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Posted on 01 April 2019 by "T".

We are proud to announce that we have implemented a Voice Control technology into This means that you can now navigate the website by speaking different commands, including "find poker bonuses", "casino news" and "log in to my account".

Thanks to this new technology on, you will no longer need to type on the keyboard, scroll and click using the mouse, etc.

Using Voice Control is very simple

  • Sit near your computer/mobile/tablet.
  • Speak one of the following commands (just a few examples to get your started): "find poker/casino/betting bonuses", "casino/poker/betting news", "Log in to my account", "Freerolls", "Forum", "Scroll down/up", "mob games".
  • You can also say any other words/sentences and the computer will write them for you. But we recommend that you avoid using swear words in the forum, as the Forum Admin Bot might give you a temporary ban.



Stay tuned for more information on our new Voice Control function.


BankrollMob Crew


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31 comments on " Now With Voice Control Technology"

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» Now With Voice Control Technology

 pajalnick01/04/2019 20:27:55 GMT
it would be great ideas for the message to be able to write through the microphone .... And so I have to write messages through the microphone in Google translator .... only then copy it and insert the message into the forum ... I have to make a few extra movements haha
 damosk02/04/2019 13:28:55 GMT
So, more than 24 hours into this new facility and despite numerous attempts to get it to work I still cannot do so! I have modified my distance from the computer various times and I even contacted compucon support who have set up a dedicated response team to deal with any other members who are having trouble getting their devices to get this functionality going.

If you are Having trouble with your device and can’t get this to work, call Compucon and quote “I’ve been scammed by BRM” and they will resolve it for you immediately!

LOL. ..... nice one BRM.
 dule-vu02/04/2019 19:58:48 GMT
who know what can we expect from BRM in future,when they now have this kind of things on site and what will bring this forum and site on bigger level,even now everything is great!I didnt expect this kind of thing at all,so it was nice suprise!keep working like this Thumbs Up
 pajalnick02/04/2019 20:35:31 GMT
I also did not find a voice control on this site .... maybe my Google Chrome browser doesn’t fit .... Or maybe some other reason .... but in any case it’s not difficult for me to make a few mouse clicks so that go to the page I need ..... but an interesting innovation Confused
 bowie198402/04/2019 22:33:56 GMT
So far I used the following voice commands:
- refill my mob shots up to 800
- get me 5k lottery tickets for free
- open all my mob calendar doors twenty days into the future
- sign me up on every no deposit bonus
- put me first place on every leaderboard.

The results are mixed so far Big Smile
 dule-vu04/04/2019 06:49:29 GMT
he,he,nice move bowie,who know maybe will work it and you find something on your account Big Smile !if this is still in test phase,then mistakes are normal and who know what can happen!
serious now,its great what they are doing for site and would be great to find some new stuffs in next months!
 damosk04/04/2019 08:35:07 GMT
Its working for me now. I have established the correct distance from my device and the correct level and tone of voice. It works exceptionally well with a strong Russian accent! Today I said, when I open a window on the calendar, I want to be generous to everyone else and therefore I do not want to win. It worked!
 bowie198413/04/2019 19:42:24 GMT
Seems you were browsing on JokerStars rather than BRM, lol Big Smile Blink
Meanwhile it turned out my laptop does not have in-line mic so I was shouting voice commands to no one but me. My life in one sentence, lol... Big Smile
 pajalnick14/04/2019 07:16:05 GMT
I usually connect a microphone in those cases when I need to write a message .... I write a message in Google translator And it automatically translates my Russian words into English ... it is much more convenient than typing the words .... but the voice commands on this site I can't drive for some reason
 dule-vu14/04/2019 10:32:55 GMT
I see new thing when I got from chrome on BRM site!before,I log in at BRM from my laptop and whole day I am loged in,dont need to put my details again,only if I shut down laptop!but from few days ago,when I close chrome on X,later when I open again I am loged out from BRM and no matter how many times I go on BRM I need to log in every time!dont know is this something that BRM do with their changes or its on chrome side?!
 Milos75314/04/2019 12:05:37 GMT
Well dont BRM stuff for this. But this is not work for me too. Dont know why. I am right now on laptop and I speak loud and reasonable, I literally walked into the laptop Smile But nothing happens. Did this work on laptop or only for computer and mobile ?
 CALICUL14/04/2019 13:48:25 GMT
I did not try until now this new voice technology because of my english... and i will not use it neither in the future. If it will be invented a technology to make the translation directly, i think BRM will no longer give points for comments. I think it's good for those who want to talk more. Smile
 arsenej114/04/2019 14:51:12 GMT
Doesnt seem to work on my galazy s8. Do i need to enable someyhing?
 pajalnick15/04/2019 07:24:43 GMT
I go to this site via Google Chrome and I also have Windows 7 .... maybe something is wrong in my software if I don’t see an opportunity to implement voice messages on this site ... But on the other hand, I’ll have to speak on -English, but with my Russian accent, I doubt that the system will recognize my message
 Milos75315/04/2019 15:34:16 GMT
I just try now on my honor 8 mobile and still dont work. So for me dont work on windows 10 laptop and on my honor 8. Can anyone from BRM administration to tell us why we cant use this voice control ? It's impossible that voice control does not work because of my accent. Gl
 sirthomas16/04/2019 06:33:24 GMT
This was an April Fool's Prank Smile

