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partypoker SNG Leaderboards: Win a Share of $23,500 Every Week

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Posted on 05 December 2019 by "T".

Great news for Sit & Go (SNG) players as they now have the chance to win a share of $23,500 every week for just playing their favorite games - all thanks to partypoker's exciting SNG Leaderboards.

SNG Leaderboards run from 00:00 CET on Monday through to 23:59 CET the following Sunday. These are split into 4 separate leaderboards based on the SNG buy-ins. SNG Leaderboard points are earned according to the number of players in the tournament and your finished position, which means you can earn points just by playing an SNG but secure even more if you win your SNG game.

This is the formula used for awarding SNG Leaderboards points: 10* [√n√rank]

partypoker has split the SNG Leaderboards into 4 to make it a level-playing ground for all and to give more players the chance to secure tournament dollars and cash prizes. Earn points for the Low leaderboard by entering SNGs with a buy-in of $1 to $4.99. Points for the Mid leaderboard are awarded for SNGs with buy-ins of $10-$49.99, while playing $50-$199.99 SNGs earns you points for the High leaderboard. The high rollers can play in $200 to $1,000 buy-in games and earn points for your own leaderboard.

SNG Leaderboards - Payouts
The $23,500 guaranteed to be won each week is composed of cash prizes and tournament dollars. Tournament dollars can be used to enter any partypoker tournament, including SNGs, so any you win can be used during next week's SNG Leaderboard if you wish.

Players can get T$2 to T$750 with cash prizes from $75 up to an awesome $2,500!

Note that heads-up SNG and SPINS are not counted in the SNG Leaderboards promotion, but all your play in other SNG does earn you points even when you use the partypoker mobile app, which means you earn points while on the go.

Hit the SNG tables right now, try to climb up the SNG Leaderboards, and bag yourself a nice prize this week!


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11 comments on "partypoker SNG Leaderboards: Win a Share of $23,500 Every Week"

 dule-vu05/12/2019 12:21:15 GMT
good news for all players who love sit and go games at party poker!
 bowie198405/12/2019 14:04:14 GMT
This is almost feels like a rake race. The ones who benefits the most will be those high volume players who are there every day grinding - the rest will be left to collect some bare bones the others might leave behind...
 dule-vu06/12/2019 14:15:06 GMT
some of them will win,some of them will lose a lot,but yeah,this is how things go!but as I said,if you already play lot of sit and go games and its normal that you spend lot of time on this,then this just can be some free money for you!if not,that probably its better not to play them just because of this prizes!
 CALICUL06/12/2019 20:50:19 GMT
I do not like this. Those who play most SNGs win. It is better to draw lots, where the winners are chosen. Sometimes it is good to reward other players, to gain confidence and the customers will make efforts to play more games. My strategy can be good.
 Mober08/12/2019 12:34:52 GMT
It is a good promotion for the grinders of course, playing these games either way.
there is no point chasing this one, if you are not a sit n go player.
And only the three top positions get real cash.
The res of the prizes from what i see are in tournament dollars.
Good luck to all the ones participating.
 Ibrahimbanat08/12/2019 13:59:21 GMT
Great news
 CALICUL08/12/2019 23:30:18 GMT
This promotion makes players with money to be something more rich. They will certainly be happy but others will not be. Big gamblers always hit good prizes, when there are promotions. I remember Daniel Negreanu when he said that: small players must receive more benefits because in the end, they will lose those gifts ( with his words of course ).
 sirkosun09/12/2019 19:39:31 GMT
the partypoke would rather do some promotions before Christmas and New Year
this is the only one poker room
that prepared nothing for the holidays
 GIRFIED25/12/2019 01:53:29 GMT
It is a good incentive for Partypoker to motivate players to play SNG, it should be borne in mind that playing SNG today is losing money, in this type of modality the metagame is very hardened making it very difficult to earn money In the long term, added to this is the lack of a good rewards system and the rake that the rooms are charging.

That is why this type of promotions tries to motivate players to play SNG, to try not to disappear, but this is not a long-term solution if conditions are not improved.

 RLipman9005/01/2020 00:11:22 GMT
sng are as good as replaced by spins, even with this kind of promotions i doubt that people are going back to them with exception of the few that prefer sng's
 CALICUL05/01/2020 23:14:38 GMT
I think many players will be happy if Party Poker prizes for this leaderboard of BRM will be good. Many players have free time and are trying to make money with a multitude of freerolls games. I don't know how much they will benefit but with them at the tables it will be better because they will play other games.

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