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partypoker Promo - SPINS Overdrive

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Posted on 31 August 2023 by "T".

Today is the launch of SPINS Overdrive, a new innovative product at partypoker!

Get ready to switch gears for chances at even more wins on the game you love - that's the new SPINS way to play! 

partypoker promo - SPINS Overdrive

SPINS Overdrive is a unique, three-player Jackpot Sit & Go game with thousands of multipliers and dynamic chip stacks.

This means the bigger the multiplier, the more starting chips you get - and the more you could win, with a top prize pool of 240,000x your buy-in!

  • Supercharged: Win up to $1M
  • Challenges: Win instant prizes + Entry to a weekly $5K freeroll
  • Mobile App: Daily login for a free $0.25 ticket
  • Leaderboards: Get your share of P$5K daily


Upcoming Event: SPINS Overdrive Mini-Series

  • September 3 to 10, 2023
  • 24 added-value games
  • Buy-ins: from $1.10 to $11
  • Added value of up to $1,000 per game

To celebrate the launch of their new SPINS games, a Mini Series will be held, where a total of $15,000 shall be added across 8 days of turbocharged play.

$10,000 of SPINS Overdrive tickets will be added to the prize pools, while an extra $5,000 will be up for grabs via a leaderboard. Cashing in on the Overdrive tournaments will get you points for the leaderboard. 

Running from September 3 to 10, the Mini Series has a total of 24 added-value games. Buy-ins range from $1.10 to $11 and there's an added value of up to $1,000 each game.

One game. Thousands of possibilities. Go beyond with SPINS Overdrive!



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71 comments on "partypoker Promo - SPINS Overdrive"

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» partypoker Promo - SPINS Overdrive

 Kostipey21/09/2023 13:23:29 GMT
Yes, it is! They offer great things! I really like this promotion from partypoker, last week I entered the weekend tournament, for each completed mission they give you tickets for the weekend tournaments, a way to win more money with just a little investment.
 CALICUL21/09/2023 13:24:03 GMT
sure Smile
 Gedemonas22/09/2023 01:01:35 GMT
Posted by geseco12:
I really like this promotion from partypoker, last week I entered the weekend tournament, for each completed mission they give you tickets for the weekend tournaments, a way to win more money with just a little investment.

Nice value, good luck with your tickets, spin it up Thumbs Up
 dule-vu22/09/2023 05:15:03 GMT
Probably only this where are free tickets...
 cocozza22/09/2023 08:57:22 GMT
He probado the SPINS Overdrive . Shortstack , la duracion de los niveles es minima . En medio un spin es de 4, 5 manos .

I have tried the SPINS Overdrive. Shortstack, the duration of the levels is minimal. In average a spin is 4, 5 hands.
 dule-vu22/09/2023 09:12:58 GMT
good for you!
 geseco1222/09/2023 16:02:48 GMT
is an incredible promotion that partypoker brings to its community, the SPINS Overdrive gives you the opportunity to play in weekend tournaments with good guarantees, plus win a lot more.
 CALICUL22/09/2023 16:55:35 GMT
yes, the party proves once again that it is far too interested in offering the players what they like and need for the common good. Good luck with your games.
 geseco1223/09/2023 17:14:05 GMT
So it is, always the partypoker room has been very concerned and supportive of the players, and that has been seen over the years as a gaming room, now with this promotion more than one wants to play in partypoker.
 CALICUL23/09/2023 17:16:10 GMT
here he finds many attractive things because it is a big poker room that can offer many nice games for their customers. The important thing is to search and see what is good for you, then try to win.
 antonis32123/09/2023 22:00:06 GMT
I have to say I was curious for the new tourneys with enhanced prizepool were you could also win as extra prize besides the guarantee also some spin overdrive tickets . I have the feeling that their total prizepool was smaller ,less than the prizepool of some other normal tourneys with the same buy in . I couldnt see the edge on playing these tourneys. I didn't play them , I couldn't see were was the extra motivation to play them . Very strange , maybe sth that I missed , misunderstood, I don't know ....
 dule-vu23/09/2023 22:14:11 GMT
This two before you also cant explain it...
 geseco1224/09/2023 20:50:39 GMT
SPINS Overdrive is great, you can complete the missions and participate in big tournaments, I recently played the weekly tournament, this time I was just a little short to enter the cashouts, I felt I played well.
 dule-vu24/09/2023 20:51:04 GMT
Wow Big Smile
 geseco1201/10/2023 02:53:09 GMT
SPINS Overdrive promotion is still running, you have to complete the missions set during the week to be able to play and win prizes, tomorrow is the 5k freeroll for all those who got their seat this week.
 dule-vu01/10/2023 05:11:25 GMT
And you still have something to say about it!
 geseco1202/10/2023 12:54:24 GMT
I will always say that it is one of the best promotions that partypoker has made to the community, you can play for free and also win tickets and prizes to play in bigger tournaments, good luck to all who are always participating.
 dule-vu02/10/2023 13:22:32 GMT
yeah, they try to make their best, but this is old news!
 geseco1203/10/2023 15:01:22 GMT
the news are old but the promotion is still valid, that's why we will always comment until the promotion ends, there is always something new to rescue from this, besides the end time is unknown, and it seems that it will end.
 ligador3703/10/2023 15:47:11 GMT
It is always good that there are promotions, which cover different types of games.
That they also give you free tickets, even if they are $0.25, is very good. One can transform that into much more, with a good strategy and patience.
Sometimes in the spins it is a little more difficult, due to their speed. One should choose a wider range of hands.
But good promotion
 CALICUL03/10/2023 16:11:50 GMT
if they have players , they will always have promotions Smile
 ligador3705/10/2023 01:44:10 GMT
Yes, of course, but there are sites that have many players and their promotions are getting worse and worse. THE best example is PS.
There are no bonuses for new deposits, there are not many promotions. They have simply neglected the user. And even though they are from the largest rooms, many people have left them, and will continue to leave them.
 dule-vu05/10/2023 06:05:39 GMT
such old thread, over month ago, nothing new to say....
 anjor106/10/2023 05:05:05 GMT
Is very good this promotion you can win a lot of money if you lucky. Big Smile
 dule-vu06/10/2023 05:58:52 GMT

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