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Borgata Summer Poker Open Champ Arrested after String of Bank Robberies

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Posted on 12 January 2018 by "T".

Police have arrested Thomas Dougher, who, according to the Hendon Mob website, was the Borgata Summer Poker Open 2015 Champ and he won a cash prize of $149,127 in that event.

The police arrested him around the end of the holidays on suspicion after incidents of multiple bank robberies occurred. The FBI described that Thomas Dougher, age 41, is a serial bank robber, and stated his most recent crime spree included two robberies within a span of four days in and around Atlantic City.

Christmas Crime Spree
On December 29, 2017 (Friday), Dougher allegedly robbed the PNC Bank in Absecon, New Jersey. An hour later, he was captured at a nearby Quality Inn. Police allege this was his 9th robbery in four states. Aside from the banks in New Jersey and New York, he apparently also robbed banks located in Pennsylvania and Delaware, two of the four states in the USA where online poker is considered legal.

Current charges on Dougher are for three bank robberies in Atlantic City. Surveillance footage presented by the Sun National Bank in Northfield, New Jersey showed a cleanly-shaven suspect giving a teller a demand note on December 26, 2017 (Tuesday), and the following Saturday, the same scenario occurred at a PNC Bank in Pleasantville.

Police found the car that Dougher used which actually had been stolen in Maryland, right in the parking area of Caesars Atlantic City casino.

Mugshot of Thomas Dougher:

The Past Record
Back in 2007, Dougher was jailed in federal prison after doing a string of bank robberies. Three years later, he was released.

Pleasantville Police Capt. Matt Hartman said, "The successful cooperative investigation and uneventful arrest of Dougher, who previously served prison time for 11 robberies in 2007, is a testament to the importance of interaction between all levels of law enforcement from local to federal to achieve a common goal."

Bankroll of a Bank Robber
According to the Borgata Poker blog, Thomas Dougher was mainly an online poker player who played 12 to 15 tournaments a day on regulated New Jersey poker websites. In July 2015, he successfully won in the live tournament scene when he dominated against a field of 2,525 players, winning the $400 Borgata Summer Poker Open Deepstack for $149,127.

After Dougher won, he said to Borgata officials, "I played an $80 bounty three years ago and finished third. I swear I've played like three live tournaments in my life."

Dougher has just had two other live tournament cashes after that. In December 2015, he got 117th place in the Parx Casino Big Stack XIV $300 event for $715; and in September 2016, he finished 134th place in Event #1 of the WPT Borgata Poker Open, a $560 buy-in NLHE, for $2,136.

Dougher is not the first ever bank robber with a poker background. Gerald Heckathorn from Wisconsin, a regular on mid-tier stakes tournaments such as the Mid-States Poker Tour, is a retired bank robber. He went on an 18-month cross-country spree in the early 1980s.

Gerald Heckathorn - credit




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11 comments on "Borgata Summer Poker Open Champ Arrested after String of Bank Robberies"

 Samarietis12/01/2018 10:04:50 GMT
What does money do to people ... 150k $ is a lot , he could find a job after that and live hes life peacfully and do what he loves to do , but i guess it's always not enough !
 Mober12/01/2018 10:10:30 GMT
I guess he didnt do well by playing poker, or found his other "job" more fascinating.
What is a bit funny also by reading this article is what it says at the end,
for the other poker player.
Retired bank robber Smile Is that actual a thing? He had a health insurance also? Smile
 Calmplay12/01/2018 15:16:19 GMT
Well with 150k, he could have invest that amount in a good profitable business. I believe he lost money in gambling and did not have that much left to be involve in those illegal activities. What a shame!

 CALICUL12/01/2018 19:21:01 GMT
This Thomas Dougher, will definitely receive a greater prison sentence because it happens with many peoples who rob casinos. Interesting is the fact that this offender is a bank robber. With so many surveillance systems there are still thieves who have the courage to do that. He caught the microbe from the movies.
 doubletop77713/01/2018 07:56:59 GMT
It seems like this guy is a career criminal and it is no surprise that he carried on doing it after his big win. Some people will never change their ways and he seems like one of those
 Mober13/01/2018 10:22:18 GMT
Well, if he has invested all of his winning s back in 2015 into buying bitcoins,
now he would have a small fortune.
Buying with 500 then and selling when it reached the 20k mark, thats 6 millions USD.
Not bad for two years doing absolutely nothing.
 dule-vu13/01/2018 12:28:19 GMT
maybe he didnt play lot of poker tournaments,but in this news lot of things are about casino,poker and everything else!he even took car in front of one casino!but he had that great win at poker tournament and lot of time to think about that in prison!
 pochui14/01/2018 09:57:06 GMT
well this is a nice occupation to have- a serial bank robber. wow this would look perfect on a cv, especially if you're running for president or sth like that... probably even better than a porn actor, naah porn actor is better by at least a few inches...
 Sandmanilo15/01/2018 12:36:46 GMT
It's strange that people are still rob banks with all those cameras and security measures. I would like to read some details of these his robberies. Also it's strange that he, being a successful poker player, broke the law. Maybe he had huge debts or something like that.
 CALICUL15/01/2018 19:54:39 GMT
they rob these casinos because they are desperate. They want money and are no longer in a position to think about the prison sentence. In the case of casinos the penalty is higher than a market or another store. Some have debts others are drugged and they rob. A bad decision for them
 godoy12/02/2018 17:30:30 GMT
WHAT STOP for what to steal if you have a gift so good that and of playing pooker in high level and fuck some with so much and others disperdando the talent that it has wanted I have abilities to spell tournaments

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