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Woman Pleads Guilty To Killing Popular WSOP Dealer

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Posted on 09 June 2016 by "T".

It was Wednesday, on September 3, 2014, that one of the most colorful and fun to watch characters of the World Series of Poker named Joseph Levine, a regular dealer at the WSOP for nearly 30 years and known by many as "Elvis", was shot and killed in his Las Vegas home by a homeless woman.

Marjorie "Maggie" Fiora, age 30, pled guilty to killing Joseph Levine, age 56, at about 6pm on the 1200 block of Franklin Avenue, near Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway. The murder weapon used was a Savage Springfield 12-gauge double barrel shotgun.

Joe's brother Arnold Levine told police that Joe was inside his home cleaning when the deranged woman went inside and shot him in the chest.

Earlier that night, Joe, Maggie, and two of Joe's brothers were swimming in the backyard pool. Maggie was one of the several homeless people that Joe had befriended so that he can offer his help. According to Arnold, his brother had been nothing but nice to her as well as the other homeless folk in the area, so she has no motive to murder him.

Joe got off the pool and went inside the house to clean afterwards, and then Maggie got off, which Arnold assumed that she just went inside to change, but that is when he heard the gunshot.

Arnold, who was visiting his brother that fateful night, told the jury that he heard the loud bang and his brother yelled "No" and "ahh, ahh, ahh". He ran inside, and in the kitchen he saw Joe "standing there, large red bleeding hole in his chest." Joe managed to say, "I'm so hot, I'm going to die."

Arnold told police that Maggie was nude and began screaming, "I have to kill him. Let me kill him." Arnold disarmed Maggie, who was holding a double barreled shotgun. His other brother, Kenneth Levine, tried to wrestle her in the backyard to restrain her for the police, but she managed to run away. According to a neighbor, she broke into a nearby house and stole a dress. She also told the two people there that she was escaping from her boyfriend who was trying to kill her and even asked not to call police.

Joe, who was 56 at the time, was taken to the University Medical Center, but did not survive the fatal gunshot wound on his chest.

The police, with the aid of a K-9 officer, spotted Maggie in the backyard of the same house she broke into that same night and arrested her.

The charges against her were first degree murder with a deadly weapon, first degree burglary, and first degree home invasion. A psych evaluation concluded that she was in control of her actions the whole time.

She is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday, July 20.



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9 comments on "Woman Pleads Guilty To Killing Popular WSOP Dealer"

 Tony_MON7ANA11/06/2016 09:09:17 GMT
It is totally understandable that Marjorie Fiora's attorney or public defender advised her to enter a plea of guilty to second-degree murder.
But, why did Joseph Levine and his brothers provide shelter for a mentally unstable person who looks like a dude with pink hair in the first place? Out of pity?
 Ingrind3311/06/2016 14:56:21 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
But, why did Joseph Levine and his brothers provide shelter for a mentally unstable person who looks like a dude with pink hair in the first place? Out of pity?

She maybe got there by her self and rang the door, because people told her he was the best dealer in town.
 ChopperDave12/06/2016 05:24:38 GMT
Oh man this is crazy!! Poor guy.....
 pajalnick12/06/2016 08:06:13 GMT
I read somewhere a story about a good boy who had taken out of the forest fox froze ... brought home, warmed, fed, watered and then .... fox bite all the family because she was furious ... or something something like that, I I do not remember ... the moral of all this - do good care
 doubletop77712/06/2016 08:10:57 GMT
What a tragic story and my heartfelt condolences go out to his family. It seems that Joseph Levine was only trying to help these people out so it makes it an even more senseless killing
 damosk12/06/2016 13:41:56 GMT
A story that typifies some of the best and worst in society.... Society that is global, not just isolated to one country. Good people try to help cos it's the right thing to do, and bad people do bad, cos it's the wrong thing to do. This is how life is..... And the top of it all, the good keep doing good..... And the bad keep doing bad.
 pochui13/06/2016 07:34:24 GMT
what a fcukinly unfcuking act to do to fire a bullet into the dude's who gave you a shelter stomach... this just shows that there is a high risk even doing a good thing, better just live your live and don't try to help other who are in need, at least personally- leave it to organizations, government etc. just ship some of your dollaros to non profit's and let em do the hard work.
 Tony_MON7ANA13/06/2016 09:14:34 GMT
As you can see in the google map below there are at least three abandoned old cars sitting in a backyard of the 1200 block of Franklin Avenue, where a murder took place. The place is a dump and is located in a not so good neighborhood in Vegas.,-115.1365027,52m...
* Copy the link, open a new tab or window and paste the link too see the map.
 Ingrind3313/06/2016 09:31:16 GMT
some men like to get sucked by crack junkies

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