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Judge Dismisses ‘Matt Kirk versus Leon Tsoukernik' Poker Lawsuit

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Posted on 30 July 2018 by "T".

The epic lawsuit between two poker pros that started since May 2017 has now finally come to an end, and the final verdict possibly does not bode well for one of them.

Based on court documents filed in Clark County District Court at the end of June 2018, a judge had "dismissed with prejudice the entire case" between Aussie poker pro Matt Kirk and Czech casino owner Leon Tsoukernik.

District Court Judge Linda Marie Bell wrote, "Having come before the court by stipulation of the parties, the court finding good cause, hereby orders that this entire case is dismissed with prejudice, including but not limited to the complaint, all counterclaims, and all third party complaints, with each party to bear their own attorney's fees and costs."

The verdict was signed by the attorneys of Kirk, Tsoukernik as well as the place where the bitter feud occurred, the Aria Resort & Casino.

It doesn't say in the court documents whether or not the two poker pros settled the debt outside of court.

The debt case was slated to head to a jury trial in April 2019.



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5 comments on "Judge Dismisses ‘Matt Kirk versus Leon Tsoukernik'' Poker Lawsuit"

 doubletop77731/07/2018 06:26:15 GMT
These lawsuits are always very difficult to prove because it is normally one persons word against the others'. I hope that they have resolved amicably and that both parties are happy
 Gerimantas31/07/2018 10:54:10 GMT
Yes too me it is too like doubletop777 writes if you have judt word to prove your loan then it is very bad situation, if you give or take loan you have to get some documents and then you are in good situation
 Mober31/07/2018 17:02:38 GMT
Not much of info here. They only got to pay their own expenses, from what the
article is saying,
Y agree also that there might have been a settlement between the two of them,
something we will never know probably.
 pajalnick31/07/2018 17:36:49 GMT
Leon Tsukernik again in the spotlight ... of course this person is very popular and famous and interesting person in the world of poker and casino ..... and therefore I'm not surprised at the next news about him ..... this person will be a long time center attention of the press and general interest of people
 Nightkid31/07/2018 19:32:01 GMT
Well this scandal is nothing special ... many celebrities or acquaintances often like to be the center of attention and this happens as if it were great news ... both like to be seen hahaha and as he says the friend to Leon Tsukernik likes to be under the focus Tongue Tongue Tongue

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