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Racist Poker Pro thrown out of WSOP Event

Tags: 2018 WSOP, Adrian Sorin Lovin, Dutch Boyd, Maurice Hawkins.
Posted on 11 July 2018 by "T".

Last Friday evening at the 2018 WSOP Event #66 $1,500 NLH, something said by a poker player to another fellow player led to his disqualification from the WSOP event.

Adrian Sorin Lovin, a poker pro who registered from Russia but at the WSOP he wore blue shirts emblazoned with ‘Team Italy', had advanced to Day 2 in Event #66 with a fairly healthy stack. At that time, the initial field of 1,351 was narrowed down to 227, which was 24 spots from the money bubble.

What Sorin Said
The one who Lovin metaphorically crossed swords with was Maurice Hawkins, a poker pro from Florida with 11 WSOP Circuits rings to his name. On a round on Day 1, Lovin chomped a huge bite out of Hawkins' stack, with an Ace-high flush beaten down by 9s-over-8s. Lovin said, "Thank you, my friend," as he scooped in the pot. Hawkins did not reply.

However, Lovin's dirty table talk turned even more ugly come Day 2, when he tried to retort during a conversation with Hawkins, dropping the N-bomb in the process - a direct violation of WSOP rules that would eventually disqualify him from the tournament.

There was some disagreement about what were the exact words that Lovin said. Ryan Feldman and Dutch Boyd, who were both seated nearby, stated that they heard "What's up, n*****" while Hawkins and others on social media say he said, "Shut up, n*****."

Well, whatever was truly said, the last word spoken mattered the most.

Empty-handed and Racially Shamed
Much to the disappointment of Hawkins and other poker fans, the initial response made by a tournament floor staff was that they issued a one-round penalty, and that's it.

While Lovin was in the penalty corner, Hawkins ended up busting the tournament. Meanwhile, Lovin was able to bag up 70,100 that made him 40th place in chips out of the surviving 228 players with 203 spots getting a payout.

Later that evening, Hawkins expressed his grievance to social media where he received support from many members from the poker community. Still, he believes that the incident warranted more than just a penalty.

WSOP Decision
But in the world of poker, Lady Luck works in mysterious ways, because fast forward to Saturday during the Day 2 restart, Hawkins will finally get the justice he asked for.

Hawkins was not at the Rio when he received news from a fellow player that WSOP officials met with Lovin and told him that when Jack Effel learned about the incident, the tournament director had decided to disqualify Lovin for his actions.

Bracelet winner Dutch Boyd shared the news in his Twitter feed.

According to Boyd, Lovin became very quiet after that as players in the area became aware of what transpired.

Lovin admitted to using the racial slur. He claimed what he said was justified because Hawkins had jokingly asked how to say "kiss my ass" in Italian. Also, he claimed he did not understand the significance of the racial slur.

For its decision, Hawkins praised the WSOP:

Hawkins said, "I like the fact that when Jack heard they came to a consensus about what the WSOP stands for, I think that was pretty huge. I saw all the people on Twitter. I've never thought of myself as part of the poker community, I've always kinda felt like an outsider, but today I felt really special by how all the people were supporting me, that they understand how hurtful that word can be. Coming all at once from people I didn't expect, it was nice, almost tearful. That was a unique feeling because I don't get a lot of love from people in poker ever. That was pretty strong."

This particular incident isn't the only one of its kind at the WSOP. In fact, at last year's WSOP, ESPN caught the aftermath of an exchange during the early parts of the 2017 Main Event wherein poker player Lazaro Hernandez dropped the n-word towards poker player Tony Bracy. For that, Hernandez received a three-round penalty.



