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Man jailed for using Bank Robbery ‘Bait Bills' as Buy-in to Poker Game

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Posted on 07 September 2018 by "T".

A man from Missouri has been sentenced to over five years in jail as a consequence for robbing a bank back in January. How did he get caught? He used the stolen money as buy-in for a poker game at a local casino.

According to a criminal complaint, Timothy Karpovich, from Kansas City, robbed a bank of $1,052 (in increments of $10 and $2) on the morning January 22, 2018. After a few hours later, the 39-year-old used the money as buy-in so he can play at a poker table in Harrah's Casino.

Police heard from a poker room manager who saw a picture of the bank robbery suspect online and matched it with Karpovich, who was a regular player in the poker room.

According to police, surveillance footage showed Karpovich buying poker chips with the $10 bills that exactly matched the serial numbers of the "bait bills" given to him during the bank robbery.

While the police were at the casino inspecting the bait bills, they learned that Karpovich had come back to the casino to continue gambling. He was then arrested without any untoward incident.

In April, Karpovich pleaded guilty. He was facing up to 20 years in prison. The bank suffered a total loss of only $340, according to a court document.

Harrah's North Kansas City is home to 13 poker tables as well as 1,800 slot machines and video games.



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13 comments on "Man jailed for using Bank Robbery ‘Bait Bills'' as Buy-in to Poker Game"

 doubletop77707/09/2018 08:18:15 GMT
Wow, this guy is looking at twenty years in prison for only $340. He doesn't seem to be exactly a criminal mastermind by the way he was caught and is going to have a long time to think about what he has done
 dule-vu07/09/2018 13:20:12 GMT
well this is normal country,where you will go in prison for every amount that you steal!but how stupid you have to be,to play only few hours after poker games and to buy in with that bills?!ofcourse they would catch him!he could spend that money on some other place or to exchange for bigger bills!
 CALICUL07/09/2018 18:58:14 GMT
To make five years of prison for an amount of 1052 dollars that means being too id.ot. I do not understand why some people risk in this way. It was better to look for a job, than to rob a casino. It's ridiculous. He believed he would be enriched if he succeeds in robbing that casino. Big mistake for his life.
 Mober07/09/2018 20:00:19 GMT
Another smart cookie. He robbed a bank for the whole sum of 1052 USD.
And like that wasnt enough, he got caught for using the bait as they said,
from the bank. What more do they needed after that, to arrest him.

You can say also that he was unlucky, cause the manager had seen his face
 Gerimantas07/09/2018 21:31:30 GMT
I personally think this guy is very foolish, to rob bank for just more than one thousand of dollars is very very stupid, it is so small amount of money not need to risk to go to jail, if steal then steal million then i understand situation, but this giy not good with brains
 Mober08/09/2018 20:41:51 GMT
I have to admit, that this is the first time i heard about the bait bills.
I only knew about the exploding ones, that the banks are using,
but this was the first time i read about it.
How easy though it is to check if the baits have been used...
 BubbleGumTrb08/09/2018 21:53:25 GMT
When I read that he robbed the bank for $1052, I got confused...wait am I reading that right?
Does it say that this guy robbed a bank for $1052? What bank was it?How did this happen? Who does that? Anyway, if I had $1052 that I know I can't spend anywhere I'd keep them for a while and then spend them somewhere where its not gonna come back to you. He just wanted to play some poker. He's gonna play in jail...
 Gerimantas09/09/2018 06:57:52 GMT
I also think like a bblegumtrb that it is something strange i rwad because to rob bank for 1052 dollars is very small money and also i not understand why 52 dollara, ok to have 1000, but why these 52 dollara, maybe 15 cents more Big Smile
 CALICUL10/09/2018 19:14:10 GMT
All banks have different methods to mark some money, in the situation where they are robbed, the police would catch the thieves much faster. In America there are many rural areas with smaller banks, who are robbed ever since the wild west. Because of this they were only 1052 dollars. Smile and many years of prison Big Smile for a ridiculous amount.
 bowie198410/09/2018 23:14:36 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
Wow, this guy is looking at twenty years in prison for only $340. He doesn't seem to be exactly a criminal mastermind by the way he was caught and is going to have a long time to think about what he has done

He went in for the robbery, in the eyes of the law it does not matter if he robbed 20 bucks or 20k.
 rogan1100011/09/2018 15:56:50 GMT
Well hi was freerolling.
 misteriopj11/09/2018 17:37:01 GMT
Well you can say that he does wrong, it goes wrong in life, only that person comes to play poker with stolen money hahaha, now he has to pay his 20 years in prison for the crime he committed
 magatt96612/09/2018 06:35:28 GMT
This is why I always and only play online poker

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