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Unibet adds Famous Video Gamer Sophia ‘djarii' White as Brand Ambassador

Tags: Scotland, Sophia White, Unibet, video games.
Posted on 07 May 2018 by "T".

Unibet has just signed up a new ambassador for their fast-growing team of poker players, and her name is Sophia ‘djarii' White, a Scottish beauty mainly known in the world of video games rather than poker.

In the world of video gaming, Sophia White already has made a name for herself and her social media channels have quite a huge follower base. On Instagram, she has 60,000 followers. On Twitter, 50,000. On Youtube, more than 33,000 have subscribed to her channel. On Twitch, 260,000+ people follow her there.

Sophia's first introduction to the game of poker was through her friend Alan ‘Hotted' Widmann, also from the gaming world, and she was hooked right from the start.

White said, "My friend Hotted got me into poker for the first time, then it kind of stuck ever since then. The best thing about poker is the adrenaline rush on live tables, without a doubt. Especially when you have a monster hand and someone is betting into you!"

Regarding her sponsorship, she says, "Unibet are a great family who have helped welcome poker into my life and supported me throughout this entire journey. They're amazing and I am honored to be an ambassador for them."

Fellow Unibet ambassador Ian Simpson has been teaching her more about poker.

Despite the allure of poker, White says she will not be giving up eGaming completely and has decided she will divide her time between poker and playing her favorite video games in the near future. She said, "I want to be a role model for women in gaming and help empower those who have taken the same path as me."




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12 comments for "Unibet adds Famous Video Gamer Sophia ‘djarii'' White as Brand Ambassador"

 CALICUL07/05/2018 12:58:36 GMT
This woman from Scotland has an interesting number of followers on different social sites. I'll follow her a bit too.
 Mober07/05/2018 19:12:40 GMT
I wonder what she is doing and she has so many followers everywhere.
She is like in every social media out there.
Not a bad move for unibet, when she has such a high number of people,
following her around Smile
 pajalnick07/05/2018 20:28:49 GMT
for a long time nothing was heard about Unibet and here's the news ..... Of course, Unibet tries to at least somehow try to create competition and bite off a piece of cake ...... many people know about Unibet and many players have an account there .... involving this woman is Unibet doing right
 bowie198407/05/2018 23:27:33 GMT
Oh come on now. She has quite only below average followers on either of her social media platforms, Scotland was never famous of their video gaming culture and Unibet is literally doing one questionable marketing step after another. Meh.
 doubletop77708/05/2018 07:37:13 GMT
I have never heard of Sophia White but, after reading about her, she clearly knows her stuff and is highly regarded. These ambassador roles are greatly sought after and congratz to her for landing this role
 Gerimantas08/05/2018 13:13:22 GMT
From the photo i see she of course look like very beautiful woman and to me it is always nice to see many women playing poker and in casino. When i play in my local casino it is a lot more fun when women play at my table
 Mober08/05/2018 19:31:31 GMT
260k people following you in one of the so called social media,
and this number is considered below average ? Smile
What on earth is going on with these networks, if this is average?
Wonder if this "bubble" with the social media will burst...
 pajalnick08/05/2018 20:39:07 GMT
Posted by Mober:
260k people following you in one of the so called social media,
and this number is considered below average ? Smile
What on earth is going on with these networks, if this is average?
Wonder if this "bubble" with the social media will burst...

260 000 people have it in subscribers in social networks? ... then this is certainly an excellent promotion for Unibet ... of course not all of its subscribers have an interest in the game of poker, but it's still a great advertisement for Unibet .... and they as it seems to me everything was done correctly
 godoy08/05/2018 23:09:27 GMT

LOOK AT UNIBET SMILING WITH one of the most beautiful women in the world of electronic games to turn her to poker and make more and more people come into contact with the brand well thought out since the girl has corn followers
 bowie198409/05/2018 15:41:52 GMT
Posted by Mober:
What on earth is going on with these networks, if this is average?
Wonder if this "bubble" with the social media will burst...

In Scotland this number maybe considered big, but globally is really just next to nothing if you look how big numbers certain 'influencers' have on their social following. Not mentioning 30% of these accounts usually are either bots, trolls or abandoned.
 godoy09/05/2018 23:54:04 GMT
a very beautiful and interesting woman would be better option to draw more people to poker than a great winning player and with really big profits betmotion thought so and with that brought this delight of blonde let's see if she has many followers and convert to them pro poker olibe funny kkkkk
 Tony_MON7ANA10/05/2018 02:15:17 GMT
I had no idea who Sophia ‘djarii' White was until I read this article. There are millions of YouTubers/Twitch streamers and their subscribers/followers nowadays. That seemed unimaginable just a decade ago.

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