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The Finalists for 2018 Poker Hall of Fame

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Posted on 07 July 2018 by "T".

On Monday, the World Series of Poker has released the list of the 10 finalists eligible for the 2018 Poker Hall of Fame class. Just one or two will be inducted.

The list of 10 poker players was created after a process of public nomination and a vetting of these nominations by the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council. The decision now falls in the hands of 28 living members and a few journalists to determine who gets inducted.

Which one or two of these 10 legends of the game will be the lucky ones to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame come July 13?

Everyone except for Hennigan and Oppenheim have been among the final 10 at least one of the past years. Last year, it was Phil Ivey and the late David ‘Devilfish' Ulliott were inducted. Ivey was a first-ballot Hall of Famer right after he turned 40 years old.

The age requirement for being eligible for the Poker Hall of Fame is 40 years and above. Aside from that, other criteria state that the player must have competed "against acknowledged top competition" and "for high stakes," while playing "consistently well" and "gaining the respect of peers." Also, the player must have "stood the test of time." For those in the industry but are not or were not professional poker players, they must have "contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results." As of now, there are 54 people who have met those requirements.

The 2018 Poker Hall of Fame class shall be inducted as part of the World Series of Poker Main Event final table celebration in Las Vegas on July 13.



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7 comments on "The Finalists for 2018 Poker Hall of Fame"

 Gerimantas07/07/2018 16:29:32 GMT
To me i dont think it is.very important to poker player on such list, it is of course good situation, but not change anything to player, i think important is only to win money. But some people like prestige
 Mober07/07/2018 18:35:09 GMT
And again, some dont care about the fame, and only the money,
but in order to be in the hall of fame, it means you need good results, right? Smile
In this section though, it is a package. You will be know at some point.
 pochui07/07/2018 19:18:51 GMT
to be honest I kinda have a clue that many of those who are nominated for this so called poker hall of fame don't really fcukin care about this. they are just doing their job as good as they can and I think money is the solitary reason of their efforts. not saying that it hurts to be nominated but not a lot of practical use...
 CALICUL07/07/2018 21:06:20 GMT
Where is that partial list with some of the players who will compete this year for two seats in 2018 Poker Hall of Fame because i do not see not even a name or has not been shown yet. I'm very curious to see what names will come in this list. Maybe she will be presented these days.
 pajalnick07/07/2018 21:59:22 GMT
it seems to me that there is one injustice in these rules .... Only players over the age of forty can enter the hall of fame .... and if the poker player shows excellent results, but an awful event happened and he died before he reached the age of forty .... then how can he act? ... he can not be in the hall of fame?
 doubletop77708/07/2018 06:09:06 GMT
I think that it is a great privilege to be nominated for this and all these players' should be very proud of themselves. To get validation from your fellow players' is an achievement in itself
 sohelbd7708/07/2018 12:28:14 GMT
I did not playing poker hall of fame tournament ever in my life, but I would love to play this game if I will get chance. Some of my friends are already taking this chance but they could not reach the final at all. I think I am the one who got the chance.

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