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2018 WSOP: Event #71: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em won by Phil Hellmuth for $485,082 and 15th Career Bracelet

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Posted on 13 July 2018 by "T".

It looks like Phil Hellmuth can't stop smiling, because he has finally won the 15th bracelet of his poker career in this year's WSOP Event #71 $5,000 NLHE (30-min levels) and he even has a plump sum of $485,082 to take home to his wife!

This is actually the Poker Brat's first bracelet since winning the 2015 WSOP $1,500 Razz and his ninth bracelet overall in a NLHE event.

He said after he won, "I'm humbled. It's humbling. Thirteen in Europe was really humbling for me. And so is fourteen, and so is fifteen.

When asked about the addition of his bracelet, he said, "It means everything. I want to be remembered in two ways: 1.) For having won 24 bracelets, and 2.) For starting the positivity movement."

Hellmuth has recently released a book entitled #POSITIVITY, a project that was born when he realized the impact he has on fans. He said, "The spotlight that I have becomes a responsibility. Once I realized that I could inspire people, I took that seriously. It's humbling. I haven't had a very good summer, but I've kept myself positive. Every night I come back to the room, saying, ‘Life is good, relax. Life is good, relax.' ... Before this tournament, I called my wife and said, ‘Honey, I'm not sure I want to play this event. She said, ‘Get in there in play.'"

Hellmuth came back with the rest of the 38 players (out of a total 452 entries) who survived for the 2nd day of this event, and right from the start, chips were flying everywhere with the 30-minute levels. He was in 8th chip position in this quick-paced event. By the time the final table was set, he was in 2nd place next to Alan Sternberg. Hellmuth managed to continue building up his stack even though he didn't knock out any of his opponents at the final table leading to heads-up play.

Hellmuth knocked out two-time bracelet winner Steven Wolansky in a heads-up match after being the short stack for most of their two-handed play.

Event #71: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Final Table Results






Phil Hellmuth

United States



Steven Wolansky

United States



Alan Sternberg

United States



Aliaksei Boika




Ken Fishman

United States



Matt Glanz

United States



Paul Hoefer




Ralph Wong

United States



Eric Hicks

United States



Paul Fontan

United Kingdom




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13 comments on "2018 WSOP: Event #71: $5,000 No-Limit Hold''em won by Phil Hellmuth for $485,082 and 15th Career Bracelet"

 Mober13/07/2018 15:28:13 GMT
What can you say here for this player. He is no doubt one of the best out there.
He got his 15th bracelet, while others ,still trying for the first one :
It is also a player that you enjoy watching , playing in live tournaments.
 rogan1100013/07/2018 21:15:13 GMT
Yes but he can be really annoying
 CALICUL13/07/2018 22:01:24 GMT
I can say about Phil Hellmuth that he is a very good poker player but he also has moments when playing poorly. Let's not forget that: he is the winner of many bracelets and we can tell him that he is a master Smile I congratulate him for a new bracelet and for his style to play poker.
 Serpang14/07/2018 04:22:53 GMT
He is represent emotional poker player, lol. I just one player at video, him and I always laugh when saw he mumbling. Blame his opponent who play crap card against his good card and he lost. But his bracelet approved he is very good player.
 Gerimantas14/07/2018 15:41:04 GMT
This is a lot of bracelets, 15 is fantastic when many people dream all life about to win one bracelet. Of course phill hellmuth is very famous poker player and he is fun to watch because he talks nonsense
 Mober14/07/2018 15:50:59 GMT
He can be annoying indeed, some times, but he is less annoying than some others.
Besides that, he is a very good player with many wins, and a very good profit,
from playing poker and poker only Smile
 doubletop77715/07/2018 06:06:13 GMT
I was so happy when i first read this and this has really made my World Series. Phil Hellmuth is without doubt the most talked about poker player on the planet and i hope he can win many more in the future
 Nightkid15/07/2018 14:51:52 GMT
Congratulations to the player Phil Hellmuth who won the number 15 bracelet of his career as the great player he is and who also took a nice sum of money $ 485,082 which is not bad ... to see what a gift he makes to the wife now Cool Cool Cool
 Mober15/07/2018 16:09:08 GMT
i just googled to see the players that have the most bracelets, in poker
and phil helmuth is by far the first, with phil ivey, doyle brunson
and johnny chan, following with 10 bracelets each.
On fifth place is john mosh with 9 bracelets.
Wont be easy for someone else to reach him.
 CALICUL15/07/2018 22:03:14 GMT
It is true, that it is very difficult to win these bracelets but Phil Helmuth has 11 bracelets won when poker was not so popular. After poker has exploded ( 2007 i think ) around the world he also managed to win only 4 bracelets in 11 years. Doyle Brunson won his last bracelet in 2005, Johnny Chan last bracelet 2005, Phil Ivey 5 before and 5 after poker explode. It's very hard to win in the last 11 years because there are many good players who have learned the game very well.
 misteriopj27/08/2018 17:52:53 GMT
I am happy to see Phil Hellmuth, winning a bracelet again and number 15 for him, especially the prize pool that he took is still better, we hope he continues to appear in the big tournaments, as in his best times congratulations Phil.
 Tony_MON7ANA31/08/2018 09:23:21 GMT
My most sincere congratulations to Phil Hellmuth on winning the $5,000 buy-in event #71 and capturing his fifteenth WSOP gold bracelet.
I am looking forward to watching the final table replays and the heads-up battle between Phil Hellmuth and Steven Wolansky.
 CALICUL01/09/2018 18:45:25 GMT
Of course, Phil Hellmuth it's worth winning a new bracelet, to add it to his other bracelets. Is a great player with many successes and now his bracelets are many, 15 in total. I do not understand why he did not teach his wife poker. It would be good if she also played poker successfully. It would have been an enviable couple or maybe not. Maybe his wife has no talent at poker.

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