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888poker BLAST Jackpots Hit for $210K in 3 Consecutive Days this October

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Posted on 18 October 2019 by "T".

For three consecutive days this month of October, there were a dozen lucky players who hit the BLAST jackpot at 888poker, with only a total of $21 worth of buy-ins made which transformed into a whopping $210,000 in payouts!

BLAST Sit & Go's are 4-handed tournaments with a random prize pool set. After a specific amount of time, all four players are placed all-in every hand.

The last player standing gets to take home the biggest piece of the pie - which could reach up to 10,000x the buy-in!


BLAST $10,000 with $1 Buy-in
The first big hit of the month at 888poker occurred on October 4 in the $1 buy-in FAST Blast SNG.
All of the winners were British and they hit a nice $10,000 prize pool randomly chosen for the game.
The top prize went to Grezz1977 who took home $6,000 while the next three winners got $2,000 (2nd place) and $1,000 each (3rd and 4th place).

We apologies for the poor quality of this screenshot


BLAST $50,000 with $5 Buy-in
On October 5, four players got seated in an SNG table, only to see in the end that their $5 buy-in was going to go further than usual! The prize pool got boosted to a plump sum of $50,000, with the lion's share being $30,000.

SELLAGO from Moldova snagged the first place and received $30,000, while the rest of the three winners were all from Canada. Third and fourth place got $5,000 each. Second place got $10,000 and was won by stray502.

We apologies for the poor quality of this screenshot


BLAST $150,000 with $15 Buy-in
The biggest jackpot hit came on the final day of this run. On October 6, four players took a seat in a $15 buy-in Blast Sit & Go, completely not knowing they were going to be playing for life-changing amounts of cash.
The total prize pool was randomly drawn at $210,000, and everybody was definitely motivated to bring on their A-game.

Players from the UK ($15,000), Ireland ($15,000) and Ukraine ($30,000) got the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, while the top prize worth $90,000 went to a Brazilian player named JCDias888.

We apologies for the poor quality of this screenshot

Congrats to all 12 BLAST players on their incredible run, winning thousands of dollars with just a buy-in worth $1, $5, or $15!

How to Join the BLAST SNGs
Each BLAST Sit & Go (SNG) starts with a random draw to determine the prize pool, which could reach up to 10,000 times the buy-in. Players begin with a starting stack of 1,500 chips, regardless of the multiplier. The prize pool distribution and blind structure of each BLAST SNG is set according to the multiplier.

After four players are registered, the tournament begins, and the BLAST timer starts. When the BLAST timer runs out, all remaining players are put all-in until only one is left standing to be crowned the winner.

At this time, BLAST SNGs offer buy-ins ranging from 50¢, $1, $5, $15, $30 and $100.

BLAST SNGs run all the time on all 888poker platforms. Always check the client and their social media channels for special BLAST promotions.

Check out the 888poker client, under the BLAST SNG tab, to see the latest buy-ins available.

To get a glimpse of the action, watch this real-life example of 888poker's BLAST game, posted during the time it was first launched (in 2016):

18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly - T&C's Apply.

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11 comments on "888poker BLAST Jackpots Hit for $210K in 3 Consecutive Days this October"

 dule-vu18/10/2019 11:32:51 GMT
This are great jackpots for any poker player and especially when you see from what buy this player got them!10 K from just 1 $,second 50 K from 5$ and third 150 K from just 15 $!great promotion from 888 poker!
 levi981218/10/2019 12:28:05 GMT
well congratulations for the winners! i love the blast games, the spin and go concept is a very neath one, because a lot of poker matches feels way to long. every time the slot turns i feel exited, the only downside is that the wheel keeps hanging on a high value pot , and then in the last second slides down to a low value pot. this is very frustrating .
 bowie198418/10/2019 21:22:11 GMT
Congrats for those who were lucky enough to take these down, whenever I play some random prizepool sngs the prizes never seem to reach my ideal floor of potential to consider any of these tournies +EV for me though...
 CALICUL19/10/2019 12:04:57 GMT
I don't trust in these blast games because with 3 players is ok, but with 4, the chances to making a profit, in this type of game are tiny. All winners was british citizens and 888 is from UK... of course... Is something what attracts me to make again dislike for this poker room. This is not god for me but is good for English players...
 bowie198419/10/2019 21:27:40 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
I don't trust in these blast games because with 3 players is ok, but with 4, the chances to making a profit, in this type of game are tiny...

I mean beating only three players is easier than beating 300 players, but yeah, I would never grind these kinda tournies because it's volatile as hell.
 CALICUL19/10/2019 21:43:49 GMT
The same thing exists in other rooms but with 3 players. In the past 888 poker also had the same. I don't know why they chose this version and how many people play here, but some people prefer this and others not. Some people make money, but it is very difficult because when the time expires, the software decides the winner...
 DaCapo7120/10/2019 06:55:41 GMT
I like this fast BLAST sng´s at If you don´t have many time, you can play these games or in combination with multitable games. Ok the structure is lucky gambling game, but you have the chance, to win the x-times of your buy in without many risk.
 dule-vu20/10/2019 08:56:59 GMT
I didnt play much this blast tournament at 888 site,only when I get free tickets and then I can choose on whatever to spend them,I choose to spend on 1 $ blast tournaments!ofcourse always payout is small,sometimes only first player get everything,sometimes first two!
on poker stars this kind of fast games are with 3 players!
 Mober20/10/2019 11:13:44 GMT
Well what can you say here. If you are lucky, you are lucky.
You just stra a game and you are in the money, big money.
And in one of the screenshot that i can see, all the players were from UK Smile
Nice timing there. They picked the right moment Smile
 CALICUL22/10/2019 08:21:36 GMT
In 888 Poker it is the best to play cash, if you are a skilled player and you can make a profit in every month. Blast it is a difficult game to digest... because you can't make a profit here if you are a mediocre or average player. You have to be really good at this for money.
 dule-vu22/10/2019 12:31:43 GMT
You can imagine that feeling when you see numbers on your screen and that you know that you play for such a big amount!ofcourse they have only one of this biggest prizes in every range and you need luck to hit something like this!

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