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27 comments on "Racist Poker Pro thrown out of WSOP Event"

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» Racist Poker Pro thrown out of WSOP Event

 Gerimantas12/07/2018 18:57:39 GMT
I think it is bad situation to see one player saying bad words to another, thos is same situation like in online poker world too, if you read chat window then you can read many bad words too. Sad but this is situation
 CALICUL12/07/2018 22:00:37 GMT
I do not know if this professional player pronounced this word because one thing i know for sure. Adrian Sorin Lovin is a Romanian name and my compatriots they have no problems with african people or black people. Only when we are offended by these persons we answer normal or with insult. In my country many Romanians hate other people like gypsies or muslims but black people without a reason not. We love because millions of Romanians are fans of black actors and musicians. In my country there are no racism cases with black people.
 Robbo199013/07/2018 04:51:08 GMT
surely he said something to illicit such a response.
 doubletop77713/07/2018 07:33:32 GMT
I am so glad that they threw this guy out of the tournament and he should now be banned forever from the World Series. Racism cannot be tolerated in any walk of life and i find it reprehensible
 damosk13/07/2018 07:36:52 GMT
The use of words out of their cultural context is a mighty challenge for the whole world society. Calicul’s post is true testament of this. Calicul is apparently quite content to make reference to the use of the word, however by many it is seen as a derogatory term...... yet by others it is an oft used term of some sort of endearment. The challenges of diversity! You can’t please all of the people all of the time!
 CALICUL13/07/2018 22:01:03 GMT
Damosk, The European Union must defend itself against "immigration taking control in Europe. That's what Donald Trump says, and he's very right. Because of this Romanians do not want many Muslims in our country. Many of them are savages, rapists, aggressors, criminals or terrorists. Another problem is Gypsies and many Romanians hate them because they made Romania shameless throughout Europe and not only here. Gypsies with Romanian citizenship are compared to the true Romanians and that's not good for us. If the Gypsies were doing England, as they did with Romania then you would have agreed with me.
 Robbo199014/07/2018 04:31:34 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Damosk, The European Union must defend itself against "immigration taking control in Europe. That's what Donald Trump says, and he's very right. Because of this Romanians do not want many Muslims in our country. Many of them are savages, rapists, aggressors, criminals or terrorists. Another problem is Gypsies and many Romanians hate them because they made Romania shameless throughout Europe and not only here. Gypsies with Romanian citizenship are compared to the true Romanians and that's not good for us. If the Gypsies were doing England, as they did with Romania then you would have agreed with me.

