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LAPC $25K High Roller won by Maria Ho for $276,690

Tags: LAPC, Maria Ho, Matt Savage.
Posted on 07 March 2019 by "K".

Maria Ho defeated one of the best female players in the game Kristen Bicknell to win the $25K High Roller at the La Poker Classic.

It’s definitely a great moment for Maria because when she won the event she turned 36 years old, and the $276,690 prize is absolutely a perfect gift for the 2018 Women in Poker Hall of Fame member.

The 2019 L.A. Poker Classic $25,000 buy-in NLHE High Roller title is actually Maria Ho’s second-biggest live score in her career. Her biggest score to date is her runner-up finish in a $5,000 event for $540,020 at the 2011 WSOP. Currently her lifetime live tournament earnings are over $3 million.

The event had a player field of 28 entries that built a prize pool of $699,860. The top five players shall earn a payout, with the top three to be guaranteed six-figure prizes.

In the final hand, Maria Ho was up against Kristen Bicknell.

Maria Ho had Q-5

Bicknell had K-10

The board showed J-9-8-5-8, and Ho got the better hand with a 5 pair on the turn, thus winning the pot and the title.

World Poker Tour Executive Director Matt Savage greeted Maria Ho a happy birthday as he posted the results of the event via Twitter:


Maria Ho said to Matt after she won, “Matt, I’ve played so many tournaments on my birthday because Bay 101 used to always fall then, and I’ve never even sniffed a final table on my birthday. I guess on my birthday I’ll have to come back to pick up my payout!”

LAPC $25K High Roller Results






Maria Ho

United States



Kristen Bicknell




Sean Winter

United States



Tamon Nakamura




Manig Loeser




Source: https://www.highstakesdb.com/9389-maria-ho-wins-lapc-25k-high-roller-for-276690.aspx

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11 comments for "LAPC $25K High Roller won by Maria Ho for $276,690"

 doubletop77708/03/2019 08:33:42 GMT
What a great birthday present for Maria Ho and many congratulations to her on winning this event. I have seen her many times over the years playing on the t.v. and it is no surprise to see her winning these events
 CALICUL08/03/2019 10:34:51 GMT
What can i say about this is Maria Ho managed to win a beautiful gift on her birthday. We are waiting for Maria to be able to win her first gold bracelet. Let's hope she can do that but it will not be easy for her. I congratulate her for this winning in the LAPC $25k High Roller. Big Smile
 dule-vu08/03/2019 13:24:30 GMT
she look very nice for 36 years old women and she play poker very good!you have to have very good bankroll to have for this kind of buy in or maybe somebody invest in her as player!its very nice to see that women can take such a big amounts!congratulations to her!
 pajalnick08/03/2019 18:07:27 GMT
I like maria ho ..... I sometimes watch the tournament with his participation online to enjoy her game ... and then her birthday She made herself a wonderful gift ... My congratulations to this beautiful poker player ... good luck at the tables ... I am very happy for her
 bowie198408/03/2019 19:24:43 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
she look very nice for 36 years old women and she play poker very good!you have to have very good bankroll to have for this kind of buy in or maybe somebody invest in her as player!its very nice to see that women can take such a big amounts!congratulations to her!

Yeah, she does look nice for a 'Ho'. Cool
Okay now, I see myself out Big Smile
 Gerimantas09/03/2019 15:42:25 GMT
yes I personally to think like some people say in this thread that maria ho look very beautiful woman and 36 years is solid age and she look for this age very good. to me it is always nice to see women play poker it is more fun to have thios company and not only men.
 pajalnick09/03/2019 21:25:26 GMT
Maria ho is a very nice girl .... and it is nice that I have not only a pretty face, but also a sharp wonderful mind .... which allows her to win poker tournaments ... a wonderful girl .... I am very glad that she won this tournament ... I hope this is not the last tournament won this year in her
 Mober10/03/2019 11:29:00 GMT
This is probably the tournament with the lowest number of participants that
i have ever seen. Only 28 of them Smile
Very good chances to hit the money with five places getting paid.
Not easy though since all players know what they are doing in a game like this Smile
 Nightkid10/03/2019 14:56:09 GMT
Congratulations to the winner Maria Ho and having defeated one of the best players of the game Kristen Bicknell and take the victory of the $ 25K High Roller ... how I would like to one day be able to face one of these great players and play in a table to learn a little more from those who know Cool Cool Cool
 bowie198411/03/2019 19:19:28 GMT
Much more I see these names on the final table there are some interesting connections could be drawn between them - as I see it a 'ho' defeated 'winter' a 'loser' and a 'middle village' in the end. Now, this is some newsworthy battle if I ever see one...
 Nightkid19/03/2019 11:21:50 GMT
The truth who would not want to win an event like this and more if it occurs on your birthday better: D very good for Maria and I hope that more winners and take more money for the house and hopefully one day my turn comes Cool Cool Cool

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