Thomas Mob Admin
 dule-vu16/04/2019 11:28:46 GMT
must admit that I didnt even think that this is aprils joke and that something is strange in this news!when you see that somebody post news,which BRM have in news section,then you dont think about it!nice job and nice aprils fools prank from you!now we see that we cant believe in everything that we see!
 Milos75316/04/2019 16:38:29 GMT
Posted by sirthomas:
This was an April Fool's Prank Smile

Thomas Mob Admin

LOOOOOL AHAHAH... Well nice joke Big Smile Some people lied here that this voice control work, idk why ahahah Smile I believed it, and I did not notice it was published on the first of April. Good joke Smile Gl
 pajalnick17/04/2019 08:42:05 GMT
It is surprising that some members of the BRM began to write that everything works for them ... and this technology works fine on their computer .... given that it was Prank, then it is very funny .... and the truth of the messages causes Doubts of these BRM members in general Confused
 dule-vu17/04/2019 16:54:06 GMT
I was also sure that this thing work at BRM site,when some member writed that they use this and that everything work just fine!ofcourse I didnt try anything of this,but ofcourse I didnt have doubt about it and didnt look that this news is on april 1. and that this can be just joke!but very nice from BRM to make fun with this!
 SBEP18/04/2019 05:56:18 GMT
Wow permanent ban for a swear word, thats a bit harsh dont you think?
But in all honesty if voice commands work it would be a great addon to this site, that i think is already great, and i will not have a use from this feature since i dont have a mic or use voice commands in general in every day life, i mean how more lazy can a human being get, whats next i need some one to chew the food for me Big Smile
 pajalnick18/04/2019 09:18:44 GMT
This is of course a great trolling from the BRM Administration !!! ... wait quite a few days for people to discuss it and some even said that everything works .... And then to report that it was an April Fool's joke .... Very cool ... but on the merits of the question, such a function is probably not very necessary ... it is not at all difficult to click on the mouse button to go to the necessary page Worship
 CALICUL18/04/2019 14:05:06 GMT
It's good that it's a joke and not a truth. Nowadays, we are not watching very carefully celebrations or other traditions. It could be true, but it's fine. Honestly, many users would have accepted voice technology. In the future this will happen.
 dule-vu19/04/2019 08:58:55 GMT
their idea was successful and lot of believed in this story!I also didnt think that this can be aprils fools joke and who would think that in todays world technology everyting can be done!some new things probably will be in future,but we will see what can be on this site!
 CALICUL22/04/2019 15:07:04 GMT
The technology will change in the future surely but hopefully we will have something much safer because some people are trying to introduce technologies for birds, animals or humans. 5 G of
example is a technology which kills easily and that is not good. I hope that it will be good for the future of mankind in the field of technology. Blink

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