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partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Main Event won by Lukas Zaskodny for €906,770

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Posted on 20 August 2019 by "T".

Lukas Zaskodny took home the biggest score of his poker career after winning the 2019 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Main Event!

partypoker MILLIONS Europe

  • Event: € 10,000 + 300 No Limit Hold'em Main Event
  • Venue: King's Resort in Rozvadov, Czech Republic
  • Schedule: August 14 to 18, 2019
  • Entries: 504
  • Re-entries: 12
  • GTD prize pool: € 5,040,000

A total of 72 players shared the €5,040,000 prize pool.

Lukas Zaskodny overcame a field of 504 players, and defeated his good friend and fellow countryman Josef Snejberg in the heads up showdown.

Zaskodny said after he won, "We were playing for a lot of money, and the pay jumps were quite huge. Even though the table is quite shallow, I understand that nobody wants to be eliminated."

He also said about his friend Snejberg, "One month ago we had a groundbreaking with my garden. And we were talking and saying that we've never played heads-up together, even though we've played together many years. So one month after that, we got heads up."

Final Table
Eight players returned on the third and final day of the Main Event.

Chip leader Charlie Carrel, who held 1/3 of the chips in play at the start of the day, immediately busted Rastislav Paleta who settled in 8th place for €100,000. However, it was downhill for the British superstar after that as he lost every time during every all-in confrontation and ended up in 7th place for €130,000.

Team partypoker pro Roberto Romanello (pictured below) ended up in 6th place, taking home €170,000. He was one of the pros who managed to reach Day 3 via the online Day 1+2.

Sam Grafton, even though he was one of the big stacks and held the chip lead during the final table, was unable to take the title and ended his run in 5th place for €220,000.

Just like Romanello who made it to the final table after reaching Day 3 via the partypoker client, Romain Lewis (3rd, €428,000) and Severin Schleser (4th, €300,000) also were able to visit Kings Resort for the first time on Day 3 of the Main Event. Schleser luckily qualified for the tourney via a partypoker online satellite with a buy-in around 100x smaller than the original €10,300.

The heads-up match was between the two good friends Lukas Zaskodny and Josef Snejberg. During a short break before the heads up match, they struck a deal that they would finish the tourney playing for €100,000. Zaskodny as the chip lead going into the heads up match secured €806,770 while Snejberg has locked in on €718,230.

The heads-up match lasted an hour. Snejberg was able to take over the lead during the heads up, but Zaskodny managed to win two huge pots to take the title and the extra €100,000.

The final hand:
Zaskodny had a pair of 10s
Snejberg got 10-A

The board ran out 6-J-5-5-6, making Zaskodny the winner of €906,770, the biggest prize of his career to date.

Final Table Results




Prize (EUR)

Prize (USD)


Lukas Zaskodny

Czech Republic




Josef Snejberg

Czech Republic




Romain Lewis





Severin Schleser





Sam Grafton





Roberto Romanello





Charlie Carrel





Rastislav Paleta

Czech Republic



*denotes a heads-up deal was made



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6 comments on "partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Main Event won by Lukas Zaskodny for €906,770"

 CALICUL20/08/2019 12:28:50 GMT
A successful tournament for Czech players. They succeeded at home to occupy positions 1, 2 and 8 in this major tournament. No American in the top 8 and that is disappointing for them, but this is the situation. Also 3 players from the UK managed good positions. A good game for tese players.

 Mober20/08/2019 14:52:18 GMT
Had plenty of entries for that kind of buy in. Even it had rebuys.
By looking at the winners list, i can see that there is no one from the USA.
It is not common not seeing at least one in such tournaments Smile
There was a deal also. Good return for their buy in Smile
 pajalnick20/08/2019 18:25:30 GMT
Of course, getting a win of $ 10,000 as a result of almost a million dollars is a wonderful event in the life of any poker player, as far as I know this player, he is not familiar to me. Therefore, it seems to me that this is a wonderful event, my big congratulations to him and good luck in the future game.
 dule-vu20/08/2019 19:08:56 GMT
Now this is big and very nice win for both players,especially for player who take over million dollars!it was deal on heads up,so understand why this prizes are close!this was great investment of 10000 dollars!
 CALICUL21/08/2019 13:09:55 GMT
The profit is huge compared with the buy-in and the tax in the Czech Republic is much lower, i think. The United States has a huge tax but in most countries it is not that big. Anyway, these people did something wonderful. It is a remarkable performance.
 bowie198421/08/2019 21:15:46 GMT
Nice winnings for all the top places, not sure why they made the deal in the first place since both of them could have go home over 500k in euro anyway - so this chips away a bit of competitivness from the final result but who am I to judge.

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