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Why Tom Dwan Quit Playing Texas No-Limit Hold'em Live

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Posted on 09 August 2018 by "T".

Tom Dwan explains in his own way what's wrong with playing Texas Hold'em live these days. In the interview he wishes to keep recreational players active in the game and shares his insights on what else is wrong with poker tournaments.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan doesn't like to play No-Limit Hold'em anymore. In a recent interview made by PokerNews, he said his reason is more fun-centered than it is for profit only. In his point of view, poker is a game, not a sport, and the over-studied world of NLHE players actually bores him.

However, the biggest crime he revealed as his reason for quitting the game type entirely is the overly serious way in which every player insists on staring you down in Every Single Hand.

Watch the interview here:

It is quite alright if there is a huge decision to be executed (for instance, if you paid the buy-in for High Stakes Poker which was $100,000). For most seasoned poker pros, the staredown is one of the moments in playing poker that makes poker what it is. Sitting very still trying your best not to show any signs of weakness or acting cool after you made bluffs while under the intense scrutiny of your opponents and ending up winning is the absolute thrill in this game.

However, ever since Dwan made an appearance on High Stakes Poker where he made a long thoughtful stare down to an all-new level of extremeness, other players have copied the move, right down to the limp wristed shove and the slack jaw.

In Twitter, other players have expressed their thoughts in response to the interview - and most of them agreed to Dwan's sentiments.

Currently, Tom Dwan very much prefers Triton Hold'em (also known as short deck poker). He mainly plays high-stakes cash games in Macau.



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16 comments on "Why Tom Dwan Quit Playing Texas No-Limit Hold''em Live"

 Mober09/08/2018 16:22:31 GMT
He stopped playing NLHE, but he might be playing another variation of holdem,
or not Smile
His reasoning is not a bad one, and the most improtant thing is to enjoy what you are doing, besides making money.
And i bet he can do both....
 Serpang09/08/2018 16:46:21 GMT
I think not just him. Few pro quit to play ( not forever, lol ) and then they come back. Maybe not too active like before, just sometimes. I don't believe they will not want to play forever. One day they will miss this game. Like us Smile .Do you ?
 shokaku09/08/2018 17:21:47 GMT
Does not add up. He no longer likes no linit hold'em but playes triton hold'em, that is basicly no limit hold'em with a reduced deck (no 2s,3s,4s,5s). May have to do more with the preference of the players he has to play in Macau, than his own choosing.
 Gerimantas09/08/2018 20:07:47 GMT
I dont know if it is the correct reason. Not like people to stare at you, of course it is not interesting, but you play poker because you can make some money, and there is something to not like, but if you win money it is most important
 CALICUL10/08/2018 14:16:05 GMT
Tom Dwan he feels intimidated when the players look at him to the hands he played. Probably he makes a comparison and has the impression that is at the zoo. Smile This impression is shared by other players, but they should not feel intimidated. I think he has a little phobia because money are very good when you can easily win them. He must accept these situations and to make money.
 pochui10/08/2018 14:59:14 GMT
well for fcuk sakes- quit playing live poker because people stare you down... especially when he was practicing this to the max... sounds not very legit, probably he is just not making money anymore and found an excuse to get the fcuk out while still having some green toilet paper in his pockets
 bowie198411/08/2018 23:09:02 GMT
Imagine all the staredowns he's gotten from the people who lend money to him and then they want it back, yet Tom is pretending he does not own them anything then flew to Macau to keep these people out of bothering him.
 doubletop77714/08/2018 07:12:46 GMT
It does look quite ridiculous when somebody takes an age to make a decision on every bet. Tom Dwan used to be like this back in the day and now the roles have been reversed on him
 Haymore27714/08/2018 10:20:18 GMT
He definitely plays in Macau and exactly at
the highest limits. There were several news on
the Internet that his duel with Cates would
continue, but nothing concrete yet. It's a
pity, but the limits in online poker have died
and will not return, including because of the
tax policy of many countries.
 pajalnick14/08/2018 10:55:48 GMT
some unexpected news for me ... I always thought this player was a wonderful player in this kind of poker ..... of course maybe I'm not very attentive .... but I had the impression that Tom in Texas Hold'em is playing remarkably well and it's unlimited .... hmmm .... interesting
 Mober14/08/2018 12:55:41 GMT
There is also the possibility that some players get tired or bored with the game,
at some point.
Too many players in nowadays. It is harder to have a playing history,
from all theses new players, playing live. So reading them correctly is a must in a tournament.

That goes for Dwan for example reading the new players.
On the other hand Dwan is an older player, with many games in his history,
so it is easier to "study" him.
 Gerimantas15/08/2018 10:48:46 GMT
I think that tom dwan maybe day this when he loses some big money and then nos it is bad to play for him, but after some time thinking about situations he change his opinion and start to play again. Of course it is my personal thinking about this
 CALICUL15/08/2018 15:27:54 GMT
To the deciphered chapter i think that Tom Dwan does not do that because it was understood by many players. Something else is in the middle. Maybe love or boredom, he earned too much money in Asia and things can go on. My opinion is that: he has another reason for which he quits playing live poker holdem.
 misteriopj25/08/2018 16:32:51 GMT
I do not agree since it takes years trying to turn poker into a sport of mental skill. At the same time, all players look for a profit in it, of course everyone sees and thinks according to their point of view, that opinion should be debatable. who talk like that already made enough money to change the idea of ​​poker.
 CALICUL26/08/2018 17:44:27 GMT
Poker is not a sport, even if some people think so. Poker is a competition in a game of mind and skills, but when you sit in the chair and play poker, is not called sport. I do not understand why Tom Dwan he feels timid, when other players watch him with insistence, when he plays a hand with him. Is very bizarre.
 Robbo199018/01/2019 09:24:20 GMT
speaking of short hand poker

stars have a new game. 6+ poker. so its a deck without aces can be high or low for a straight and a flush beats a full house. I think it was open to high rollers previously but is now open for any stakes

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