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Rumor: Tsoukernik's Private Poker Games at King's Casino reach €20K/€40k Blinds

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Posted on 06 November 2018 by "T".

At The Home of WSOP Europe 2018 King's Casino Rozvadov in Czech Republic, the poker game stakes were rumored to reach up to an astounding €20k/€40k last week, and hosting this rather super-high nosebleed games was none other than the casino owner himself, Leon ‘Loose Leon' Tsoukernik, who specially invited some of the uber-rich players in the industry to come to his home poker session.



On October 26, partypoker posted in their Instagram account a picture of the high stakes PLO players at Poker Room Kings during the WSOP Europe event.

Were you able to recognize the players with Leon Tsoukernik?

The other mega-rich players at the table include:

Australian cryptocurrency millionaire Matt Kirk

Poker pro, entrepreneur and politician Antonas ‘Tony G' Gouga

Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong

2018 WSOP Main Event champion John Cynn

1978 WSOP Main Event champ and regular Aria ‘Ivey's Room' player Bobby Baldwin

2012 Player Of the Year title winner Ben Lamb

Poker fans would have a big question mark in their minds - why did the table included Matt Kirk and Bobby Baldwin given the fact that both of them had unsettled scores with Leon Tsoukernik in Las Vegas (Matt Kirk's lawsuits and Bobby Baldwin being one of Matt's backers)? However, it's understandable for Leon to invite them at his nosebleed private game because one cannot find a player with super-deep pockets that easily!

Of course, those interested to watch a live stream of this will be disappointed to know there isn't one since this is just a private highstakes home game that Leon hosted. However, some juicy information leaked out apparently at the 2+2 forums, declaring that Tony G won "a $2 million pot versus Leon", whereas Matt Kirk bagged a big pot and "took it all to a craps table".

Here's what one of the forum posters Comanche said, "Was there for a couple days. Tony G won a 3 way all in pot for around 3M total. The day after, Bobby Baldwin came next to me talking with Tony G. Tony asked him how he was doing at the table: "losing 800k but i'm ok" with a smile."

Did the stakes really reach as high as 20k/40k? As the rumors circled around especially at the 2+2 forums, there must be an inkling of truth behind it since massive stakes and colossal straddles are quite common when Leon's the host.

Whoever won huge in these massive blinds games typically are not going to reveal it to the public just like that, or are they?



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15 comments on "Rumor: Tsoukernik''s Private Poker Games at King''s Casino reach €20K/€40k Blinds"

 doubletop77706/11/2018 10:05:41 GMT
This really is crazy money and i cannot imagine the amounts of money that was in these pots. I would have loved to be able to watch this game and i am sure that there will be a lot more of these
 Mober06/11/2018 12:58:14 GMT
We are talking about a high stakes game indeed here.
And how not to be pne, when the host of the games is the owner of a casino,
the well known to us from the lawsuit.
And there are quite a few big names there also.
All of them with big pockets Smile
 pajalnick07/11/2018 04:27:23 GMT
zukernik and huge money are synonyms .... for a long time there was no news about this person .... and the news about him is always interesting ... I like to read news about him ... there is always some scandal ... or hint of a scandal .... or just something that goes beyond ordinary life ... it's interesting
 CALICUL07/11/2018 12:29:30 GMT
I wonder if this Leon Tsoukernik owner of a casino in Czech Republic has charged a fee for this game. It would be abnormal to do so since he invited those players to come and play. Maybe the law forces them to pay a entry tax in every casino, but here i do not know. The amounts of money are impressive and more details we do not know. Did this Leon pay his debt for which he was sued? Smile
 Gerimantas08/11/2018 13:38:00 GMT
Yes very big blind structure to play, and it is so easy to lose million of dollars or euro in one hand. Wow very rich people. Interesting to see tony g or antanas guoga play this game, he is very public person in my country and good known politician
 Mober08/11/2018 14:08:16 GMT
That is what happens, when you have so much money, that you dont know what to do with?
Do they actually need to win more at the end? I really doubt that.
Then why you could ask, playing games of this magnitude.
Just for the thrill of course.
We could doo some golden vacations with their buy ins only Smile
 dule-vu08/11/2018 14:25:03 GMT
when you come in that position in life that you can play for such a big stakes and that if you lose this money,you still have smile on face,like its nothing!you can imagine how much money do they have on account and how they can play with other players like they play for fun and not for real money!
 bowie198408/11/2018 17:52:11 GMT
Yeah, you should just sit down and play with 40k blinds against shady eastern europeans and russian oligarchs. Nothing bad going to come out from this, I am pretty sure you will be fine even if you win a couple millions from them. They won't make your life hell for sure.
Damn these people are bragging.
 CALICUL10/11/2018 13:33:39 GMT
People who have a lot of money and live in the ,,good world'' do not consider this bragging. Since this Leon Tsoukernik has made this public made it primarily for advertising and after that for bragging. Anyway, the patron of this casino is a bit or more an unreasonable person and for him it matters only the gain.
 bowie198410/11/2018 23:11:56 GMT
It's still bragging. Any people who is capable to clear up a table (any poker table) where the blinds will start into the thousands is going to be pretty meek about it since he wants others consider him as a no threat. Anybody who is advertising playing on these tabbles is just bragging for the sake of showing off how much they could afford to loose. Yeah it's not Blitzerian level of 'gamesmanship' but still... not nice IMO.
 Nightkid11/11/2018 05:29:22 GMT
If I had tubiera and I would go to where they are to see if I get them to give me even a small alms hahaha with a fajito I'm satisfied: P but I can not imagine playing with so much money hahaha if I remember that I suffered playing tables of more than 30 or 40 dollars, if I played there and lost it would kill me hahahaha Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 Mober11/11/2018 12:15:46 GMT
For a professional poker player you may say, it can hurt losing in a game like this.
But for all the business people playing for their fun, losing is just a minor step back.
In most cases they have covered their losses in a couple of days, if not in the same day,
from their actual business Smile
 CALICUL11/11/2018 13:34:28 GMT
I think he did this to attract people with money and after that bragging.
There are enough people with money who would try to play a little, when they see this movie on the internet.
They get into that casino ant the owner win.
The first plan is advertising and this Leon Tsoukernik know very good this thing. Blink
 Tony_MON7ANA22/11/2018 19:06:27 GMT
The highest-stakes cash game I have ever played is $5/$10 or $10/$20 blinds. I was suffering from tilt and I impulsively brought my whole online poker bankroll to the table, desperately hoping to make up for the previous loss. I was reckless back then. €20,000/€40,000 blinds? Not in a million years!
 CALICUL28/11/2018 15:34:20 GMT
If you live a million years, believe me in maximum 100 years you would be played at high stakes like a Pro.
After a while, you can learn poker as a professional, if you are ambitious and in a few hundred thousand years you play poker with entities.
A million years is a long period of time and your skills destroying many professional players. Smile

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