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Triton Poker SHR Jeju Event #3 won by Malaysian Michael Soyza for HK$11 Million

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Posted on 08 March 2019 by "K".

The Triton Super High Roller Series, Jeju crowns yet another winner this week in Event #3: HKD500,000 (USD64,000) Six-Max Hold’em.

Malaysian poker pro Michael Soyza emerged victorious from a player field of 81 (including 32 re-entries), effectively reading into Sam Greenwood’s bluff during the final hand to win the biggest payout of his poker career to date, HKD 11.15M (USD1.44 million).

Two weeks before this event, Soyza apparently broke his hand while snowboarding in Japan, which explains the arm sling he wore during the event. The 29-year-old Natural8 ambassador had 10 screws and a titanium plate placed inside his hand, but this wasn’t going to stop him from joining in on the event.

In the final hand, it was Michael Soyza versus Canadian player Sam Greenwood.

Soyza got a pair of 7s

Greenwood had J-9

The board ran 8-10-3-8-K, which makes Soyza having two pair, and therefore winning the pot and the title.

Soyza said after the event, “Feels pretty good. It's nice to win something. You just play your hands and hopefully it works out well. Win flips, you know. That’s how you do it. Sam's a good player, so I'm just lucky I had a good spot.”

According to the Hendonmob, his total live earnings is at the $5 million mark, and is 5th in the Malaysia All-Time Money List. He started playing poker in 2008 when his friend forced him to play in a home game with $0.03/$0.06 blinds, and since then he was immersed in the world of poker and started to join both live and online poker events.

Triton Jeju Event #3: Six-Max Hold’em
Buy-in: HK$500,000 (US$63,700)
Entries: 81 (inc. 32 re-entries)
Prize pool: HK$38.07 million

Official Final Table results




Prize (HKD)

Prize (USD)


Michael Soyza





Sam Greenwood





Ivan Leow





Bryn Kenney





Beh Kok





Jason Koon





Xu Liang





Tong Siow Choon





Stanley Choi

Hong Kong





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11 comments on "Triton Poker SHR Jeju Event #3 won by Malaysian Michael Soyza for HK$11 Million"

 bowie198408/03/2019 19:22:24 GMT
Quite an event with a nice prizepool for something happening in proximity of Asia/Korea. I mean I dunno why paying out hong kong dollars instead the american ones straight up but there is more things I really do not understand about asian poker.
 doubletop77709/03/2019 08:43:53 GMT
This looks like a tremendous final table and very well done to Michael for outlasting such a stellar field. I always feel very jealous of these top players whenever they get to go to such beautiful places and play poker
 CALICUL09/03/2019 10:35:26 GMT
Here in this final table is 4 players from Malaysia, although this tournament has taken place in Jeju, South Korea. A lot of money for they in this game and i think many Asians want more poker series in this part of the world. I watched a little poker yesterday at a final table and in simple hands players did not have the courage to make many bluff because the prizes were great. Smile
 Nightkid09/03/2019 13:31:29 GMT
Nueno nose to see people winning a lot of money and one here all poor yet hahaha but good congratulations to the winner Michael Soyza and I hope someday to be in one of these events that are done a lot in other countries but in mine there not many but some will give me but be before I die hahaha Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 dule-vu09/03/2019 15:08:56 GMT
prize pool is great for this small number of players,but buy in is also big!you need to have 64000 $ to have for buy in and even 32 re-entries!its not easy for all players to have this kind of money on bank account!but for winners this was great win and he got 1,45 million dollars!
 Gerimantas09/03/2019 15:44:54 GMT
yes it is very good story to read that player who start play by 0.03/0.06 blinds home game poker now achive so much and pay 64.000 for buyin and manage win of almost 1.5 millions of dollars. this is story that can help for any poker player to have motivation when you not have god day when playing.
 pajalnick09/03/2019 21:27:33 GMT
Well, finally, the news that a poker tournament was won by some poker professional .... but recently, very often a message about people who win poker tournaments for the first time ..... there was a feeling that the professionals stopped playing
 Mober10/03/2019 11:36:18 GMT
If you have that kind of money to invest i a game of poker of tyhis
magnitude, then you can win a prize like that.
And according to this player, his all time winning sre about five millions.
So for sure he has money to spend, in order to buy in,
in a game with 64k USD entry Smile
 Nightkid10/03/2019 14:50:25 GMT
And if the truth is that if you have money you can do what you want today and if you are a dry as is my case you spend it just to win some odd half prize just nomas hahaha so if someone wants to donate some dolarsito I accept them with pleasure and with a very nice Thank you !!! jajaajaj Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 maragatero14/03/2019 13:47:07 GMT
Well 77 is a good pair to win. If you see the hands with what some players had been winning is really absurd: 45o, T4o, K4s, etc, etc. 77 is a decent hand. A lot of money for they in this game and i think many Asians want more poker series in this part of the world. In Asia you can swim with big whales and a lot of fishes. The board is very soft!
 Nightkid17/03/2019 13:54:03 GMT
not to mention when you are playing with a couple of kk or qq and the other one is thrown with a pair of less than 5 and in a gap the letter comes out to get a leg gives you shit to get to the house and shit well with sticks hahaha but when a Russian does that, it kills me from the anger haha Angry Angry Angry

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