who else would sort your rubbish then?
 CALICUL14/07/2018 07:22:25 GMT
True Romanians should send them back in india, pakistan or bangladesh. About Muslims to do it
NATO because these people do not deserve to live in Europe.
 dule-vu14/07/2018 10:00:54 GMT
I know that we have racists in lot of parts of world,but in todays world you cant tell anything or to make a joke on some things and right away people will call you racist and problem will big!its same like on world cup for final game!some groups dont want that cameras show girls on tribunes,especially does who dont have much clothes!
they will change everything is todays world!
 Mober14/07/2018 16:00:23 GMT
If it is offensive, shouldnt be for every single one?
When black people refer to each other, or other races, with this specific word it is ok,
but when others doing it, then are being racist?
Never got that part right, really...
 watoba14/07/2018 21:40:13 GMT
Every Land and country have good people and Bad people.The big problems in the world are Religion and i mean all religions not only the Muslims. The other Problem are the big compnays.
Why so many black people come to Europe.The big companys destroy there Land to make money.
When they not will go,people come with weapons and then they must go. A few of the companys are Nestlé,Bayer,Shell and so on.
I know people from many countrys and the most are good people,For me is equal from what country a person is.The only was count for me is the respect.When you respect me i respect you,its very simple Blink
Thats the Problem with many Moslems they say only our god is good.And we have the wisdom.They dont accept other living.
But i know to Moslems there are not fanatics and they are good people.But the christ and the many jewish people are fanatics too.
And the Gypsies are Calicul say have good people too.The Problem with The Gypsies from romaian here in germany,Are not The people.Thats the Mafia.I dont think a little girl with maybe 15/16 years like it here to stay on the Street and make sex for money.So you must destroy The Mafia in romaina and the Gypsies give a Chance for good living and working.
I live in the near from Berlin and in Berlin a lot of Gypsies from Romania.Sure many criminals but that is how i say a Mafia Problem.But i have See a lot from then they are very friendly and dont stealing,and make hard work for little money,they only searching for a better life.
Money is more worth as a human live in this world.When we not end this never will change.
 CALICUL15/07/2018 22:03:00 GMT
I know. Many gypsies are good in all Europe but in my country, many Gypsies are lazy and they like to live of social benefits, to steal in Romania or on all continents not only in Europe, to beg or all kinds of crimes ( prostitution, drugs and other crime offenses ). For this reason i hate them and many romanians same. They are compared with real romanians and that's not good for us. Sad
 Odysseus10116/07/2018 13:18:37 GMT
Eventually, we'll all be one race so then there will be no more arguing over these false divisions. It's happening faster and faster, whether anyone alive likes it or not. I see it every day walking around my city and talking to my own kids. Being mixed-race is not a concern to the millenial generation in the west, so perhaps the loudmouthed older folks should recognize that their opinions are on the way out.
 Nightkid16/07/2018 18:32:49 GMT
Well there are times when one lets out all of one, maybe not only because of the game but because of some other problem outside this one but in fact it is already done, I think sometimes it happens to all of us but that it comes from someone we know next is news Tongue Tongue Tongue
 CALICUL21/07/2018 22:17:10 GMT
There in this world are many people who disagree with these interracial relationships or as they are called between different races. Doctors agree with that: these relationships bring more illnesses. Religious people are very drastic with these relationships in many countries. People have different opinions and everyone loves or hates with some rare exceptions.
 Mober23/07/2018 16:42:01 GMT
Doctors agree that these relationships bring more illnesses ???
I must be leaving on a different planet then, cause i have never heard anything about it so far.
Not to mention it sounds silly on its own.
But at the end everyone can have a personal opinion Smile
 CALICUL23/07/2018 22:19:01 GMT
Mober, it's not everyone with personal opinion. I saw an American movie after a true story. A serious movie and instead of voting with minus, you better ask a good doctor about this. In addition what can bring good these relationships? destroying the white man because he is the smartest and in this way the masses will be controlled more easily by the world occulte or religions? Why white men have to make families with Muslims or blacks? every man decides what he wants but for that, he should not be voted with minus because opinions must be respected. To ask you a question: you would like someone to force the Greeks to make children with Turks on a large scale?
 Gerimantas24/07/2018 10:54:17 GMT
I think it is not good to be racist but also understand that dome people have opinion like this and not think that he cannot say what he thinks because it is free to day your opinion, prople can not agree to this but not say that you cannot speak
 Mober24/07/2018 17:00:04 GMT
First of all, it wasnt me, giving you a minus for your post above,
as im not the one that gave you another one, for your follow up post either.

White people are the smartest ones? Another scientific proof that i didnt know about.
I must start researching the whole thing probably...

Now regarding your example. Who exactly has forced anyone, to have children, on a mass
scale with another race?
 CALICUL24/07/2018 22:19:58 GMT
Yes, white people are the smartest because they invented the majority in this world not africans or asians even if the Chinese invented the paper and gunpowder and others things. Governments are forcing because they accept immigration and is very bad this thing. They do not consult with the population in many countries. I speak about Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia who refuses to receive immigrant quota and they are right. The user who voting my comments with minus he does not know the truth, is undocumented. I know how dangerous immigrants are and what they do especially in France. These Muslims are very dangerous. You do not watch news? you did not see what they did after winning the world cup? or TV did not show that? I asked you a question, but you did not answer it about greeks-turks...
 schwabo25/07/2018 07:32:23 GMT
Iam from Croatia ,we was in final game with France and in my country 550 000 people welcome our team,then all last week in other towns without one incident,because we don't have many immigrants,we are not rasist country but small and don't interesting for immigrants,we must accept only immig.who do all by the regular papers for azil with strong control,in last big wave who knows how many terrorists are enter in Europe.
About mixed pairs,I know cross between white and black (mulats) are in 90% cases very pretty people if you look better,I think they gets best of both rases,never hear that illneses are problem,same with white and yelow rase.
And CALICUL I know what you mean,in my country are not big population of Gypsis but almost all of them say that Romania is their country and his 10 generation or more live here,born here and never seen Romania,sorry but I know they don't want to work,in my country they are in separated small like villiges of course all built without any papers,but here we try to educate more and more young Gypsis and then may be good people,till now they are not sending children to school and there is the problem,their culture like nomads and not same chance from beggining of their lifes and result is our reality now,but we can do better for future.
 erru910725/07/2018 08:02:20 GMT
I say that sure, we can't prevent anyone from thinking anything but as long as they keep these opinions to themselves, we have no issue. And any comments that are racist by nature, no matter how severe it is, doesn't belong anywhere near a poker table. It's really not the venue for that, if anything is...

