the biggest televised cash games.


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17 comments on "Top 5 Hottest Female Poker Players with Impressive Achievements"

 godoy03/05/2018 15:08:41 GMT
what to talk about these photos simply of more and very beautiful because it shows that how beautiful and the women in poker and that beautiful and sex are these photos in particular I like and I am in love with maria ho a jennifer tilly
 pajalnick03/05/2018 19:45:53 GMT
of course, women at poker tables very little .... they are, but not very often we can hear about the fact that a woman won some great tournament .... I probably now and I do not remember when it was ..... but if they were not very boring to play .... they bring a visual delight to male players
 ligador3703/05/2018 21:13:41 GMT
I did not know that Shannon played poker professionally. I knew from Jennifer Tilly that we recently read a story where she was involved: I do not remember who she was, but someone made a bet with KJ, for a gutshot and was lucky. Jennifer had aces set and lost.
No doubt there are many women involved in poker, but as Pajalnick says, I have never seen some at the final tables of the big tournaments.
 Tony_MON7ANA03/05/2018 22:05:36 GMT
All these poker players are very attractive and talented. If I had to choose only one poker player among them, I would choose Lacey Jones. I have a thing for blondes... (I am not saying she is the best female poker player in the world, though.)
 doubletop77704/05/2018 07:09:22 GMT
These are all very beautiful women and, more importantly, all excellent poker players. Jennifer Tilly has been playing against the very best for a long time now and is a tremendous player
 Gerimantas04/05/2018 10:43:24 GMT
For me personally from the list that is give by bankrollmob i think that Shannon Elizabeth is the best looks for all girls, but it is not to all, one woman is beautiful to one and another to other prrson
 CALICUL04/05/2018 16:32:11 GMT
Nowadays you can not make any difference about womens in many jobs. We no longer live in the 1930s. Women stay behind men this is obvious, but about the other things we have to admit the truth. If we do not recognize then we are accused of discrimination. Big Smile About these womens i like Shannon Elizabeth or Lacey Jones.
 bowie198404/05/2018 17:13:20 GMT
First - this is a sexist article. Not that I don't have my fair share when it comes to that but still... Second - you don't see how these broads look when they play online, and you will definitely not switch on a poker stream just to look at them. Third - Jennifer Tilly could be my mother thats how old she is, I know she still looks decent but come on.
 godoy04/05/2018 17:54:53 GMT
one of the best and most beautiful and sex girls of the world poker I would like to etr all these pictures on the wall of my room that beautiful and beautiful women of the wonderful poker
 Odysseus10104/05/2018 19:56:31 GMT
Articles like this are embarrassing and sexist. Who cares if a poker player is sexy whether man or woman? There are sexy women all over the internet anyway. If a woman is a good player then she should get attention for her playing. If she's a spokesmodel, then she should be attractive because that's her job. But to rank professional poker players on their hotness is simply clickbait.
 CALICUL05/05/2018 16:38:48 GMT
Is a normal article Odysseus101. You prefer another article about those who are robbing casinos because i'm bored with this news. We also read other materials. We do not need to to read it only attempts to steal, to fraud and other issues about litigation etc... We have to open a thread from time to time to talk about others games or players including beautiful women who plays poker. Smile
 pochui05/05/2018 17:23:54 GMT
welli don't give it a sh1t whether this article is sexist or not, but all I see is a list of ladies that are supposed to be oh so hot, and to be honest I have to put on a sack and cut a couple of holes in it to be able to experience some pleasure... well I guess Shannon Elizabeth is more or less to my taste
 godoy05/05/2018 20:00:36 GMT
a select group of women as beautiful as this one aia my heart shoots with sex photos of this delicias I'm sorry but are very hot any of them would serve to be the dream of any player of the depoker
 godoy06/05/2018 23:29:19 GMT
to be among the last 27 in a tournament of this greatness and a dream that one lives in order not to lose a spirits and arrive at the feet and to become a champion there can dream daydream

 IceQueenAce31/12/2018 12:07:47 GMT
What a shit thread. BRM should know better.

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