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Maria Ho appeared in Deal or No Deal as Special Guest to Help Poker Fan Contestant

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Posted on 11 January 2019 by "T".

On January 9 Wednesday evening, poker player Maria Ho returned to mainstream TV on the game show Deal or No Deal on CNBC.

Her appearance in the Deal or No Deal show was not as a contestant, but instead she came there to support the contestant.

It turns out that the contestant Shireen Mui who was set to play for the $1 million prize, is actually a huge poker fan. The Women in Poker Hall of Fame 2018 inductee just so happens to be one of her admired poker personalities and Maria is joining her on stage to guide in her decision-making.

The 35-year-old Maria Ho is considered one of the most recognizable female faces in today's poker world, with total live tournament earnings exceeding $2.7 million!

A well-established and successful poker player, ambassador, TV personality, host and commentator, Maria was the first female hired as a strategic commentator for a poker TV broadcast, was once a part of the broadcast team during the 2017 WSOP Main Event, and currently is a co-host at WPT's King of the Club on Fox Sports Net.

She also competed in shows like American Idol as well as the 15th season of the Amazing Race (along with fellow poker player and best friend Tiffany Michelle).

In total for now she has 45 WSOP cashes, 4 WSOP final tables, 1 WSOP Circuit final table, 6 WPT cashes, 1 WPT final table, and many other final tables on the pro poker circuit.

How much do you think the contestant won? Watch to find out!


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11 comments on "Maria Ho appeared in Deal or No Deal as Special Guest to Help Poker Fan Contestant"

 doubletop77711/01/2019 09:54:43 GMT
It must have been such a thrilling experience for this contestant when Maria Ho turned up. Maria has turned into one of the best poker players' on the planet and i hope she continues doing well in the future
 CALICUL11/01/2019 16:43:13 GMT
Nice show with 105.000 dollars, won by this woman, in this contest Deal or No Deal.
I saw a suitcase with a million dollars missed by this woman who competed.
She could have won $ 300k but his options they were not too inspired.
Anyway, it's a very good prize.
 thefly13111/01/2019 18:29:53 GMT
I guess everybody will accept the deal at some time in this show. The risk of falling down gets to biig even for the biggest gamblers.
The deal is just a statistical calculation of the hidden prices.

So if your left with 4 prices like 500, 1000, 7500 and 100000 it s likely u accept an offer 30000.

and even if u would continue and got lucky what with an offer of 52000 whenonly the 100000 and 1000 are left.
 godoy11/01/2019 21:43:54 GMT
this maria ho and my muse of the poker that beautiful that simpatica that I like the poker that this woman and that competition has several qualities that does not have mem like classsificar the best with so many conquest that she already had and an amazing woman and helped aparticipante to gain 105 thousand dollars you dream kkkkk
 Mober12/01/2019 11:44:11 GMT
Watched the whole video, and i think i can say that either she was there or not,
and i am talking about maria ho, the outcome would have been the same Smile
It went well for the player, with only one cent in the case, winning a little more than
100k USD after he deal.
 crankmuppet12/01/2019 12:19:24 GMT
I did not know she was an American Idol contestant.
 godoy12/01/2019 22:23:57 GMT
with this giant prize this woman took great asorte with the help of the maria hu that brought luck to her that beauty of woman and this player of top always more beautiful and sympathetic with everybody
 Gerimantas13/01/2019 14:43:56 GMT
it is very good for all guys who love to play poker to see beautiful women who also like to play poker, because it is more fun to play at table when you can talk or just watch beautiful women. make game more interesting and talk at table is more fun. women go and play poker more
 damosk13/01/2019 15:05:28 GMT
Interesting event! What do you guys think of thè offer they made of Two thousand dollars plus a WSOP buy in and a training session with Maria ho and a few other goodies? Would you have taken that? I think she made the right decision to not accept that deal but made a good call accepting the one o five hundred thousand!
 CALICUL13/01/2019 16:45:19 GMT
It was an inspired choice.
This woman could lose a lot of money but in final was good and he chose a good option.
Usually this prize is winning hard in this kind of shows.
Now she can have some fun with her boyfriend.
With these money, if they are spent properly, can visit all Europe. Cool
 godoy14/01/2019 17:05:50 GMT
one of the coolest programs that until here in brazil happened with the presenter more top that was silviu santos the format of deall or not deall and a success and that counts on great personalities and with this woman that is one of the most delicious that I have already I saw MARIA HU beautiful delight competent pre-professional and nice and sexy parabens

the mobnatal and a kind of bomus for people who win more does not take rsrss I even took many prizes more in rooms that I do not have and I had to change for the tikets of lottery draws I did not win anything ah and who took the big prizes could have a post about this more apromoçao was top

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