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888poker announces their Newest Addition to their Ambassador Team - Daria Feshchenko

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Posted on 14 August 2019 by "T".

888poker has a new member to their Team888 roster, 26-year-old Russian poker pro Daria "Scarlett_D" Feshchenko.

Daria is a philologist and orientalist, who studied the Indonesian language at the University of Moscow. Also, she was a model who won many titles such as ""Miss Bikini Eurasia" and "Miss Personality" at Miss Tourism Universe.

Daria was born in Moscow and is currently single with a 7-year-old son named Mark. She said, "I prefer to spend time with my son, not just as a mentor, but I think it is very important to be a real friend to your kid. Also, I like to read, theatres and ballet. I love to play board games. I like to travel and get new impressions."

Daria began playing poker a decade ago when a few friends introduced her to the game via underground poker clubs. She said, "I fell in love with this game immediately. I never heard about forums and online poker, so I just went to the biggest book shop and bought all the books about poker. For a long time, I was playing only underground cash games. But around four years ago I decided to start a new chapter in my career, a more official one. So, I started to travel and play poker. For the last two years, I've almost never unpacked my luggage because of my busy schedule of live events."

She usually spends most of her time playing $50/$100 no-limit Hold'em, but this summer she played in Las Vegas with stakes as high as $300/$600.

The reason why she joined 888poker? She answered, "There were a lot of reasons to say yes. First of all, their content is very warm and personal. I feel that it is a great opportunity to do something good for the poker industry, to share my life and story, and try to inspire some people. Also, I like all the crew a lot; they are like family but, at the same time, very professional. And, of course, 888poker is a big name in the industry. I am proud to be part of it. For me, it will be a very interesting experience, a new chapter in my life. I love poker a lot, and I am very excited that I have the opportunity to do something useful for the community."

She expressed her enthusiasm about spreading the love of poker in Russia, "In my country, not all people understand that poker is not gambling. It is an intelligence game and can be a profession. I'll be very glad to try to show them my life and share my opinions and experiences. Even if you are not a poker player, 888 ambassadors show that everybody can choose the life they want - even if it is not necessarily understood by society."

When asked about what she's most proud of, she answered, "For a long time, I was also the No. 1 European female player on the GPI rankings. But now it is my 888 colleague Ana Marquez. I am super oriented to do my work better and better every day. That will be my biggest accomplishment. Well, to speak honestly, to ship a big tournament would also be cool!"

Her current total live earnings is at the $230,000 mark, with her best live cash being $37,530 for placing 12th at the 2018 WSOP $1,000 NLHE Little One for One Drop event.

Daria joins the likes of Ana Marquez, Kara Scott, Sofia Lövgren, and Vivian Saliba as female ambassadors for 888poker. She said, "The team is very cool! Even though I don't know them personally, yet, they welcomed me with open arms. Ana and Vivi, they are very friendly and nice. Also, I like the fact that there are lots of girls on the team, but this fact is not exploited in a typical feminine way."

Watch her intro video here:



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10 comments on "888poker announces their Newest Addition to their Ambassador Team - Daria Feshchenko"

 dule-vu14/08/2019 11:54:52 GMT
888 poker to have beautifull ambassador and must say that they got it!she is also smart as I read in this news,she studied indonesian language and she was mode also!888 probably want to take more russian players from other sites!she have solid live cash,probably lot more online!
 CALICUL14/08/2019 15:04:19 GMT
Wow. To play stakes of $ 50 / $ 100 no limit holdem and in Las Vegas for $ 300 / $ 600 it means to know poker well enough. 888 Poker chose another ambassador and that means they have confidence in this woman. I don't know who he is but now this woman it has become more popular.
 bowie198414/08/2019 15:58:17 GMT
Oh wow, another russian poker pro - why am I not suprised? This is getting old but considering how every table everywhere you go to play is full of russian players is either the sign of how the rest of the world is getting tired of poker or how those people desperate to make money any way they can.
 gufra2014/08/2019 23:57:05 GMT
888 poker not only has talented women in its scam, but also looks very nice. This is nice for the brand since users decide to enter that room. Hopefully they continue adding more beautiful ambassadors and increase promotions ...
 dule-vu15/08/2019 12:10:53 GMT
I dont know anything about her and dont get me wrong,but I think that biggest reason for this sign up is how she look and that she was model and everyting else!I see that she stuided and that she can earn money with playing poker,but this is more to bring other player on how she look and now how she play!
 CALICUL15/08/2019 15:47:59 GMT
Wow. A very interesting thing you said but i do not want to develop the subject about this thing. What bothers me is that: I want to look for a good poker room, who can appreciate me at my small stakes. I think all players should be appreciated by all poker rooms.
 gufra2015/08/2019 17:39:18 GMT
My dear Michael is not about being a stranger although she says the article or the news she was already playing clandestine poker game but seeing that it was such an impressive game and that she was passionate she decided to do it officially and legally is for that reason that today is handled playing live tournaments and their earnings amount to $ 230000 nothing special for 1 professional player

In addition, she has only been playing professionally in live tournaments for 2 years, with which she has obtained this sum of $ 230000. I think she is a very good player with a good talent and much to contribute to follow her in her blog. It would be very good for her to tell which function its secrets to be able to keep In such a short time and win very well many of us have in online Poker playing more than 5 years and they were before me not so I had the $ 10,000 I think it is nothing special is that Poker 888 the He has hired to be part of his staff And besides, what is very beautiful not
 bowie198415/08/2019 18:51:54 GMT
Posted by gufra20:
888 poker not only has talented women in its scam, but also looks very nice. This is nice for the brand since users decide to enter that room. Hopefully they continue adding more beautiful ambassadors and increase promotions ...

 Mober16/08/2019 12:58:08 GMT
The trend with the ambassadors, in all major poker sites, still holds.
And probably will continue for quite some time.
An easy and cheap way for a site to get more advertisement.
We are getting closer to the end of the year, so we are gonna see more sign ups.
 CALICUL16/08/2019 16:20:27 GMT
Like a real site from the games industry, each holding company can do as he wants, to attract customers. An ambassador of russian origin can bring many players here, because russians gamblers play poker a lot and other games same. It's a good idea.

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