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2018 WSOP: Event #1: $565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em Event won by Jordan Hufty for $61K

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Posted on 04 June 2018 by "T".

Prior to joining in at the 2018 WSOP Event #1 on May 30 (Wednesday), Jordan Hufty only had $1,900 in career live tournament earnings, and now that he took down the 2-day first event of this year's WSOP, he can now add a sweet $61,909 to his lifetime live poker winnings.

The customary opening event of the World Series of Poker every summer, the Casino Employees event, has kicked off with yet another awesome turnout. Late registration remained open for 12 levels, and so there were a total of 566 entries noted. This unique tournament may not typically attract the attention of the big names in the poker world, but it instead brings the gaming industry's employees together to play a game that they all love.

Hufty knocked out Jodie Sanders in an arduous heads-up match that lasted almost 4 hours. It was indeed a tough battle for the two players, as both of them were usually the chip leaders throughout the whole day. Sanders put all of his chips in the middle with pocket threes and was called by Hufty's king-queen. The board looked safe for Sanders on the turn, but when the dealer revealed the king on the river, Hufty broke down as he realized he had won his very first WSOP gold bracelet.

After he won, he hugged his friends on the rail, and he was teary-eyed when asked how he felt after winning a WSOP gold bracelet, "I've thought about this every day for the last 15 years and for it to actually happen is just unbelievable."

He thanked two of his close friends for his success, "I moved from Michigan to Las Vegas with these two guys and none of this would be possible without them."

Jordan Hufty, who works as an Aria poker dealer and floorman, says that when it comes to playing poker, 95% of it he plays online, 4% in live cash games, and he plays only 1% in live tournament earnings. He said, "I have a passion for poker, it's just something you can't explain. It's nice that this happened so early in the series so I will probably fire a few more events here and there."

At the beginning of the day, he felt quite confident as he came in as one of the biggest stacks and thought he just needed to stick to his plan, "I felt confident and I knew I just needed to avoid making mistakes and capitalize on my opponent's mistakes. When you are 70 big blinds deep heads-up, it can be a grind, but I never lost focus."

Some players, if it's their first time, will most often get nervous being on the big stage under the limelight, but it didn't bother Hufty at all, "I've dealt a lot of nosebleed games and even been at this table on Poker After Dark before, just on the other side of it. I didn't feel out of place on the big stage like I thought I would."

Hufty said he's going to take a few days off to celebrate, and tequila shots may be called for the weekend.

2018 WSOP Event #1 $565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em Final Table Results






Jordan Hufty




Jodie Sanders




Katie Kopp




Zachary Seymour




Won Kim




Tom Booker




Thomas Yenowine




Skyler Yeaton




Jason Pepper




Brad Helm






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11 comments on "2018 WSOP: Event #1: $565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold''em Event won by Jordan Hufty for $61K"

 Mober04/06/2018 15:38:03 GMT
So many years reading and some following some of the games,
and i didnt know this about the opening game Smile

The pair of threes didnt hold, there.
And again it wasnt the title, it was the money that mattered Smile
 CALICUL04/06/2018 17:44:27 GMT
Only Americans at this final table. Probably only players from this casino industry participated and normal players were not allowed to play. Do not specify this here but it's normal for employees of gaming industry's to play few live tournaments in every year i think. Congratulations to the winner.
 shokaku04/06/2018 18:02:02 GMT
Those nasty river card decided again the hand. But it was a race from the get go, so no one can complain about the outcome, as it was basicly a coin flip between the two players. But thats what tourney poker is all about
 Gerimantas04/06/2018 19:22:00 GMT
Yes good tradition to have tournament for casino employees, and now guy who has only not even 1700 dollara in career wins eins more than 61000 dollars and bracelet. Very good day for him and show that if you play yiu can win in poker against anyone
 doubletop77705/06/2018 07:38:14 GMT
Many congratulations to Jordan Hufty on winning this event and the first prize of $61,000. Whenever you see the 'casino employees event', you know the World Series has started
 dule-vu05/06/2018 15:26:46 GMT
so we have first winner of bracelet at new WSOP 2018 and great first prize of 61K dollars for Jordan Hufty!it can be payed big for not such a big buy in!if we see how many players were here,who know how many of them will be on all other events this year!
 godoy05/06/2018 16:17:21 GMT
yes a very nice event that brings a lot of joy to the casino officials in question and that gives great joy to the champion of this event that will be remembered for all years of the lives of those who win
 Mober05/06/2018 17:32:33 GMT
He is an employee, he can continue working in the casino, since many of them,
are getting paid very well, but now he also has enough money,
to start a poker career Smile
He can do both at the end, to have some "sure" money into his pocket.
 Tony_MON7ANA07/06/2018 00:00:05 GMT
Massive well done to Jordan Hufty, who took down the $565 buy-in event and won a $61,909 first-place prize. Casino employees work nights, weekends, and even holidays. Hats off to all the hard working men and women!
 godoy07/06/2018 18:04:42 GMT
and a gift and both have this opportunity to play a wsop of life even being that of running the casino anyway and a conquest for the few because it is a wonderful event of all forms
 godoy11/06/2018 19:32:51 GMT
work in an event of this ja and spectacular now to be able to play one and to win there that is very good even though it can be said that cv and a champion of wsop very valid kkkkk

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