I think it's a good thing that WSOP has put their foot down and clearly shown that they don't accept these kind of comments.
 Mober25/07/2018 18:23:50 GMT
I really do not understand your question, so how come you want me to replay to it?
Who on earth could force greeks and turks to make children on a large scale?
And for what reason? Really dont get your way of thinking and what you are trying to say here.

But there are families with greeks and turks either way.
It is their choice at the end. Anyone can marry and have children with any person they like
regardless race, ethnicity, religion, etc....
 CALICUL25/07/2018 22:20:56 GMT
Erru9107, where is freedom of speech, if we are not allowed to speak freely? you are a Communist? I'm not allowed to speak freely?
Mober, I did not say that someone was forcing you. My question was put in the diverse mode but these immigrants will have children with Europeans in the near future, because of the governors... For me it's like someone would force me to make children with immigrants, because many womens will do that, and the governors are guilty because they allowed this without asking the populations.
Schwabo, Gypsies are not Romanians. they are from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or perhaps the Middle East, from there they migrated. Romanians are white and Gypsies are not. Gypsies do not want to learn school in a proportion of 50% + because they give up the whole school.
Romania has many gypsies because Ceausescu who has President of Romania in the past bought more gypsies from these countries and they sent us only thugs of thieves. Some of them have adapted to Romania, but most do not.
I see you defend the Gypsies here and someone is voting with minus my comments but you do not know the truth and if you knew, i'm telling you guaranteed that you had the same opinion as me. You come to live a few days in the vicinity of gypsies and after that you will not defend the gypsies for the rest of your lives. These Gypsies do not deserve to live in Europe.

The user who votes with minus is an amateur. 4 million of the Romanians have gone to Europe, sua, canada or other countries inclusiv în Asia or middle earth. If you have the impression that you know these things better than i do you are very wrong. You make mistakes because i could show you what Muslims are doing in some videos with the phone to see reality who is censored on television many times. I do not know why European governors defend muslims these savages but because of them will be war in some European countries in a few years. Mass media is set to not show the whole reality at tv because the governors oblige them. Some have come to leave the countries of origin
because of Muslims who terrorize whole neighborhoods. No one can contradict me on this subject because i know very good. When you see the truth, i hope you regret it because you voted with minus. Remember, 4 millions of Romanians work and most of them are in countries like England, Italy, Germany, Belgium and France. I know a lot and i've seen a lot and muslims desreve to leave Europe. They come here to compel us to live by their laws, they multiply ,,as rats'' and in maximum 20 years it will be terror. Shame to the governors because they make the lives of many Europeans an inferno with these animals.
I hope the moderator closes this thread.
 Administrator30/07/2018 13:31:18 GMT
Come on guys, please behave! Otherwise we just start to delete posts and give temporary ban to people, to let things cool off.

CALICUL, some might find your opinions a bit racist, so I suggest you tone it down a bit, or find another forum where such things are OK to debate. Whether you are right or not, does not matter, we simply prefer not having topics that too easily gets "heated". Not worth it!

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